Simplify Your Programmatic Campaign Reporting With the Choozle Integration

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The Choozle integration from AgencyAnalytics enhances programmatic advertising by consolidating campaign data into a single dashboard. It streamlines real-time tracking, optimizes ad performance, and integrates with over 80 other marketing platforms for comprehensive reporting. This integration saves agencies' time, provides actionable insights, and helps manage diverse ad investments.

Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Programmatic advertising does just that. But digital marketing agencies need the right targeting tools to deliver programmatic campaigns that produce results successfully. 

Agencies use Choozle for programmatic marketing success, to diversify their ad investments into multiple emerging platforms like audio, video, and native ads–while leveraging detailed consumer insights–and power their programmatic ad campaigns.

The new Choozle integration tracks your clients’ campaigns in one streamlined Choozle dashboard, giving you real-time insights to optimize campaigns as they happen. 

Keep track of your clients’ Choozle advertising campaign performance, and combine their programmatic ad campaign data with all their other marketing platforms for comprehensive marketing reports built in minutes. 

With the Choozle Integration in AgencyAnalytics, leverage detailed consumer data to power programmatic ad campaigns across

  • Display,

  • Connected TV,

  • Video,

  • Mobile,

  • Audio,

  • And more. 

All from one interface.

Why You Need the Choozle Integration

Creating Choozle reports that combine your clients’ other marketing channels is challenging and time-consuming when done manually. Get actionable insights from one platform instantly. 

Adding Choozle to your client reports is a breeze. To show bigger-picture results, combine Choozle data with your clients’ other marketing channels like the Google Ads integration and the Facebook Ads reporting platform with an easy drag-and-drop agency reporting tool

Report on your Choozle advertising campaign data alongside metrics from over 80 other integrations to create white labeled dashboards and reports in a fraction of the time.

Let’s take a look at some use cases. 

An Intuitive Window of Opportunity for Optimizations

Your agency wants a holistic view of its client’s Choozle campaigns to understand the core metrics of a campaign’s structure, launch, and performance.

The Choozle dashboard in AgencyAnalytics makes it easy for your marketing team to confirm the campaign is on pace to meet its goals, helping your team stay on track. Your budget spend data helps you decide when to make adjustments without having to log into Choozle each time.

In addition to the white label dashboard, the Choozle campaign dashboards provide a near real-time visualization of the campaign's performance with updated data points. You cross-reference key metrics, including ad spend, impressions, CTR, and CPA that help you improve each programmatic ad campaign.

Streamlining Your Client Reporting

Your agency runs various campaigns for its clients, including Choozle, Facebook Ads data, Google Ads metrics, SEO performance, and Email campaign analysis. Without an automated reporting system in place, gathering data and capturing screenshots is a time-consuming process that prevents you from scaling your agency efficiently.

You need one place to gather all the data in a cohesive way, so you automate your agency’s data-retrieval and client reporting process and onboard your first client onto the AgencyAnalytics platform during your free trial

Voila! No more logging into each platform to gather data: your client’s Choozle metrics get populated in Choozle dashboards, their Google Ads have their own live marketing dashboard, and so on.

Onboarding a new client suddenly becomes easy, and you save countless hours for your team to redirect its efforts to revenue-driving activities. 

The dashboard templates are easy to customize, so you choose how to present the data visually–without the formulas! Come reporting time, you flip your dashboards into ready-to-send reports in a few clicks. This streamlined process wins back billable hours for your agency. Now you can refocus your time won on client acquisition, management, and retention.

Track Your Programmatic Campaign Data With the Choozle Integration

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The Choozle Dashboard for Agencies

The Choozle dashboard in AgencyAnalytics shows you total impressions, clicks, win rate (which is the percentage of auctions for bid placement won, not to be confused with the sales win rate), cost, and more at both the campaign and ad level. Campaign data includes: Cost Metrics: 

  • Total Cost

  • Cost Per Click

  • CPM

  • Cost Per Action

Performance Metrics:

  • Impressions Bid On

  • Impressions Won

  • Clicks

  • CTR

  • Conversions

Let’s take a closer look at each tab of your Choozle dashboard. 

1. Campaign Overview

Choozle campaign overview marketing dashboard

This tab summarizes the total engagement your Choozle ad campaigns are receiving. 


  • Total advertising costs, 

  • Total Impressions

  • Total Wins

  • Total Click-through rates (CTRs),

  • And more. 

2. Campaign Performance Dashboard

Choozle marketing dashboard showing campaign performance metrics

This next tab breaks down the metrics at a campaign level, like each campaign’s advertiser cost, impressions won, wins, cost per click (CPC), and more. Use this to compare and assess each Choozle programmatic ad campaign. 

3. Ads Dashboard

Finally, the Ads tab goes even more granular by showing the same metrics down to each ad placement.

Choozle marketing dashboard showing ad performance metrics

Whether you need a bird’s eye view of your Choozle campaigns or details on a particular ad, use the dashboard to quickly pick out what needs to be optimized–and when.

All-in-One Choozle Reporting for Agencies

Your agency manages multiple clients, each needing a combination of marketing platforms to promote their businesses. According to the recent client reporting benchmark report, the average marketing agency pulls data from 8 different platforms across a variety of client campaigns. Easily create marketing reports that reflect their overall marketing performance. 

Let’s say you manage your client’s PPC campaigns, including programmatic advertising with Choozle, Google Ads, and social media advertising. Including their SEO rankings in your client reports will help provide an overall picture of your client’s online presence. 

Agency Tip: Even if your agency doesn’t manage every aspect of your client’s marketing activities like SEO, include them in your marketing reports. You might find your clients are happy with them. Alternatively, use it as a passive way to upsell your clients if the numbers aren’t what they expect!

The data is easy to pull and takes no extra time–all you need to do is log in once. 

With AgencyAnalytics, you have everything you need to call the platform your own. Use custom metrics to combine the spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, or any other metric you want into an account snapshot. Then use the enhanced goals feature to showcase how your agency is pacing against targets. 

How To Add the Choozle Integration

Step 1. Navigate to the campaign you’d like to connect the Choozle integration to. 

Step 2. Click on Integrations from the menu bar and then on Choozle from the list of integrations. You will first be prompted to connect a new account, which requires entering your Choozle credentials. 

Step 3. After you enter the login credentials, the integration is complete, and your client’s Choozle payments and subscription data will be imported and displayed within the dashboard.

The Choozle Integration is available on all AgencyAnalytics plans. New to AgencyAnalytics? Start with your free 14-day trial and take the hassle out of client reporting.

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