AgencyAnalytics Unveils 11-Second Smart Reports

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TORONTO, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- AgencyAnalytics, trusted by thousands of marketing agencies, debuts its fastest reporting tool to date: the 11-Second Smart Report.

Since 2010, AgencyAnalytics has innovated client reporting to save marketing agencies valuable time. Now, Smart Reports are making lengthy client reporting obsolete.

Smart Reports Press Release Feature Image

Agencies spend an average of 2.5 hours per client on reporting for their clients, often using a variety of tools to track their progress. With AgencyAnalytics, data from over 80 marketing integrations are seamlessly streamlined into modular client reports, helping over 6,500 agencies save billable hours by reducing the time and effort required to create professional client reports. And with Smart Reports, one click of a button generates a comprehensive report in 11 seconds or less.

Smart Reports are auto-generated based on the client's specific connected integrations. Each section of the report is populated with the top-used metrics for those integrations, based on the reporting patterns of marketing agencies.

Smart Reporting Features

  • Drag and Drop Metrics: Customization options are easy to add to the report. Users can add additional integration metrics by dragging and dropping widgets from the sidebar. They can edit the metrics shown by filtering as needed or visualizing the data in different ways (like a bar chart or a line graph). Users can also add custom insights using annotations, goals, or by creating custom metrics.

  • Quick Design: Once the content is complete, users can apply bespoke design options to customize the report for the client or agency. Design options include colors, custom-designed backgrounds, titles, and image widgets.

  • Schedule Send: When the Smart Report is complete, it can be sent from the Smart Report builder. Or, users can schedule the report to be sent regularly, at the cadence of their choosing.

Quick, frequent, and high-quality reporting is critical for agencies to establish good relationships with clients.

"The professional and polished Smart Reports were everything we needed to instill trust with a new client and show them we can provide insightful and timely information when it matters most," said Erin M Ricchiazzi, Director of Marketing at The Modern Firm. "We are working with our client who came to us after having a poor experience with other marketing professionals. In a matter of minutes, I was able to create a Smart Report and have an in-depth audit in hand to explain why their previous efforts were unsuccessful, educate them on what is important to fix right away, and discuss how our ongoing marketing services will be different from what they have experienced in the past."

"We had two goals in mind when we developed Smart Reports," said Joe Kindness, CEO & Co-Founder of AgencyAnalytics. "First, we were looking to give marketing agencies an even faster way to create their reports. Smart Reports achieves this with the click of a button. Second, the reports needed to feature top metrics relevant to a client's connected integrations. Smart Reports is a product of our focus on innovation to meet the needs of our users, and to give them the tools to succeed."

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Founded in 2010 by CEO Joe Kindness and CTO Blake Acheson, Toronto-based AgencyAnalytics is the only reporting platform designed specifically for marketing agencies. The easy-to-use platform saves marketers time, improves reporting processes, and impresses clients with insightful reports and live, customizable marketing dashboards that showcase your full marketing impact. Connect and monitor each clients' marketing channels in single, seamless dashboards. AgencyAnalytics integrates with over 80 platforms to track and report on Web Analytics, SEO, PPC, Social media, Email marketing, Ecommerce, Local, and more—all fully white-labeled for any agency.

AgencyAnalytics also includes a suite of SEO tools designed to help improve organic rankings in search engines. Track rankings daily, monitor backlinks, and keep up with the competition with built-in SEO tools and SEO-focused integrations. AgencyAnalytics offers simple, flexible pricing for agencies at every stage of growth, starting at just $12 per client campaign per month. Try it risk-free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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