Google Sheets

Add custom charts and tables to your automated marketing reports, with our powerful Google Sheets integration.

Custom Data

Include data from almost anywhere via Google Sheets

Date Range Support

Charts will automatically update based on your date range

Auto-Sync Data

Reports always include the most recent Google Sheets data

White Labeled

Add your own branding and logo to every client report

Trusted by over 3,000 Marketing Agencies

More Than Just Another Integration

Include Custom Data In Any Report

Is your tool missing from our integrations? Do you need to share in-house data? No problem! Just get that data into a Google Sheet, then add it to client reports. Whether it's budgets, CRM leads, or sales projections, Google Sheets is the go-to solution for anything you need to share with clients.

Always Keep Clients Up-to-Date

Auto-Sync Your Google Sheets Data

Once you've added Google Sheets to a report, you can set it and forget it! Our system automatically pulls in the most recent Google Sheet data whenever a report or dashboard is opened. Schedule reports to send daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, to always keep your clients up-to-date.

Love it, Love it, and Love it some more
Eric Serdar -
Beautifully Formatted Custom Data

Charts, Graphs, Tables & More

We've got a big range of Google Sheets widgets for any reporting purpose. Pull your Google Sheets data into pie charts, line charts, bar charts, sparkline widgets, full tables, and more. No matter how you need to display your agency's data, we've got you covered.

Built-In Automated Date Functionality

Date Range Support

Our Google Sheets charts will change based on your report or dashboard's date range. With built-in date range functionality, you can be sure that clients are always seeing the right information. Set up automated reports, or let clients log in to dashboards to browse their data across time.

Amazing software and a real time saver
Jonathan Scott - Scott Marketing Services
Download and Send As Many Reports as You Want

Unlimited PDF Reports

Each of our plans include unlimited reports. Choose to schedule weekly updates to some clients, or monthly updates for others. Have a question about a campaign's performance that you need to answer? Instantly download a report to analyze a marketing campaign's recent performance.

Scheduled reporting graphic
White Labeled Marketing Reports

Add Your Own Branding

Impress clients and build brand recognition with white labeled reports that include your own logo. Customize reports further by adding valuable insights and commentary about your marketing strategy.

White label settings