Majestic SEO Reporting Tool

Seamlessly add Majestic SEO backlink data into customizable client reports. Show clients the full picture of your SEO & other marketing activities in live dashboards that update in real-time.
Majestic SEO dashboard showing metrics like trust flow and citation flow

New & Lost Links

Daily updates on your link building progress

Trust Flow Metrics

Identify the most valuable links with citation flow and trust flow

Boost Rankings

Find new backlink opportunities to boost keyword rankings

Automated SEO Reporting

Quickly add real-time Majestic SEO data to your client SEO reports


Automated Backlink Reports

Forget the screenshots and spreadsheets. Add Majestic SEO data to your cross-channel marketing reports with just a few clicks. Visualize the progress of your backlink campaigns so clients know just how you're contributing to their progress in the SERPs.

Automated Majestic Backlink Reports
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Majestic SEO Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Backlinks
    • Backlinks Net
    • Date
    • Domains
    • Lost Links
    • New Links
    Detailed Backlink Reporting

    Highlight Majestic SEO Data in Your Reports

    View the backlink profile for every client's website directly in your SEO dashboard. Quickly add backlink metrics to your reports so clients are always up-to-date on the progress of link-building campaigns.

    Majestic SEO Data in client Reports

    Track Progress With New Links

    Share your link-building progress with clients. View all referring domains and compare them to the previous period to show clients your progress in building a robust link profile. Add the link types dashboard to get more granular details on your link-building efforts.

    Track Progress With New Links Majestic Dashboard
    Live Lost Links Dashboard

    Track Progress With Lost Links

    Engaging graphs provide clear visualizations of backlinks lost over time. Dive deeper to analyze the full list of lost backlinks to identify follow-up opportunities and stay on top of your clients’ SEO health.

    Track Progress With Lost Links Majestic Dashboard
    Majestic SEO Anchor Text Dashboard

    Analyze Anchor Text Profile

    See your most popular anchor texts to gain a better understanding of how people link to your clients' websites. Analyze trust flow and follow metrics for each anchor text for further insight into authority.

    Analyze Anchor Text Profile Majestic Dashboard

    Trust Flow & Citation Flow

    Pinpoint your juiciest links from high-authority websites with a breakdown of flow metrics and link types. Use the Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics to identify trustworthy links and the target URL. Know how often sites are linking to your clients via image or text links.

    trust flow and citation flow metrics in AgencyAnalytics

    Connect the Majestic SEO integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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