LinkedIn Dashboard

Give your clients a custom LinkedIn analytics dashboard. Automatic, 24/7 updates and availability.

Track Influence

Show clients how their company's industry influence has changed over time

Industry Insights

Break down audience by company size, job title and industry

Monitor Engagement

Track comments, likes and shares to evaluate post performance

Real Time Updates

Stay current with live updates across every client account in a single dashboard

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Analyze month-over-month follower growth metrics

Track Follower Growth

Actionable growth analytics for you and results-focused charts and graphs for your clients. Show clients exactly when, where and how you've improved their company's LinkedIn standings.

Track Shares, Likes and Comments

Monitor Engagement

Demonstrate to clients exactly how their company's LinkedIn followers have engaged over time. Analyze social actions by type, with separate visualizations for shares, likes and comments. Compare engagement by day to isolate opportunities for further improvement.

A Powerful Online Marketing Tool
Andrew Guida - SoCal Digital Marketing
Visually Analyze Social Influence

Total Impressions & Clicks

Understand exactly how far your client's reach and social influence extends across their network. Demonstrate total impressions and clicks over time with engaging, full color graphs. Enable an automated comparison against previous periods to further exhibit your client's growth in influence.

Leverage Valuable demographic follower data

Gather Valuable Industry Insights

While boosting total followers is a strong performance indicator, it’s equally important to attract the right followers. Demonstrate to clients that you're attracting their target market with a visual break down showing followers by company size, industry and job title.

Follower acquisition analysis

Paid vs. Organic Followers

Determine the exact break down of paid versus organic followers for each client's acquisition profile to better plan for future work flow. Additionally, include beautiful graphs and charts in your client social media reports to help clients understand their paid to organic acquisition ratio.

The best analytics tool I've found for agencies.
Carlton Smith - Flagstone Search Marketing
Country and Industry Level Audience Insights

Audience Demographics

Gain a deeper understanding of the individuals that make up each client's LinkedIn follower audience by analyzing demographic data. Break down followers by geographic location, seniority level and industry.

View Live Updates and Recent Posts

Keep Clients Up-to-Date

We understand that it's a pain to switch between multiple accounts. With just one login, analyze engagement across every account. Save hours when you streamline social monitoring. And work more efficiently by always being up-to-speed on client accounts.

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Send Beautiful, engaging LinkedIn Reports

Set Reporting on Autopilot

Delight clients with beautiful marketing reports that they'll actually look forward to reviewing. Schedule automated marketing reports to send daily, weekly, or monthly to keep clients up to speed on their latest marketing performance statistics.

Scheduled reporting graphic
Share LinkedIn Analytics in a White Labeled Dashboard

Impress Clients with a Branded Dashboard

Build your agency's brand recognition with custom dashboards featuring your logo. Host the dashboard on your own domain for a full white labeled experience that is certain to impress clients! Every dashboard is 100% customizable.

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