Bing Ads Dashboard

Keep your clients up to date on their Bing Ads campaign with reports on revenue, clicks and conversions.

Highlight Revenue
Show clients the true value that your agency provides
Explore Data
Crucial PPC metrics including clicks, impressions, conversions and cost
Analyze Keywords
Comprehensive statistics for every keyword
Drive Conversions
Understand what’s driving sales and how to optimize for revenue

Conversions, revenue, and clicks over time

Highlight Your Agency’s True Value

Reporting designed to present your agency in the best possible light. Prominently showcase the conversions and revenue that you've generated for the client, as well as improvements in campaign performance for any date range.
Highlight Your Agency's True Value

All of the crucial data that clients expect

Comprehensive PPC Metrics

Build client trust by providing comprehensive data at the campaign, ad group, keyword, and conversion levels. Leverage the most critical, industry standard metrics, including clicks, impressions, CTR, cost, and much more.
Comprehensive PPC Metrics

Configure Bing Ads reports in minutes

Reporting on Autopilot

No more spreadsheets! Automated PPC reports that both you and your clients will love. Quickly create streamlined reports and schedule them to be sent to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Reporting on Autopilot

Advanced insights for Higher Returns

Increase Client Revenue

Our intuitive dashboard lets you present Bing Ad data in a simple way to determine the trends that are actually driving client revenue. Tweak and optimize your client's Bing Ad campaigns based on those insights and watch revenue soar!
Increase Client Revenue

Add a Custom PPC Markup or Margin

Include Margin % in Reports

If you charge clients a percentage of spend for Bing Ads, you probably want to show them the total cost - after your mark up - on reports. It's easy with AgencyAnalytics. Configure the same margin % account wide, or add a custom margin % for each individual customer in just a couple of clicks.
Include Margin % in Reports

Your Logo, Your Branding, Your URL

White Labeled Bing Ads Reports

Clients will take notice when they see your branding on these stunning reports. Visually engaging report layouts that integrate seamlessly with your agency name, logo, and URL. Tell clients that it's your own in-house reporting solution. We won't tell!
White Labeled Bing Ads Reports

Granular client permission settings

Impress Clients with a Custom Dashboard

"Wow" clients by providing them with a customized Bing Ads dashboard. Tailor permissions to fit each client's individual needs. Display a streamlined graphical overview for some clients, and a comprehensive dashboard with granular data points for others.
Impress Clients with a Custom Dashboard

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