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Discover AgencyAnalytics, the go-to DashThis alternative for marketing agencies, where professional reports and custom dashboards meet 80+ marketing data integrations and unrivaled customer support. Transform your client reporting experience.
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Why do top Digital Agencies choose AgencyAnalytics for their client reporting?
Optimized Reporting for Marketing Agencies

The Platform Built for Digital Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics is the only client reporting platform conceived and crafted for the unique ecosystem of digital marketing agencies. Every facet of the platform is honed for intuitive data visualization, ensuring insights leap off the screen and into strategy discussions. 

Customizable reports have become the standard. Create powerful dashboards and beautiful marketing reports that speak directly to client needs and agency objectives. This is where functionality meets agency flair—every chart, graph, and line of data is meticulously mapped out to fit the narrative you’re driving with your clients.

Give clients a personalized experience
Maximize Reporting Efficiency

Unlimited Reports On All Plans

AgencyAnalytics redefines client reporting, offering a level of sophistication and ease that DashThis simply can't match. Here, limitations on client reports are a thing of the past. Every pricing plan unlocks the potential to create unlimited tailor-made, professional reports. Flexibility is yours: choose reporting frequencies from daily to annual, adapting to each client’s rhythm.

This isn't just about reports; it's about forging stronger client relationships, enhancing transparency, and driving success with every piece of data.

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Each Metric's Date Range Is 100% Customizable to Suit Your Needs

Fully Customizable Date Ranges

As an agency, you need to show your clients comparisons between various dates, and you also need your team to monitor live changes with no restrictions. That's why we allow you to choose whatever time frame you want–for any metric–and quickly compare it to any other date range.

Build a custom report or live dashboard with data from the last two weeks, add a 12-month line chart for context, another one showing 2018's data, and then include daily changes across the last 30 days. There are no limits. You can even set custom comparison ranges for each dataset if you need more! 

DashThis only lets you compare time frames on a monthly basis, or be locked to static presets on your dashboard. We've got custom reporting built deep into our platform to give agencies the flexibility they need to report their achievements to clients.

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Simplify Your Data Aggregation and Reporting

80+ Integrations, Unlimited Possibilities

Streamlining data from multiple platforms into coherent, actionable insights can be daunting for any agency. AgencyAnalytics effortlessly combines performance data from over 80 marketing platforms, including Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO Metrics, and more. Imagine the ease of crafting custom reports and dashboards in just minutes, not hours. 

This efficiency saves time and elevates the quality of your insights. With AgencyAnalytics, you're not juggling different tools but mastering one comprehensive platform. Each integration works seamlessly, ensuring you have a holistic view of your clients’ campaigns and strategies. Make all your marketing data work for you in the most efficient way possible.

Example of Available Marketing Integrations
Trusted by 6,500 Marketing Agencies

4.7 Stars in Client Reporting Excellence

The choice of over 6,500 marketing agencies, AgencyAnalytics represents a significant shift in client reporting. Our 4.7-star rating on G2 reflects the experiences of hundreds of satisfied marketing agencies. These ratings and reviews testify to the solution's precise reporting, user-centric design, comprehensive data integration, and ability to improve business performance. 

AgencyAnalytics’ reputation as a tool that quickly transforms complex data into intelligible, report-ready insights is second to none. With an industry-leading rating, AgencyAnalytics stands out as the effective and reliable client reporting alternative to DashThis, backed by the confidence and approval of marketing professionals worldwide.

AgencyAnalytics -5-Star Reviews
Custom Reporting Reimagined

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Way

Transform how you harness marketing data across every channel. A suite of customizable widgets brings your clients’ data analysis to life, crafting dashboards that resonate with clarity and depth. 

With a drag-and-drop builder, you create not just reports but narratives enriched with data from more than 80 marketing integrations. Dazzle clients with beautiful cover pages while embeddable content fits seamlessly into the story you tell. White label capabilities ensure your agency's logo seals the deal on each report page. 

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
Contextualize Client Data

Add Annotations and Custom Goals

Elevate client reports beyond spreadsheets and graphs; contextualize marketing channels with personalized annotations that spotlight key events and narratives behind the numbers. Set and track custom goals to benchmark performance across major digital marketing channels, providing clients with data, insight, and foresight. 

Whether it's a seasonal campaign's spike in engagement or a pivot in strategy, annotations offer clarity, while goals measure success in tangible terms. Move past the confines of basic analytics and provide an insightful and goal-driven reporting experience.

annotations and goals feature in marketing dashboards to track progress
Enhance Your Agency’s Brand Identity

White Label Dashboards and Reports

Take control of your agency's branding with AgencyAnalytics. Every dashboard and report is a blank slate ready for logos and colors—a brand's signature look. Each white label report you present echoes your agency’s voice, reinforcing your professional image in your client’s eyes. 

It's a seamless melding of analytics and aesthetics tailored to your agency's unique identity. With AgencyAnalytics, the brand power is yours.

Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform.
Tailored Access Control

Set Custom Client and Staff Permissions

Grant clients their own logins to a real-time marketing dashboard available around the clock, ensuring they see precisely what they need—when they need it. With meticulous control over visibility, each client's view is curated to their needs, while your team communicates directly through integration with leading messaging tools, right within the dashboard. 

AgencyAnalytics sets the standard for tailored client and staff permissions, providing detailed controls that position it as the best alternative to DashThis for marketing agencies. It’s all about crafting a bespoke, secure portal that offers the sophistication and data your clients expect.

Manage your agency’s clients and staff with one easy-to-use platform.
Painless Platform Transition

Transition Seamlessly From DashThis to AgencyAnalytics

Transitioning your client reporting from DashThis to AgencyAnalytics is a straightforward process. Our solution is purpose-built for marketing agencies and intuitively designed to ensure you'll find every feature you need. 

Lean on our attentive customer support team at each step of the transition. For those with complex needs, the White Glove Onboarding service for Premier Plans, and Data Transfer feature makes customization and integration virtually effortless. Discover the ease with which your agency adopts a more powerful, agency-centric reporting tool.

Get onboarded quickly so you can start meeting the needs of your clients and your agency.
24/5 Live Chat Support

Unmatched Customer Support Excellence

AgencyAnalytics is a partner in your agency's journey to success. A dedicated customer support team provides comprehensive assistance, ensuring you take advantage of everything the reporting solution has to offer. Available 24/5, the live chat typically responds in under three minutes, so your workflow remains uninterrupted. 

It's the quality of service, however, that truly defines our support, with a track record of customer satisfaction rates consistently over 95%. World-class support equips you with the answers, insights, and guidance you need to elevate your client reports.

Best in Class Customer Support
Innovation Is Standard Practice

A Reporting Platform That Grows With Your Agency

With an ever-growing suite of features that align with your agency's upward trajectory, choose AgencyAnalytics for a partnership that scales with you. The Labs section lets you test-drive innovations and features still in development, giving you early access to the latest tools. 

Plus, the platform's scalability mirrors your business's growth, from one-person operations to enterprise-level agencies. With plans starting at $79 per month, each plan adapts to your agency’s expanding needs. Embrace a solution that grows with you, providing value and versatility at every turn.

Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.

Report Smarter, Not Harder

Streamline your monthly client reporting with a platform that automatically imports all your data from over 80 marketing platforms. Create beautiful marketing reports in minutes instead of hours, pulling in pivotal metrics from web analytics, social media platforms, search engines, and more. 

Provide clients with a holistic analysis of their marketing campaigns while saving your agency countless hours—time better spent on strategy and optimization, not manual report generation. A comprehensive reporting tool that offers time-saving efficiency? That’s a smarter DashThis alternative.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform

AgencyAnalytics has changed the way that we do client reporting. It saves us time, is insanely convenient, and makes us look good. It’s been a massive win for our business.

Garrett Kite
Garrett Kite / President
Kite Media

We were wasting so much time setting up and editing reports for clients each month using Google Data Studio. Our team of account managers hated it. We were blown away once we started using AgencyAnalytics. The responsiveness and speed of the platform are amazing.

Lee Wallis
Lee Wallis

Excite Media

AgencyAnalytics has completely transformed our reporting process, making it more efficient and professional. We love the ability to white label reports with our branding and colors, and the ease of use has been a game-changer. Overall, the platform has been a huge asset for our agency.

Adam Binder
Adam Binder / Founder & CEO
Creative Click Media

AgencyAnalytics is a stunning service that changed the way we communicate with our clients and how we are able to demonstrate our progress and justify the efforts of the marketing plan we created for each one.

María Teresa Suárez
María Teresa Suárez


AgencyAnalytics has been an integral part of Clearwater since the agency was founded almost 7 years ago. It’s supported us through the journey through its highly scaleable platform and regular addition of new features, exceeding our growing requirements for both our clients and agency. Hands down, It’s the best reporting tool available.

Ben Chapman
Ben Chapman

Clearwater Agency

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