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The Salesforce Report Template transforms how agencies create client reports. Bring precision and efficiency to your client reporting process and focus more time on client campaigns. Save hours and build client trust with Salesforce reports that are as professional as your services.
Salesforce Report Template Example

Why Your Agency Needs a Salesforce Report Template

Efficiency and clarity govern client relationships, and Salesforce report templates are key for both. This customizable template redefines how your team manages and presents sales data, bringing precision where it matters most.

With a customizable report template, creating sales reports becomes a streamlined process. This means less time spent on data compilation and more on analysis and interpretation, providing insights, and driving strategic decisions. 

Consistent formatting across all reports ensures that every stakeholder understands the data at a glance, enhancing communication within teams and with clients. Every client has unique needs and goals–and this Salesforce report template helps your agency create custom reports that cater to those requirements. 

The time saved is more than billable hours, it’s the ability to allocate more resources to where they truly count—innovation and client engagement. By reducing the hours dedicated to manual report preparation, your team focuses on crafting strategies that enhance client satisfaction and foster business growth.

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11 Key Sections Included in Salesforce Reports

1. Cover Page

A professionally designed report cover page sets the tone for the metrics and KPIs to follow, reflecting your agency's attention to detail and brand identity. It's the first impression that counts, and a compelling cover page captures attention and boosts credibility. With AgencyAnalytics, easily craft custom cover pages that are visually appealing and resonate with your client's brand, enhancing the perceived value of the information you present.

Salesforce Report Cover Page Example

The cover page should clearly indicate the reporting period, stating the specific date range it covers, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or for a specific campaign, ensuring clarity and relevance from the outset.

The ability to save these professionally designed covers as custom templates transforms how you create reports. This feature allows you to maintain consistency and streamline the creation process while reinforcing your brand’s visual identity.

2. Executive Summary 

An executive summary at the beginning of a report template serves as a concise overview, highlighting key findings and recommendations. This section ensures that all decision-makers grasp the most important information quickly, even if they don't have time to read the entire document. 

By distilling complex data into digestible insights, an executive sales summary helps prioritize actions and supports strategic decision-making, making it an indispensable part of effective communication in client reporting.

Salesforce Report Monthly Summary Example

Creating an effective Salesforce report summary is all about clarity and conciseness. Here are a few best practices to ensure your summaries hit the mark every time:

  • Focus on Key Metrics: Identify and highlight the most impactful metrics that align with client goals or campaign objectives.

  • Use Clear Language: Use straightforward, jargon-free language to ensure the information is easily digestible.

  • Provide Actionable Insights: Include clear, actionable insights based on the data to guide decision-making.

It’s also easy to add a table of contents right after the executive summary to provide clients with a quick way to drill into specific details as needed. 

3. Leads

The Leads metric is essential for tracking the effectiveness of a marketing agency's efforts. It not only measures the volume of potential customers generated but also delves into the specifics of each lead, such as name, company, location, and stage in the sales process.

Salesforce Leads Metric Data Visualization Examples

Including this metric in Salesforce reports offers clear, quantifiable evidence of the agency's impact on the client’s sales funnel. By providing a detailed breakdown of lead data, sales managers gain vital insights into the demographic and behavioral patterns of prospects.

4. Lead Pipeline 

The lead pipeline stages—Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and Customers—trace a prospect's journey through the sales pipeline from initial interest to final purchase. This structured view is helpful for monitoring progression and pinpointing bottlenecks in the sales process. 

Salesforce Lead Pipeline Funnel Example

Incorporating a detailed breakdown of the lead pipeline in a client’s Salesforce account provides the agency, the sales manager, and the sales team with critical insights into each stage's performance. This clarity supports strategic decision-making by highlighting where leads convert or stall and ensures that resources are optimally allocated to nurture leads more effectively.

5. Opportunities 

The opportunities metric in Salesforce quantifies potential sales and revenue within the pipeline, tracking deals from qualification to close. It’s a critical gauge of both current and future business health.


Including a comprehensive breakdown of opportunities in a Salesforce report helps agencies and sales reps analyze which strategies are driving deals forward and which may require reevaluation. By examining this Salesforce data, agencies pinpoint how they impact the sales pipeline, from increasing the number of opportunities to enhancing the quality of engagements leading to closed deals.

These insights showcase your agency’s effectiveness in nurturing leads into genuine sales opportunities and highlight your strategic role in optimizing the sales process.

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6. Expected Revenue 

The expected revenue metric in Salesforce projects future earnings from current opportunities, providing a forecast based on the stages of the sales cycle and the probability of closing each deal.

Salesforce Expected Revenue Metric

Showcasing this data helps agencies effectively demonstrate foresight in managing the sales pipeline. By detailing expected revenue, agencies affirm their strategic value and foster transparency and trust with clients. This transparency ensures that clients understand the realistic outcomes of their campaigns, aligning expectations and solidifying the agency-client relationship.

7. Accounts

The accounts metric in Salesforce tracks individual customer accounts within a client's portfolio, providing insights into each account's performance and value.

Salesforce Accounts Data Visualization Example

When agencies include these insights in Salesforce reports, they provide concrete evidence of their impact on sales teams and client operations. This detailed account tracking helps agencies pinpoint effective strategies and areas for improvement, showcasing your commitment to making data-driven decisions and fostering client success.

8. Amount Won / Amount Lost

The Amount Won and Amount Lost metrics in Salesforce quantify the total value of deals closed successfully versus those not converted, providing a clear financial snapshot of sales performance.

Example of Salesforce Amount Won Amount Lost Metrics in the Salesforce Report Template

Highlighting both wins and losses in client reports underlines the agency’s commitment to full transparency and accountability. It also enables clients to see the tangible results of their investments in marketing initiatives.

9. Win Rate 

The win rate metric in Salesforce measures the percentage of deals won compared to the total number of opportunities pursued. It clearly indicates the agency's effectiveness in driving qualified leads and generating successful outcomes.

Examples of Salesforce Win Rate Report Template Widgets

Win rate analysis in Salesforce reveals overall performance, pinpoints improvement areas, and tracks trends for strategic adaptation. Segmenting by sales rep gives the client much-needed data to provide targeted coaching to maximize team success.

10. Total Converted Revenue 

This metric represents the total monetary value generated from successfully closed deals, quantifying the agency's impact on driving revenue growth.

Salesforce Total Converted Revenue Goals

By showcasing the total revenue, agencies provide concrete evidence of the effectiveness in delivering tangible business results. Highlighting this metric helps agencies align efforts with client goals and tailor future strategies for even greater revenue generation.

11. Campaign Performance

Campaign metrics in Salesforce measure the overall performance of specific Salesforce marketing campaigns, providing a clear picture of each campaign's financial impact.


Salesforce Campaign Performance Report Template Widget Examples

Campaign revenue analysis highlights ROI, pinpoints high-performing initiatives, and guides resource allocation for maximum revenue generation. Including this data in Salesforce reports is essential for marketing agencies to showcase the direct correlation between campaign strategies and revenue outcomes.

Customizable Sales Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

Go beyond core Salesforce metrics with a platform that seamlessly integrates with various data sources. Quickly and easily include social media engagement, website traffic, email marketing data, and more, creating truly comprehensive reports. 

Customizable Sales Report Templates

This holistic view showcases all campaign aspects, making it easy for agencies to deliver valuable insights tailored to each client's unique needs and demonstrate the full scope of your efforts and the value you deliver. 

Create Sales Reports in Minutes and Focus on What Matters

Salesforce Report Templates streamline reporting, transforming hours of manual work into a few clicks. Free your team from data drudgery and focus on crafting winning strategies and building lasting client trust.

Salesforce Drag-and-Drop Report Template Builder

As your agency grows and your client list expands, your reporting solution needs to scale with you. Adaptable to any agency size, these templates ensure your reporting keeps pace with your growth, eliminating overhead and complexity. Streamline repetitive tasks, gain a holistic data view to make informed decisions, and showcase measurable success by leveraging an automated template.

We differentiate ourselves by showing clients their true marketing ROI and our AgencyAnalytics dashboard is the reason we are able to guarantee this knowledge to our clients. It aggregates their total marketing investment, total quote and sales value and–ultimately–their ROI.

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Salesforce Report Templates as Unique as Your Agency

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Access countless metrics from over 80 platforms in one central location, simplifying data management and streamlining report generation. Deliver comprehensive insights and optimize strategies faster. Gain a competitive edge and boost client engagement by delivering impactful, data-driven results.

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This personalized approach elevates your agency, leaving a lasting impression on every client.

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Set Custom Goals and Annotations

Track Success, Showcase Impact

Track progress like a pro. Set custom goals and add annotations to automatically showcase campaign successes and achievements to clients. 

This elevates reporting beyond data, transforming it into a powerful tool that validates your strategies and reinforces your team's effectiveness.


Salesforce Goals Widget Report Example
Streamlined Report Scheduling

Put Your Salesforce Reporting on Autopilot

Never miss a beat, or a deadline. Automate report delivery or grant clients custom user permissions to access to live dashboards 24/7, boosting transparency and client satisfaction. 

This streamlined approach saves time while keeping clients informed and engaged with consistent campaign updates.

How to Schedule Automated Marketing Reports for Marketing Agency Clients
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