Google Analytics Dashboard

Easily create clean, customized marketing dashboards with your clients’ real-time GA and GA4 data. Flip them into send-ready reports in seconds, or combine data from other key platforms for even more comprehensive reporting.

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard Example

Visualize Data

Cut through the noise and spot trends with crystal clear graphical formats that are easy to analyze and report on

Segment Channels

Dissect data by channel to determine which of your client’s pages are getting the most traffic to boost search engine optimization

Understand Your Audience

Segment visitors by location, age, gender, and device with demographic insights

Highlight Conversions

Captivate clients with report layouts that accentuate goals, conversions, and revenue


Automated Google Analytics Reporting

Logging in and out of all your clients’ Google Analytics accounts to gather actionable data is tedious and time-consuming. Automate your entire data-collection process with live Google Analytics dashboards that put goals and KPIs into intuitive graphs with customizable formatting. Turn them into white labeled client reports in seconds.

Google Analytics Marketing Dashboard
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available GA Metrics

See all the GA metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Assisted Conversions
    • Assisted Value
    • Avg Dom Content Loaded Time
    • Avg Dom Interactive Time
    • Avg Domain Lookup Time
    • Avg Event Value
    • Avg Page Download Time
    • Avg Page Load Time
    • Avg Redirection Time
    • Avg Search Depth
    • Avg Search Duration
    • Avg Search Result Views
    • Avg Server Connection Time
    • Avg Server Response Time
    • Avg Session Duration
    • Avg Time On Page
    • Bounce Rate
    • Bounces
    • Buy To Detail Rate
    • Cart To Detail Rate
    • Date
    • Dom Content Loaded Time
    • Dom Interactive Time
    • Dom Latency Metrics Sample
    • Domain Lookup Time
    • Entrance Rate
    • Entrances
    • Event Value
    • Events Per Session With Event
    • Exit Rate
    • Exits
    • First Impression Conversions
    • First Impression Value
    • First Interaction Conversions
    • First Interaction Value
    • Goal Abandon Rate
    • Goal Abandons
    • Goal Completions
    • Goal Conversion Rate
    • Goal Starts
    • Goal Value
    • Goal Value All Per Search
    • Goal Value Per Session
    • Hits
    • Impression Assisted Conversions
    • Impression Assisted Value
    • Internal Promotion Clicks
    • Internal Promotion CTR
    • Internal Promotion Views
    • Item Quantity
    • Item Revenue
    • Items Per Purchase
    • Last Interaction Conversions
    • Last Interaction Value
    • Local Item Revenue
    • Local Product Refund Amount
    • Local Refund Amount
    • Local Transaction Revenue
    • Local Transaction Shipping
    • Local Transaction Tax
    • New Users
    • Organic Searches
    • Page Download Time
    • Page Load Sample
    • Page Load Time
    • Page Value
    • Pageviews
    • Pageviews Per Session
    • Percent New Sessions
    • Percent Search Refinements
    • Percent Sessions With Search
    • Product Adds To Cart
    • Product Checkouts
    • Product Detail Views
    • Product List Clicks
    • Product List CTR
    • Product List Views
    • Product Refund Amount
    • Product Refunds
    • Product Removes From Cart
    • Product Revenue Per Purchase
    • Quantity Added To Cart
    • Quantity Checked Out
    • Quantity Refunded
    • Quantity Removed From Cart
    • Redirection Time
    • Refund Amount
    • Revenue
    • Revenue Per Item
    • Revenue Per Transaction
    • Revenue Per User
    • Search Depth
    • Search Duration
    • Search Exit Rate
    • Search Exits
    • Search Goal Conversion Rate
    • Search Refinements
    • Search Result Views
    • Search Sessions
    • Search Uniques
    • Server Connection Time
    • Server Response Time
    • Session Duration
    • Session Per User
    • Session With Event
    • Sessions
    • Speed Metrics Sample
    • Time On Page
    • Total Conversion Value
    • Total Conversions
    • Total Events
    • Total Refunds
    • Total Value
    • Transaction Revenue Per Session
    • Transaction Shipping
    • Transaction Tax
    • Transactions
    • Transactions Per Session
    • Transactions Per User
    • Unique Dimension Combinations
    • Unique Events
    • Unique Pageviews
    • Unique Purchases
    • Users
    Showcase Revenue Data Front and Center

    Track Goals and Conversions

    If there's one metric every client wants to see, it's total revenue. The drag and drop report editor makes it easy to craft layouts that prominently feature goals, conversions, and revenue. Round-out client reports with campaign-based eCommerce, PPC, SEO, and other metrics to present the true value and ROI of your agency.

    Goals and conversions metrics in google analytics dashboard
    Organic, PPC, Social, Email, Display, & More

    Advanced Analytics for Each Traffic Channel

    Not all traffic is created equal! Certain channels might account for less traffic, but drive the lion's share of conversions. Add widgets to your client's Google dashboard with the drag-and-drop editor to provide big-picture reports that demonstrate the value you're generating from social channels, PPC, SEO, email campaigns, and more.

    Sessions in Google Analytics Dashboard
    Identify & Optimize Pages Based on Performance

    Page-Level Behavior Metrics

    Sort pages based on performance metrics like bounce rate, exit rate, and time on page. Highlight top-performing pages while earmarking low-performing pages as candidates for re-writes and overhauls.

    Pageviews graph Google Analytics Dashboard
    Location, Age, Gender, Devices

    Leverage Demographic Data

    Visitor demographics can lead to surprisingly specific takeaways. Traffic from iPhone users showing a high bounce rate? The site may be formatted improperly for that device's display. Audience gender skewing unexpectedly one way or the other? Boost conversions by tweaking the site messaging accordingly.

    Demographics Marketing Metric Widget Example in Google Analytics Marketing Dashboard

    After finding AgencyAnalytics, not only did we save a significant amount in billable hours each month, but it also helped us maintain strong relationships and retain clients over the long run.

    Raquel Baldelomar
    Raquel Baldelomar


    Your Clients’ Key Google Analytics Metrics—and All the Other Metrics That Matter, Too. One Platform to Advance Your Reporting.

    Google Analytics 4 Compatible

    Works Hand-in-Hand With GA4

    Run the Google Analytics 4 integration alongside your universal Google Analytics integration to report on both sets of data from one dashboard. Easily report on your client's GA4 event-based metrics to get them used to this new method of measuring web analytics.

    Google Analytics 4 Dashboard Template

    All Your Data In A Single View

    Your clients use more than just Google Analytics to grow their businesses. Bring all their important metrics into AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform to show the full picture of your client’s’ performance. Adding dashboards is easy! Create custom dashboards and reports using the drag-and-drop editor. Present your Google Analytics dashboards with data from 75+ other channels of your choice.

    Example of Available Marketing Integrations
    Your Logo, Your Brand Colors, Your Google Dashboard

    Stunning Google Analytics Reports Featuring Your Preferred Branding

    Stand out from the competition by delivering Google Analytics reports that prominently feature your agency’s (or your client’s) logo and brand colors. You can even host your Google Analytics dashboard on a custom domain with multiple white label features for a complete white-labeled experience.

    white labelled google sheets reports and dashboards

    We have improved workload efficiency, lowered business costs, and improved client retention rate - everything our business looks to achieve.

    Tom McVey
    Tom McVey


    Connect the Google Analytics integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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