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Accurate rank tracking, updated daily. Track local and global keywords for your SEO campaigns.

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Google & Bing

View rankings for Google, Bing, Google Local & Google Mobile

Track Changes

Monitor daily and monthly changes for each keyword

Refreshed Daily

Show your clients accurate rankings each day

Multiple Locations

Add as many locations as needed (country, state, city or ZIP code)

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Google, Bing, Google Maps, & Google Mobile

Desktop & Mobile Rankings

Focus on the searches that drive traffic to your client's website. Our rank tracker gathers rankings for Google, Google Local, Google Mobile and Bing. Easily show which keywords your client is already ranking for and which keywords need improvement. Powerful ranking reports help you stay on top. We cover all major search engines to give you the complete picture.

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Country, City and Language Precision

Monitor any Location & Language

Track keywords for as many locations as you'd like in a single campaign. Focus on the country level for your global campaigns and on the city or ZIP code level for local campaigns. You can also specify the language you wish to target for multilingual sites. We give you the ability to track rankings for all of your clients, no matter where their size or where they're located.

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Best rank tracking tool... keyword tracking is fantastic.
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Monitor Local Business Performance

Track Google Maps Rankings

Track Google My Business listings on Google Maps and the coveted “3 pack”. We separate these local rankings from organic to give you a better view of your clients' rankings. Include as many locations as you need in a single campaign to compare how local rankings vary from place to place.

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Organize Thousands of Keywords

Group Rankings by Tag

Managing all your keyword rankings can be overwhelming. With custom tags, you can organize keyword lists into categories such as opportunity, long-tail or work-in-progress. Restrict your client to only view keywords that are tagged for them.

Monitor every ranking fluctuation

Track Position History

Monitor historical ranking performance for each SEO campaign. We help you make smarter decisions by identifying trends in ranking gains or losses. Staying on top of algorithm changes has never been this easy.

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I love how everything just works so reliably
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View the complete SERP for each keyword

Analyze Competitors

Use our SEO rank tracker to determine who your client's competitors are and where they rank. Identify areas for improvement by analyzing the domain authority, page authority and backlinks for each competitor.

Discover ranking opportunities

Advanced SEO Metrics

Analyze the value of each keyword with metrics like search volume and total results. Analyze the competitiveness of each keyword with metrics like mozRank, Page Authority, Domain Authority and total backlinks. Dedicated SEO dashboards let you dive deep into your data.