Responding to Marketing Agency Demand, AgencyAnalytics Announces 11-Second Smart Dashboards

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TORONTO, April 25, 2024 - AgencyAnalytics, trusted by thousands of marketing agencies, unveils 11-Second Smart Dashboards, closely following the release and successful adoption of the 11-Second Smart Reports. Since 2010, AgencyAnalytics has innovated client reporting to save marketing agencies valuable time. In 2024, AgencyAnalytics is setting a new standard for reporting: do it all in 11 seconds or less. 

In January, AgencyAnalytics unveiled 11-Second Smart Reports to save marketing agencies an average of 2.5 hours per client report by generating a comprehensive report in one click. The rapid adoption and customer response to Smart Reports confirmed agencies’ needs for smart reporting tools. As a result, AgencyAnalytics is adding 11-Second Smart Dashboards to its offerings. Smart Dashboards will enable users to offer real-time metrics to their clients with one click, immediately tracking performance. The dashboard automatically updates, enabling clients to get the most recent data, on-demand.

Smart Dashboards are auto-generated based on the client’s specific connected integrations. Each section of the dashboard is populated with the top-used metrics for that integration, based on the typical dashboard composition of marketing agencies. In just one click, Smart Dashboards are ready to go. 


  • Custom Elements: Users can quickly customize the Smart Dashboard, easily dragging and dropping bespoke metrics and embeds. For even more detail, users can merge data from over 80 integrations to create specialized blended metrics. 

  • Tracking Goals: For an immediate, comprehensive view of the agency’s performance, the Goals widget includes a graphical progress indicator that showcases the effect of the agency’s initiatives on its client’s marketing goals. 

  • On-Demand Access: Up-to-date reporting is crucial to developing trust between agency and the client. With Smart Dashboards, one click is all it takes to create an easy to read, always available, one-stop-shop for clients to view the success of the marketing program.  

"Smart Reporting tools from AgencyAnalytics have enabled the agency to stay at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, and the addition of Smart Dashboards will take it to a whole new level," said Lauren Edvalson, CEO of Edvalson Marketing. "We specialize in marketing services for Dentists and Contractors, and AgencyAnalytics tools are key in delivering unparalleled value and results to our diverse client base through more meaningful discussions about data-driven growth opportunities and campaign successes."

“When we set out to create 11-Second Smart Reports, we knew it would be game-changing for our customers,” said Joe Kindness, CEO and Co-founder of AgencyAnalytics. “Even still, we were thrilled with the reception. The enthusiastic feedback we received inspired us to create Smart Dashboards. Our 11-Second Smart Reporting Series is a testament to our dedication to listening to our customers and innovating to offer them tools that make a profound difference in the success of their businesses.” 

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