YouTube Dashboard

Monitor video analytics with ease and share beautiful YouTube reports with your clients.

Track Subscribers
Show clients how channel subscriptions increased over time
Video Analytics
Measure essential video metrics like average view time and viewing frequency
Determine the most popular age and gender of your client’s audience
Measure Engagement
Track likes, comments and shares for every video

Manage YouTube Reporting For Multiple Accounts

Powerful YouTube Reports

No more time-consuming reports or switching between accounts. Connect every client's YouTube account to manage reporting in a single interface. Our intuitive dashboard shows you the key YouTube metrics to evaluate your campaign's performance.
Powerful YouTube Reports

Measure YouTube Channel Growth

Track New & Lost Subscribers

Delight clients with beautiful reports showing their channel's success. Monitor new and lost subscribers month-over-month. Include our intuitive graphs in your monthly report, so clients can view their channel history in a single glance.
Track New & Lost Subscribers

Age, Gender, Location & Device

Know Your Client’s Audience

Gain insight on where your subscribers are located and what devices they're using. Create content that targets your average subscribers' age and gender. With a better understanding of who makes up your audience, you can continue to deliver engaging content.
Know Your Client's Audience

Likes, Dislikes, Comments & Shares

Monitor Engagement

Clients love to see their videos gaining traction. Easily share live engagement metrics with clients in their custom dashboard. You can show off our gorgeous graphs measuring likes, comments, and shares so clients know exactly when they get the most engagement.
Monitor Engagement

YouTube Analytics for Every Video

Share YouTube Updates with Clients

Let your client view their video feed directly in the dashboard. Our dashboard includes more than just channel trends - we include insights for EVERY video. Sort the video feed by key metrics to see exactly which videos people engage with.
Share YouTube Updates with Clients

White Label YouTube Dashboard

Give Clients Their Own Login

Always keep your clients in the loop about marketing campaigns with a white labeled dashboard. Give clients their own login, so they can view live results and analytics. Add your own logo and branding to the dashboard so you can present it as an in-house tool!
Give Clients Their Own Login

Save Hours on YouTube Reports

Automated Social Reports

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and time-consuming reports every month! With just a few clicks you can create a stunning YouTube report that sends to clients every month. Include other integrations like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create an in-depth social media marketing report that is sure to impress your clients.
Automated Social Reports

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