Google My Business Insights

Provide your client with Google My Business reports and dashboards. Every KPI. One platform.

Search Metrics

Direct vs discovery searches, searches/views over time & more

Visitor Actions

Clicks to website, requests for directions and phone calls

Phone Calls

Track phone call trends by date or by hour to optimize future campaigns

Ratings & Reviews

Monitor customer sentiment by analyzing ratings and reviews

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How do visitors find your client's page?

Data Rich, Search-Based KPIs

Provide customers with a wealth of search data. Metrics include direct vs discovery searches, search vs map views, and historical searches/views by date. Compare recent trends with previous periods to monitor for broad changes in the marketplace.

What actions are visitors taking?

Measure Customer Engagement

While searches and views are crucial, customer engagement is the next step in any conversion funnel based around a GMB page. Measure customer actions, including website clicks, requests for directions, and phone calls. Show clients exactly how their audience engages with their page.

Aggregate and Individual Reviews Analysis

Google Plus Ratings & Reviews

Measure audience sentiment for your clients with Google+ ratings and reviews. Show clients their average rating and total number of reviews across any given time period. Even better, watch reviews as they're generated in real time with our feed-style reviews dashboard. Click any review to respond instantly!

A Powerful Online Marketing Tool
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Calls by Day; Calls by Hour

Phone Call Tracking

Track phone calls generated via your client's Google My Business listing by day of the week or by hour of the day. This data can be absolutely crucial for tracking customers as they move through a sales funnel, as well as for helping clients to plan for phone staffing at peak times to ensure that no leads are ever missed!

No more endless back and forth emails

Customized Client Dashboard

Clients want data on their schedule, even if that means 3am the night before a big business presentation. Put an end to those frantic, late night client emails, and give your customers a customized SEO dashboard. Best of all, YOU choose the exact data points that they can view.

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