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Followers refer to the number of individuals who have chosen to receive updates and content from specific social media accounts. This metric is an indicator of an account's reach and influence within a digital community.

Trend Analysis

Agencies use follower changes to gauge successful social media posts or campaigns.

Segmenting Audience

Demographic and behavior follower data simplifies targeting future campaigns.

A/B Testing

More followers yield reliable A/B test data, helping refine the social media strategy.

Showcasing in Client Reports

Including Followers in client reports links the agency's efforts to increased visibility.

The Value of Social Influence

Why Followers Are Important

Followers are a telltale sign of brand popularity and potential reach on social platforms. When an account has a high number of social followers, it typically means that the content resonates with a specific audience. This resonance not only amplifies the message but also provides opportunities for higher engagement rates.

The more social followers an account has, the greater the chances of a social media marketing campaign making a bigger impact. From a business perspective, high follower counts and a strong social media presence could translate to better brand awareness and increased revenue. Simply put, if people are following, they're interested—and that's half the marketing battle won.

Why KPIs are Important to Track

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Going Beyond Vanity Metrics

How Followers Relate To Other KPIs

Followers are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding social media performance metrics and marketing campaign success. For example, a high follower count helps highlight other vital KPIs like engagement rate and Click-Through Rate (CTR). When people follow an account, they're more likely to interact with its content—likes, comments, shares—which in turn boosts the account's engagement rate.

A strong social media follower base also influences conversion rate, especially in influencer marketing campaigns. When influencers or brand advocates with a substantial social following promote a product or service, conversion rates typically soar. So while follower count is essential, it's the domino effect it has with other metrics that provides a larger, bird’s-eye view of a campaign’s overall success rate.

How Marketing KPIs Interconnect
Bars and restaurants can use metrics, such as social media followers, as a gauge of how much buzz they are creating in their city.
Guy Hudson, Bespoke Marketing Plans

How To Measure Followers

Measuring social media followers in one consolidated platform helps save an agency’s time. Instead of jumping from platform to platform, using an analytics tool keeps track of follower growth rates. Tracking the number of followers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis shows the progress toward specific client goals.

What Is a Good Average Number of Followers?

A good average number of followers varies by industry, but as a rule of thumb, higher is usually better. For businesses and influencers alike, having several thousand engaged followers indicates a broad level of reach and potential engagement. In many cases, counts above 10,000 are considered strong benchmarks.

What Is a Bad Average Number of Followers?

An account with just a few hundred followers might face limitations in reach and engagement opportunities. Low numbers could signal that either the brand is new and hasn't yet built a following, or the content is not resonating with the target social media audience.

How To Set Followers Benchmarks and Goals

Marketing agencies use social media tools to look at historical follower data and set benchmarks. By comparing month-over-month or year-over-year metrics, agencies get a pulse on whether the follower growth rate aligns with campaign objectives. Variability in follower counts over different campaigns or seasons also provides a more nuanced understanding of what success looks like.

While follower count offers a broad view of reach, it's often necessary to go beyond this single KPI for more granular insights. Monitoring metrics such as engagement rates, the geographic distribution of followers, or even time-of-day engagement reveals patterns that lead to smarter, more targeted campaigns. Understanding these related KPIs enhances the overall view of the account's social media health and campaign effectiveness.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Why Followers Matter to Clients

Clients, especially those with brand-building ambitions, look at Followers to determine their level of success and relevance online. To them, a robust follower count mirrors an expanding fan club or a growing list of potential customers. However, it's not just about boosting ego; high follower counts translate to increased credibility in the market, making it easier to introduce new products, services, or content ideas. So, from the client's point of view, gaining more social media Followers means they’re building brand equity and earning future business potential.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agency Clients
From Simple Metric to Strategic Asset

Why Followers Matter to Agencies

For agencies, Followers serve a somewhat different purpose. They're less of a final destination and more of a starting point for other KPIs that demonstrate campaign effectiveness. Agencies use a combination of social listening tools and analytics tools to gauge a client’s presence online and what their audience thinks about their brand. A strong follower count is often the first step in setting the stage for deeper engagement and conversions.

Growth in Follower numbers over time acts as proof of the agency’s ability to scale a client's digital presence. Overall, marketing agencies see Followers as the initial KPI that are the first step to more complex, multi-layered campaigns leading to client satisfaction and long-term relationships.

Why Marketing KPIs Matter to Digital Agencies

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Best Practices When Analyzing and Reporting Followers

Analyzing Followers is essential for running more effective and efficient advertising campaigns. A nuanced view of this KPI allows for a comprehensive understanding of a brand's reach, engagement, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies.


Ensure Data Accuracy

When it comes to measuring Followers, always verify data sources and consider factors like fake followers or bots, which distort the real picture.


Compare Followers Across Social Media Platforms

Don't put all your client’s eggs in one social media basket. A good practice is to measure the Follower metric across each social media platform or account to identify where efforts are most effective.


Assess Social Media Followers Over Time

A snapshot of current Followers is deceiving. Examine the growth rate over a specific period to understand the true health of the social media account.


Contextualize Followers

Follower count is typically only one part of a client report. It gains real meaning when compared with engagement rates, customer lifetime value, and other related KPIs.


Align Followers with Client Objectives

If the client's goal is brand awareness, a high Follower count could be a top KPI. Make sure to align this metric with what the client deems most valuable.


Offer Actionable Recommendations

End reports with steps to boost Follower counts. Whether that means fine-tuning content or focusing on engagement, clear directives will help in making the most out of this KPI.

Reporting on Followers

Instagram Dashboard Example

AgencyAnalytics' Instagram dashboards and reports help agencies deliver actionable insights efficiently. Connect the dots between a clients’ Instagram metrics and their overarching marketing campaigns. Are their follower rates increasing because of a PPC campaign? Or are they coming from an email campaign? Combine all of their marketing metrics in one, simplified report that clients quickly understand.
Instagram KPI Dashboard Example

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Helpful Tips

How To Get More Social Media Followers

Regularly review performance metrics to see what’s working and what isn’t to increase Follower growth. Here are some actionable tips to deliver tangible results.


Optimize Bio

An eye-catching bio grabs attention. Make sure it's sharp, engaging, and effectively communicates the brand message. The first impression matters, so make it count.


Leverage Stories

Stories are another way to attract new followers and engage with current ones. Create relevant posts to share promotions, behind-the-scenes looks, or even simple updates to entice Followers to actively engage.


Collaborate Wisely

Join forces with influencers or brands that resonate with the target market. Not just any collab will do; be picky and choose partnerships that align well with a client’s brands.

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