8 Must-Have Features for Digital Agency Reporting

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Digital marketing reporting platforms like AgencyAnalytics provide agencies with important features that automate and enhance their reporting processes. The tools promote more efficient client communication and data analysis, helping them demonstrate agency value with every report. This article discusses eight critical reporting features, including task management, multi-select widget editing, and API access, which streamline workflows and improve report personalization.

Efficiency is key in the digital marketing world, but creating client reports is a time-consuming and complex task that every marketing agency grapples with. 

Digital agency reporting is crucial for demonstrating campaign success, strategizing, and communicating future plans. However, the time and effort it takes to gather data from multiple sources, analyze it for insights, and then present it to clients in an engaging, easily digestible format can drain an agency's resources. This challenge not only impacts the agency's ability to scale efficiently but also its capability to maintain high levels of client satisfaction and retention.

The good news? Today we’re sharing a light at the end of the reporting tunnel: AgencyAnalytics offers features that save your agency billable hours and impress your clients. Let's explore some must-use features that will help your agency report smarter, not harder.

AgencyAnalytics Features Your Agency Needs To Know About

AgencyAnalytics users have at their disposal a powerful set of tools designed specifically to help marketing agencies elevate and streamline their client reporting. Here's a closer look at the essential features that top agencies use to deliver insightful, effective reports.

1. White Labeling for a Professional Touch

Personalize reports with your brand, making every client feel special. A simple logo or color scheme change elevates your agency’s professionalism in just a few clicks. White labeling capabilities provide added detail that shows a heightened level of professionalism.

new custom report cover pages example for full white labeled customization of client reports built for agencies

With a few simple changes, add your agency’s logo, branded color palette, and a custom URL to create a seamless digital marketing reporting experience that looks like it was built in-house.

We white labeled our own domain with our logo which seems small, but shows that we've invested in our business, and in turn our clients’ success.

Ross Taylor, Owner, Alameda Internet Marketing

2. 80+ Marketing Platform Integrations

Access a wide array of marketing platform integrations to ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis across all client campaigns without the hassle of additional fees.

Example of Available Marketing Integrations

From Google Analytics to PPC or social media, the ability to seamlessly integrate and analyze key performance indicators across platforms should be non-negotiable. With a suite of 80+ marketing platform integrations, agencies gain unparalleled access to a wealth of marketing data, all included at no extra cost. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that your marketing reports are not just summaries but strategic tools that offer deep insights into campaign performance.

We've tried several reporting platforms for marketing agencies and AgencyAnalytics is without a doubt the best we've found. That's why we've used it for years and will continue to do so. It has over 80 different integrations, allowing us to create comprehensive reports for our clients covering website performance, search engine optimization, advertising, social media, email, and more.

Graham Lumley, Director of Digital Marketing, Blackhawk

3. Drag & Drop Digital Marketing Report Builder 

Forget about the manual grind. Customize client reports with ease, blending various key metrics to tell the full story.

AgencyAnalytics Drag and Drop Builder

Mix and match, move things around, and experiment with the best reporting structure for your agency’s needs–it’s simple and entirely in your control.

Many of our client relationships require customized reports because we're managing multiple marketing channels at once to run cohesive, integrated digital marketing campaigns. They don't want 7 reports–they want everything condensed into one, easy-to-read report. AgencyAnalytics’ customizable reporting allows us to do just that. Clients love them and we do, too.

Graham Lumley, Director of Digital Marketing, Blackhawk

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4. Smart Reports, Dashboards, and Campaign Templates

Use pre-designed templates for reports and dashboards to speed up your agency’s workflow. Tailor these templates once, and use them to maintain consistency across all client reports.

Automatically build complete client reports with Smart Reports.

Want an even faster way to get client reports out the door? Automatically generate reports based on the marketing platforms your client uses. Each section of the report is populated with the top-used metrics for that platform integration, from PPC and SEO data to ecommerce and social, saving you time and getting your reporting done faster.

We love to use report templates to provide a consistent experience for everyone, which allows clients to become familiar and comfortable with our reporting. I have found that over time this reduces client frustration on reporting calls.

Lorianna Sprague, Vice President of Marketing, Trusted Search Marketing

5. Efficient Client and Staff Management

Giving your clients access to their data is empowering. Not only does it give them the autonomy to check on campaign progress and see what’s happening with their digital marketing efforts, but it also saves time by reducing follow-up calls and e-mails (another agency win-win). 

AgencyAnalytics Client and Staff Login Feature

Client and Staff Permission Management keeps everyone on the same page and saves you from unnecessary back-and-forths.

Because our clients can have direct access to their AgencyAnalytics account, we don't need to send out reports on a monthly basis anymore. It saves us close to 70 hours per month.

Ruben Roel, President, Investigator Marketing

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6. Report Scheduling & Approval 

Choose a reporting frequency that fits each client, ensuring they always have the latest data without manual intervention.

An example of marketing report scheduling options from AgencyAnalytics

Pick the cadence that suits your client best, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly marketing reports. This handy feature also gives you the option to require approval before sending (whether it’s the admin of your account or perhaps agency management). Either way, it gives your agency a nudge to do any last-minute checks, clarify data, and give the report a last look before hitting ‘Send’.

Our clients range from SMBs to larger corporations, so our reporting schedule is based on the needs of our clients.

Christoper Marrano, CEO, Blue Water Marketing

7. Keyword Ranking Insights

Keep tabs on SEO performance with daily updates. This tool helps you stay ahead of the game, offering valuable insights for strategy adjustments.

Accurate SEO Keyword Ranking Report Example

Getting daily keyword updates on your agency’s and clients’ SEO campaigns is essential in today’s search-first world. With the Rank Tracker tool, it’s a breeze! No more rummaging through multiple platforms to keep track of keyword updates.

AgencyAnalytics is an invaluable asset for any SEO agency. The platform has seamlessly scaled our reporting processes, enabling us to efficiently handle a growing client base without compromising quality.

Alexa Rees, SEO Manager, SEOPlus

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8. AgencyAnalytics Labs

The innovation team at AgencyAnalytics is always working on new features and platform improvements. With Labs, your agency has the opportunity to test drive the latest innovations and often-requested features that are still in development.

Keeping your agency on the cutting edge of client reporting with the latest AgencyAnalytics features and innovations still in development.

This innovation hub lets you shape the future of reporting by providing feedback on tools still in development. Be the first in line to see what’s on the horizon, and dive right in to start the trend.

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Client Reporting Efficiency Boosters That Save Time

Let's face it–manual reporting is a grind. Chances are, you're eyeing AgencyAnalytics because you want to make things easier and automate as much as possible. Let's dive into a few of the slick reporting features that'll save your marketing team a ton of time:

  • Task Management: Streamline your to-dos and assign tasks directly within the platform. Keep your team organized and on track without leaving the dashboard.

  • Client Messaging: Communicate with clients directly through the platform. This keeps conversations centralized and accessible, cutting down on endless email threads.

  • Multi-Select Widget Editing: Make bulk changes to widgets, saving clicks and time.

  • Dynamic Date-Range Picker: Let clients customize their report views without additional requests.

  • Automatic PPC Markup: Automatically apply your agency markup to PPC spends in reports. Show clients clear budgeting and spend efficiency without manual calculations.

  • Advanced Metrics Filters: Dive deeper into your data with advanced filtering. This feature allows for more granular analysis, ensuring you're presenting the most relevant insights.

  • API Access: Automate more of your reporting for scalability.

  • Custom Metrics: Tailor your data points for deeper insights.

  • Google Sheets Integration: Pull data directly into your reports for a comprehensive view.

  • Language and Time Zone Customization: Cater to global clients with reports in their language, on their schedule.

Annotations & Goals: Add context to your data with annotations and track progress towards goals directly in client reports. This not only adds clarity but also highlights your agency’s impact on client success.

AgencyAnalytics Goals Feature

The array of marketing reporting features available with AgencyAnalytics will save you time, enhance client relationships, and provide timely, relevant, and personalized digital marketing reports. What’s not to love? 

By leveraging these powerful client reporting features, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and attention to detail—qualities that set your agency apart in a competitive landscape.

Ready to Level Up Your Client Reporting?

AgencyAnalytics is more than just a client reporting tool; it's a pathway to streamlining your operations, impressing clients, and reclaiming valuable time. Remember, reporting isn’t as simple as just delivering the data. What’s important is delivering it in a way that aligns with your agency's values and your clients' expectations. 

The only regret we have about switching to AgencyAnalytics is not doing it sooner. It has saved us an incredible amount of time and makes us look polished and professional.

Kim Walker
Kim Walker / Founder
Shop Marketing Pros

Don't let these gems go unnoticed any longer. Dive in, explore, and take your agency's reporting to the next level. With AgencyAnalytics, you have everything you need to excel.

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