FeaturesMultiple Dashboards

Multiple Dashboards

Customers on our Agency plan and higher have the ability to create as many custom dashboards as they need, in any campaign.
Multiple marketing dashboards
Streamline Your Marketing Agency

Add Multiple Custom Dashboards

By adding multiple custom dashboards you get access to an endless combination of setups depending on your agency’s needs. A few use cases include creating a "highlights" dashboard to track your must-see daily metrics, building a custom social media dashboard for your social efforts, or creating a "current PPC work" dashboard for your ads that are live.

Add multiple custom dashboards
Fully Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Custom Dashboards Are Just the Beginning

Multiple custom dashboards are just the beginning of what you can do with our fully customizable, automated reporting platform. Create custom metrics, add personalized comments, change languages at the campaign level—AgencyAnalytics is designed to give you everything you need to call the platform your own.

Custom marketing dashboards

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