All New Client Dashboards: Reimagined & Redesigned for 2018

Creating Custom Client Dashboards for Marketing Agencies

You asked and we delivered. We've just rolled out what might be the biggest update to our platform in years: An all new, 100% redesigned client marketing dashboard.


Here's a sample screenshot:

SEO, social, and PPC dashboard

Remember the old client dashboards?

Marketing dashboard

Yep. Not even in the same league.

And if that's not enough, we're also releasing a new "Feature Suggestions Portal" today. We base 100% of our decisions about new features to add on customer feedback. And we want to hear even MORE input from you guys.

So let's talk more about the new client marketing dashboard. First, check out this video for a fun demo and walk through of the new feature:

So most of your customers are busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, right? And when they need live, up to the minute data for a business report or investor pitch, they need it now. But sometimes "Now" means 3am, and if you're like most agencies, you just don't have the staff available to be on call for those requests 24/7.

And then what's the right amount of data to show to each customer? Some customers might be tech savvy marketing wizards who need access to every available data point in order to run their business effectively. Meanwhile, other customers might be small business owners – a neighborhood florist, an auto mechanic, or a "mom & pop" deli for example. And too much data access for these customers can lead to information overload, misunderstandings, and endless emails with questions about metrics that don't really impact their bottom line.

This is where our updated client marketing dashboards come in.

Choose from top marketing dashboards including:

Clients can login to review up to the minute data on their own schedule. And you can set granular permissions, giving each client the exact amount of data that's right for them.

Let's take a quick tour:

In a fresh dashboard, click "Setup Dashboard" to get started.

Setup new dashboard AgencyAnalytics

You can choose to clone an existing dashboard, apply a dashboard template, or start from scratch.

Setup dashboard AgencyAnalytics

Just as in the old client dashboards, the entire layout is based around the concept of Widgets. To start adding widgets, either click that "Blank Dashboard" option that we just talked about above, or click the "Add Widgets" button.

Add widget AgencyAnalytics

There are now over 400 available widgets, spanning 60+ integrations. First choose the integration and sub-module for which you'd like to add a widget... then select the widget type... and finally select the exact widget metric.

Add new widget AgencyAnalytics

Available widget styles include:


Google rankings

Sparkline Chart

Facebook likes

Line Chart

Google rankings change chart

Stacked Column Chart

Goole rankings bar chart

Bar Chart

New and lost backlinks

Gauge Chart

Citation flow chart

Pie Chart

Facebook likes by gender chart

Horizontal Bar Chart

Top anchors by domain


Facebook engaged users by city

In addition, you also now have the ability to add title headers to help you keep your client dashboards tidy and well-organized.

Marketing analytics dashboard

Widgets are also highly customizable!

Just unlock the dashboard for editing, then click the "gear" icon on any widget to access the available options. You can apply filters, modify the widget title, change the theme, and adjust the color.

Edit widget AgencyAnalytics

Drag and drop widgets to adjust their location.

Drag and drop marketing dashboard

The possibilities are endless! Craft cross channel client dashboards that showcase crucial metrics across multiple marketing channels... Put together marketing dashboards on a particular theme, such as Site Traffic... Or assemble a dashboard that highlights a particular integration.

AgencyAnalytics dashboard GIF

So what are you waiting for? Click here to login to your AgencyAnalytics account and start configuring those all new client marketing dashboards!

Additional Resources:

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As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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