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Social Media Shares

Shares represent the number of times content has been shared across various social media platforms. It's a vital metric that indicates how the content is resonating with an audience. The more social media Shares, the wider the content's reach. Understanding Shares helps gauge content virality and audience engagement.
Social Media Shares

Engagement Tracking

Agencies monitor Shares to gauge content resonance and audience engagement.

Trend Analysis

Shares are analyzed to identify trending topics or content types.

Generate Brand Awareness

Evaluating Shares helps assess the viral impact of campaigns.

Client Value

Highlight Shares in client reports to demonstrate campaign reach and value.

Enhancing Content Reach in the Digital Era

Why Shares Are Important

Shares are an important metric to track because they show the impact of brand messaging. Each Share expands the content's reach, going beyond the immediate audience, and tapping into new segments. This extension potentially leads to connections with previously untapped customers and clients.

Social sharing also builds trust and credibility with the audience. When someone shares content, it indicates that it resonates with the audience, and they find it valuable enough to pass along. With each shared piece of content, the client builds their reputation as an authority within their industry or field.

Why KPIs are Important for Client Reporting

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Building a Better Social Network

How Shares Relate To Other KPIs

High Shares often correlate with increased Likes and Comments, indicating deeper audience engagement. Additionally, social sharing extends content reach, positively influencing Impression metrics.

Shares contribute to Click-through Rate (CTR), reflecting the effectiveness of the social posts in driving traffic to landing pages and other web content. When social media users share a client’s content, it often leads to clicks and website visitors, showcasing the content's ability to convert interest into action.

Shares also have the potential to indirectly impact conversion rate and ROI by expanding the content's visibility. More sharing of valuable content means more eyes on offers, potentially leading to higher conversion rates and improved ROI.

Image Illustrating How KPIs Interact
Building Brands, One Share at a Time

How Shares Generate Social Proof

Social Shares play a pivotal role in generating social proof, a crucial element in shaping public perception and trust. When content is extensively shared across social platforms, it acts as an implicit endorsement of its value, reliability, and entertainment factor. This widespread sharing cultivates a sense of trustworthiness and quality, as potential customers often view popular content as vetted and approved by others.

By leveraging the power of social sharing, brands effectively amplify the message and build a stronger, more trustworthy presence online. This strategy increases reach and enhances the perceived value and legitimacy of the content and–by extension–the brand behind it.

The Benefits of KPI Tracking
The only way to assess how what you are saying is being perceived well is by studying the reactions. Whether someone clicks, shares, and/or replies are the “facial expressions” and “words” that a person shares back that can tell you how well your content is resonating.
Seth Giammanco, Minds On Design Lab
Tracking Social Media Shares

How To Measure Shares

To accurately measure social media sharing, track the total count of times content is shared by viewers across social platforms. This is often done using social media analytics tools that aggregate sharing activity into a comprehensive dashboard. It’s essential to differentiate between platforms to understand where content performs best, helping to build a targeted strategy for increased sharing.

How To Set Social Sharing Benchmarks and Goals

It’s difficult to determine what is considered a “good” amount or a “bad” amount of social media sharing because it depends on the industry and the social media networks. However, if a client’s content consistently receives only a handful of Shares or none at all, it may signal a disconnect between the content and the audience.

To establish customized social sharing benchmarks, try to compare past client campaigns and look at the performance to understand what is achievable. Another approach is to link Shares to Conversions and Revenue to ensure everything is aligned with business goals. 

Gain more granular insights by analyzing the demographics of the users who are sharing the content. Identify which social media platform generates the most social sharing and assess the content types that resonate best with the audience. This data informs content strategies and target audience segments more effectively.

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Reaching a Larger Audience

Why Social Sharing Matters to Clients

Because Shares are a direct reflection of content resonating with their target audience, this metric shows clients that their message is not just being heard but actively embraced. Social sharing an impactful way to enhance brand authority and reach, effortlessly exposing more like-minded consumers to the client’s offering.

It's a tangible measurement of how well the agency's efforts are engaging potential customers and expanding the brand's reach. High Shares also boost the client's confidence in the agency's ability to deliver results, ultimately reinforcing the ROI on their marketing investment.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agency Clients
Prove That Social Media Sharing Is Caring

Why Shares Matter to Agencies

Shares are a testament to the impact of a marketing agency’s campaign. A high Share count signifies that their content strategy is on the right track, resonating with the target audience. 

Marketing agencies value social sharing as it helps them showcase the success of their campaigns to clients and demonstrate their ability to craft engaging content that drives audience interaction. 

It's also one way for agencies to stand out in a crowded marketplace, showcasing their expertise in creating content that sparks conversations and fosters brand loyalty. Monitoring Shares helps an agency communicate its ability to deliver results and exceed client expectations.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agencies

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Best Practices When Analyzing and Reporting Social Shares

Go beyond surface-level measurements of Shares and show clients how this metric plays a crucial part in their larger marketing strategies.


Contextualize Shares With Other Metrics

Shares shouldn't exist in isolation. Compare them with other KPIs to understand their role in achieving broader campaign goals.


Analyze Shares Over Time

Tracking social sharing over time brings trends and seasonality that might have otherwise been missed. It helps identify periods of peak engagement and informs campaign timing.


Examine Shares Across Channels

Diverse channels mean varied audience behavior. Analyze social media sharing across platforms to determine where the audience is the most engaged and tailor content strategies effectively.


Compare Shares Across Campaigns

Comparing Share performance across different campaigns reveals which strategies drive the most engagement.


Connect Shares to Your Clients’ Goals

Show clients how Shares contribute directly to achieving their broader marketing goals, such as brand visibility or lead generation.


Provide Actionable Insights for Improvement

Offer actionable recommendations to optimize Share performance and enhance overall campaign effectiveness.

Facebook Reporting Made Easy

Facebook Dashboard Example

AgencyAnalytics offers a customizable Facebook dashboard, empowering agencies to craft stunning marketing reports and dashboards quickly. This tool brings Facebook data to life, showcasing key insights with clarity and aesthetic appeal. Agencies effortlessly track and report on critical metrics, from engagement rates to audience demographics.
Facebook KPI Dashboard Example

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Helpful Tips

How To Improve Social Media Shares

Enhance brand visibility, reach, social media connections, and engagement by improving social media Shares with these tips.


Visual Appeal Matters

Include eye-catching visuals in the content. Visual content like images, infographics, and videos capture attention and encourage sharing.


Embrace Social Sharing Buttons

Make it effortless for readers to share by including social media icons and sharing buttons prominently on clients’ websites and content.


Leverage User-Generated Content

Encourage the target audience to generate content related to a brand. User-generated content often gets shared more because it's authentic and relatable.

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