Instagram Dashboard

The AgencyAnalytics Instagram dashboard is the way to report on Instagram metrics to clients

Instagram Dashboard

Why You Should Use an Instagram Dashboard to Track Campaign Progress

When running social media campaigns for clients, you need facts and cannot simply "wing" it. Client's need to see how their followers have grown over time and be in on post updates and showing them such reports without a dashboard can be a nightmare.

Instagram's uniqueness in mobile-only optimization makes it a delicate one to handle. It hampers on team collaborative efforts and numerous other factors that could make your account management a tough nut to crack.

You also need to have a trustworthy method of measuring post-performance. This will help you to structure and refine your strategy; as dashboards, only focus on relevant metrics and reveal insights that you would have otherwise missed. With the right dashboard that integrates Instagram analytics your clients will have confidence in your ability to deliver on your campaigns.

Also we have an Instagram report template available, if you'd prefer to report to your clients on a scheduled basis.

What's Included In Our Instagram Dashboard Template

1. Posts

All Instagram dashboards should include the total number of posts you made during that time period. While post volume may seem like a basic counting metric, it is a key deliverable and should be presented clearly to the client along with top performing posts.

Instagram Posts on Dashboard

You also need to analyze the level of engagement in relation to the number of posts made within certain periods. For instance, did you get a higher audience response on days with high volume of posts or did your engagement rate drop when you decreased the number of posts you make?

Measuring the number of the post also helps you to understand how volume affects stats like follower growth or interaction.


Likes are one of the top Instagram engagement metrics. This metric measures people who go beyond seeing your posts and interact with them.

In a dashboard you can easily spot the number of likes on your posts by monitoring intuitive graphs. Did they decrease or increase? What strategy was used when there was a change?

Instagram Likes on Dashboard

Analyzing the number of likes across your posts will help you know which post performed better than others did. With that information, you can recreate different versions of that post because the interaction level has proved its worth replicating.

Keep in mind that likes also give you a general idea of how the Instagram account is performing. If you have a 1% like average across your posts, it is an indication that account is well below successful. You should aim for a like engagement rate range from 1% to 6%.


The Instagram follower metric gives you an idea of how your content is doing with regards to reaching new people and capturing their attention.

This is a tricky one though. While it may give you an ego boost to see a swarm of followers, and add to the accounts credibility, follower count alone does not reveal much about the success of your campaign.

Instagram Followers on Dashboard

What you should focus on is the percentage of followers attracted over a certain period of time and not just your follower count.

Calculating follower percentage is quite simple. Check for the number of added followers at the start of a new month and then divided it by the number of followers the account had at the beginning of the previous month.

If you began the month with 2000 followers and at the end of the month, got only 20 new followers that is just a 1% addition, which means you need to improve your marketing strategy.


Analyzing the kind of comments you get across your posts will give you an idea on what your followers are looking for. Comments also assist you in improving your marketing strategy based on what the majority of them suggest.

Instagram Commnents on Dashboard

If you are in the early stages of growing your clients Instagram, this is a metric you will want to keep an eye on. Take hints from comments, reply to them and build follower relationships through them.

Why You Should Use AgencyAnalytics as Your Instagram Dashboard Solution...


Share Live Updates with Clients

Make client updates a quick and easy process. Give clients a custom login to a branded interface where they can conveniently view recent Instagram updates. Explore key Instagram metrics to measure campaign performance.

Share Live Updates with Clients


Monitor Instagram Performance

Measure new followers over time so your client can see the growth of their Instagram audience. Include your own notes and commentary to help your clients understand your strategy! Choose to create an in-depth report with granular detail for some clients, or a high-level overview for others.

Monitor Instagram Performance


All of Your Client’s Profiles in a Single Interface

It can be a struggle to monitor the performance of every social profile you manage. We make it easy to stay up-to-speed with every client account. Quickly navigate between clients to view their Instagram performance in an "at-a-glance" format.

All of Your Client's Profiles in a Single Interface


Collaborate With Your Team

Share the Instagram dashboard with everyone on your team. Create as many "staff" logins as you need and white label the dashboard with your own branding. Now your entire team can view Instagram metrics in a clear, white-labeled interface.

Collaborate With Your Team

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