Vimeo Reporting

Monitor key Vimeo metrics and share beautiful video analytics reports with your clients.
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Track Followers

Monitor follower growth over time

Video Analytics

Measure important Vimeo metrics like comments, followers, and likes

Monitor Engagement

Track how popular one video is compared to other ones

View Video Feed

View your videos right in your dashboard

Powerful Vimeo Reports

No more time-consuming reports that require you to switch between accounts or platforms. View all of your important Vimeo metrics in one dashboard, such as followers over time, engagement, top-level comments, and likes.

vimeo analytics dashboard followers and views
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Vimeo Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Comments
    • Date
    • Field Status
    • Followers
    • Likes
    • Published Videos
    • Replies
    • Total Comments
    • Views

    Vimeo Demographic Reports

    Build custom dashboards to track demographics of your Vimeo followers. Include pie charts of followers by country and followers by gender to gain an understanding of who is interacting with your clients' videos.

    vimeo analytics dashboard demographics

    Monitor Engagement

    No more switching between videos to get a sense of which one performs better. Get clear metrics on top-level comments, replies, likes, and followers.

    vimeo analytics dashboard likes and comments

    Share Vimeo Updates with Clients

    Easily automate your Vimeo reports so that they deliver to your clients at a time and date that suits both you and them. Give them a link, PDF, or email - whichever format they prefer!

    vimeo analytics dashboard send to client share report

    Give Clients 24/7 Login Access

    Always keep your clients in the loop about marketing campaigns with a white-labeled dashboard. Give clients their own login, so they can view live results and analytics. Add your own logo and branding to the dashboard so you can present it as an in-house tool!

    provide client access to reports and dashboard

    Connect the Vimeo integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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