Automated Choozle Reporting

Get real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing, make informed optimization decisions, and create comprehensive Choozle reports in minutes. Customize your Choozle dashboards and easily track your clients’ metrics alongside all of their other digital marketing campaigns.
Automated Choozle Reporting Dashboard Template

Full-picture Reporting

With over 80 to choose from, automate your agency’s Choozle reporting and report on all your clients’ marketing campaign results

Track Multiple Campaign Mediums

Diversify your ad investments into multiple emerging platforms like audio, video, and native ads–and track them easily in one place

Granular Campaign Data

Get detailed KPIs at the campaign and ad level to know what to tweak–and when

Showcase Your Agency’s Success

Put your agency’s ROI front and center using custom metrics to display KPIs like overall ad spend and ROAS


Automated Programmatic Reporting

Customize your Choozle campaigns based on data. Access your Choozle data at the campaign and ad level straight from your AgencyAnalytics account. Get insights into engagement metrics and KPIs that help you make informed decisions on campaign optimization.

Automated Choozle Reporting Dashboard Template
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Choozle Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Account Name
    • Ad Group ID
    • Ad Group Name
    • Ad Group Status
    • Advertiser Cost
    • Campaign
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Status
    • Clicks
    • Conversions
    • CPA
    • CPC
    • CPM
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Impressions Bid On
    • Impressions Won
    • Profile ID
    • Win
    • Win Rate

    White Labeled Choozle Reports & Dashboards

    Present your programmatic campaign results like your reports were built in-house. White label your Choozle dashboards and reports with your own logo and brand colors, and even host them on a custom domain. Put all your clients’ key metrics under one roof–and make it your own.

    white labelled google sheets reports and dashboards

    Tell A Compelling Story With Your Choozle Data

    Adding comments alongside your data points out specific changes in your programmatic campaigns. Provide deeper insights for your clients using annotations to explain the reasoning behind spikes in traffic and drops in CPC inside your charts and graphs. Show your clients just how you’re tracking your progress using the goals widget that updates automatically. The goals and annotations feature keeps everyone in the loop as intuitively as possible.

    add goals to your custom Choozle reports

    Highlight ROI With Custom Metrics

    Tracking programmatic and PPC campaigns across multiple platforms, like Choozle, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads? Need a way to show just how your agency is driving success with all of them? Create custom metrics to track exactly what you want–and how. Show your overall ad spend and ROI across all your platforms with a unique formula you create. Drag and drop it into your reports, and watch as the data populates on its own for ready-to-go reports every time!

    Create a Custom Metric

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