5 Things Glassdoor Won’t Tell You About Working at AgencyAnalytics

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I was recently in the job market. Oh, that last-minute scramble to update your CV in just the right way is always a fun one... If you’re deep in the job search right now, you’ll know all too well that it can be a job in itself. It’s limbo land—and it’s oddly a bit like dating: you want to get off the market without getting hurt and leave it confident that you’ve made the right choice. You also want to be invested in the search, but not so much that the rejections—or unanswered applications—start to sting. What you need is strategic planning, execution, stamina, and a lot of patience. With all this to do and more, you better make sure you’re applying to a company you would actually enjoy working for. After all, you should be aiming for the long run.

If you make it to that first interview, or the second one for that matter, you’ll have the chance to ask questions directly about the company, position, and work culture. But out of a fear of seeming too needy, it’s likely that many questions in your mind remain unasked. Having just been there myself, I thought I would ask my most burning questions for you and give you insight that no Glassdoor page or Reddit feed could provide.

Read on to find out 5 things Glassdoor won’t tell you about working at AgencyAnalytics, a rapidly growing Canadian SaaS company with 60+ employees from all over the world. (Did I mention AgencyAnalytics is fully remote? We also happen to be hiring.) 

Below are answers from 7 employees across different departments. I have not influenced their answers in any way. No employees were harmed in the making of this post. 

Q. What’s the work-life balance really like at AgencyAnalytics? 

This is what the company cares about. I would say the work-life balance is one of the company's key advantages over other employers. We get a lot of stuff done, but the management team creates a cool, collaborative atmosphere where we work together without feeling overloaded.

Sinejan OzaydemirCanadaSinejan, Customer Success SpecialistWork-life balance for Customer Support is wonderful. Our team really takes care of each other and our times on and off are clear and honoured. Our management is also very understanding of what it's like to be human and I think it shows, we have unlimited sick days!

Lindsay CaseyCanadaLindsay, MarketingThe work-life balance at AgencyAnalytics is amazing, probably the best I have ever had. We are a small, focused team, so we get a lot done during working hours and rarely need to work late. I never feel guilty leaving at 5pm or requesting a vacation day, and if you have an appointment during the day it's not a problem. The key is trust. We trust each other to get the job done and time off for rest and relaxation is encouraged.

Mikel RemolacioPhilippinesMikel, SupportIt's amazing. Honestly, out of all the start ups/companies I've ever worked with, AgencyAnalytics blows them all of out when it comes to work-life balance. I used to do 12-13 hour shifts on my previous company. This is the only company that actually tells me to stop doing unnecessary OT work.

I’ve personally found that unlimited sick days, trusting each other to get the job done, and working reasonable hours are great ingredients for positive company culture. I’m not talking about that frat-house culture. This is the real deal. 

All that extra time and freedom sounds great, but you might still be wondering: ‘Do I have the personal traits to succeed as a remote employee? What about in a fast-growing SaaS company? While there are all sorts of personalities at AgencyAnalytics, employees seem to have some traits in common relating to work ethic and overall attitude.

Q. How does working remotely affect you personally?

work from home

Kriti BaggaCanadaKriti, EngineeringFrankly speaking, it is my first time working from home and it gives me ample time to support my family.

Lindsay CaseyCanadaLindsay, MarketingI've worked remotely since 2013, and don't think I will ever return to a traditional office. The freedom that remote working offers is just too important to me to give up. Remote working has allowed me to be based out in the country and given me the opportunity to travel the world without having to sacrifice my career.

Francis CloutierCanadaFrancis, Customer SuccessIt has been a great benefit to me. I used to spend over 2 hours a day commuting to work. Going remote gave me back over 10 hours a week I don’t have to spend in traffic. I'm also able to eat better (cooking at home vs bringing lunch or ordering food)

Sinejan OzaydemirCanadaSinejan, Customer Success SpecialistOur team is so fun that we don't ever feel alone or disconnected. Everyone is just a message or gif away! Honestly, it's not often that work from home feels like home and our team really goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and not isolated.

Some people might find working remotely is isolating. Others find it a way of managing all their responsibilities with less stress. I’ve personally been working remote since it became such a hit with the pandemic. And I continue choosing to work remote because it has become a way of life. It also offers me the opportunity to live and work in Italy, which is particularly hard for expats. 

Fact: AgencyAnalytics has always been remote since 2011, meaning we know how to manage virtual workloads.

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Q. What kind of personality traits thrive most in this company?

I would highlight the following traits that seem most valuable to the company: conscientiousness, being open and helpful, the ability to show initiative and taking responsibility for that.

Lindsay CaseyCanadaLindsay, MarketingFocused, independent folks who appreciate a high level of autonomy can excel here. Bonus points for friendly, good communicators!

Eleanor McQueenSpainEleanor, SupportPro-active behaviour, authenticity, kindness

Francis CloutierCanadaFrancis, Customer SuccessInitiative is really rewarded, as well as the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities

In a nutshell, it helps that you are a good communicator and team player, a self-starter, and are highly organized. Welcome to the future of work.  

Q. Could you describe advancement opportunities within AgencyAnalytics? 

We are growing rapidly, and the company structure mutates intensively as well. I believe every person showing initiative has an opportunity to get their responsibilities extended and receive an advancement. So, the company has a place for every ambitious employee.

Sinejan OzaydemirCanadaSinejan, Customer Success SpecialistWe are growing! The team is so open and willing to share their knowledge, if you are willing to learn, our team wants you to succeed. If you have future career aspirations, especially in tech, it is a great time to start and grow with this company.

Francis CloutierCanadaFrancis, Customer SuccessAA provides clear advancement opportunities. As the team grows, new positions are created and typically filled internally when possible. I have myself advanced from an entry level role to a more senior role within 2 years, so there is definitely opportunities and room for growth.

Mikel RemolacioPhilippinesMikel, SupportI've been promoted twice in a span of a year here. I was shocked!

AgencyAnalytics is a great place to work on those #careergoals. 

Goal-setting is integrated into AgencyAnalytics’ management. We work towards individual goals, team goals, and company-wide goals -- and make sure they are all aligned. This sets each employee on the right path from day 1, as you are always aware of where you need to be and how to get there with room to learn in between. 

Q. How are accomplishments recognized at AgencyAnalytics?

Kriti BaggaCanadaKriti, EngineeringWe get public praise in the company group for good performance and we also get employee of the month award too for our achievements.

This is another thing the company pays attention to. We have a public praise system integrated into our working chat where any employee can post feedback about a colleague's work or show appreciation for some provided help. And of course, we also have quarterly reviews that can be followed by promotions and pay raises.

Sinejan OzaydemirCanadaSinejan, Customer Success SpecialistWe don't wait for our superiors or big events to be recognized! The company not only has a generous employee of the month program, it also has a platform where we share our feedback and support across teams. This praise is shared publicly on our company channels and everyone celebrates each other! The small and the big wins are all important to the company and the staff.

Eleanor McQueenSpainEleanor, SupportLattice praise is a great way to share accomplishments big and small across teams. I have only seen this used within AA in comparison to other companies I have worked for, and it is a great way to acknowledge everyone's achievements no matter how big or small across teams!

I find that happiness is also about celebrating the little successes in life because they are what add up to the bigger picture. Accomplishments at AgencyAnalytics are recognized in many little ways, and a culture of positive reinforcement helps empower employees to do their best work and hold themselves accountable. 

Virtual praise in the team chat be like:

More about the people behind the answers:

I’m a frontend engineer here in AgencyAnalytics. The key purpose of my team is to provide the best experience for our users by creating a beautiful and usable interface for our app. I’ve been working for AgencyAnalytics for almost a year. However, because of the company growth rate, it feels like a much longer time. When I started, there were almost two times fewer people in the company.

I work in Customer Support and have only been here for 5 months.

Eleanor McQueen

I'm a digital nomad - at the time of answering, I am based in Cartagena, Colombia

Francis Cloutier
Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics

I have been working with AgencyAnalytics as QA Tester from April 2021. My work is to ensure the quality of code is maintained and customers' requirements are met.

Kriti Bagga
Engineering at AgencyAnalytics

I joined AgencyAnalytics in March of 2021. My role is Paid Campaign Manager, which means I manage all of our paid advertising efforts, from Google Ads to paid social and direct placements with publishers. Previously, I spent almost eight years at a large agency focused on healthcare marketing, during which I worked in every almost aspect of digital marketing, from account management to SEO, PPC & content marketing.

Lindsay Casey
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics

Formerly worked as a logistics specialist, now work as a senior support member of AA. I've been working here since May 2020.

Mikel Remolacio
Support at AgencyAnalytics

My role is Customer Support. I have been at AA for 3 months. I had extensive customer service experience in various industries but this is my first virtual custommer support role! And my first role in Tech!

Sinejan Ozaydemir
Customer Success Specialist at AgencyAnalytics

All-in-all, AgencyAnalytics employees enjoy the freedom offered by remote work. Common themes across employees you’ll have noticed are a love for remote working, and success driven by self-motivation.

Thinking about joining our fast-growing team from around the world? Check out our Careers Page for more information and job opportunities at AgencyAnalytics.

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