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Ditch the time-consuming report creation process! Use a YouTube report template to automate data retrieval. Deliver actionable insights to clients without the hassle. Include insights from 80+ platforms, schedule reports in advance, and white label your custom templates to deliver professional reports in minutes.
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Why Your Agency Needs a YouTube Report Template

Don’t settle for a boring spreadsheet–use a YouTube report template instead! This time-saving tool automatically pulls data, removing the need to log into your clients’ accounts each time. The result? Increased accuracy, greater efficiency, and reclaimed billable time. 

Replicate it, tweak it, and customize it–whatever you choose! No need to start from scratch each time a new client or project comes along. Want to add cross-channel insights? Easily infuse insights across 80+ platforms and compare performance across various efforts. Plus, this tool has a short learning curve, making it ideal for all agency and client report users. 

Say bye-bye to bland reporting–use white labeling to add your logo and brand colors for that extra touch of professionalism. Include text boxes, additional pages, custom comments, and much more.

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12 Key Sections Included in a YouTube Report

1. Cover Page

Create a branded cover page that oozes professionalism–all while strengthening your brand identity and demonstrating attention to detail. Here’s another bonus: A cover page is replicable across other reports, streamlining this process even more. 

Youtube report template cover example

As a best practice, remember to include a specific time period on the cover page. This simple (yet often overlooked) step provides clients with context off the bat. 

2. Executive Summary 

A well-crafted executive summary puts your client’s key YouTube analytics front and center. It's a chance to showcase results in a quick, impactful manner. It also ensures that busy executives grasp key takeaways without delving into the nitty-gritty details. 

Youtube monthly summary

A concise YouTube report summary helps clients quickly understand channel performance. Follow these best practices to ensure clarity:

  • Highlight key YouTube analytics such as views, watch time, and engagement rates.

  • Include historical data to show and compare trends over time.

  • Summarize major successes, along with areas for improvement. 

3. Subscriber Count

Subscriber count represents the total number of users who have followed your client’s YouTube channel. This metric reflects interest and popularity, providing an opportunity to engage with these followers. 

Track Track New & Lost YouTube Subscribers

An increase in subscriber count shows that your client’s YouTube post or ad is gaining traction. In turn, this positively reflects your agency’s ability to create insightful videos that drive brand interest. To address a stagnant or decreasing subscriber count, define your client’s audience (if you haven’t already) and look at the existing subscriber demographics. Then, use this information to refine targeting and develop tailored content. Also, include a call-to-action in videos (e.g., verbally saying, “Be sure to comment and click ‘Subscribe’!”). 


Views indicate the total number of times a video has been watched on YouTube. A high view count is ideal as it indicates strong reach and content visibility.

YouTube Analytics for Every Video

This metric also sets the stage for more meaningful engagement (e.g., clicking a link to a form signup). If your clients monetize their YouTube channels, a higher view count may translate to revenue.

Improve a low number of views by sharing videos on other social media platforms, email newsletters, and websites. Also, reported content will put a dent in visibility and channel reputation. Therefore, double-check that videos adhere to community guidelines. 

If your client is a well-established YouTube creator, ensure they have well-organized playlists. This helps users explore other uploaded videos and increase channel exploration. 

5. Average View Duration

Average view duration measures the typical time viewers spend watching a video on a client’s YouTube channel. This metric is also helpful to assess content effectiveness and whether videos are engaging enough.

Youtube average view duration visualization

To get the most from this data, identify the top-watched video or playlist and see if there’s a specific topic that resonates with viewers. Also, consider if there’s a preferred format (e.g., YouTube Shorts may outperform longer videos). Then, use these insights to guide future marketing strategies. 

Noticing a low view duration? This may stem from long video lengths or low-quality production. In these cases, make tweaks like improving audio quality and editing to get the message across quicker. 

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6. Engagement

Engagement measures how actively viewers interact with a YouTube post or ad. This includes actions such as likes, dislikes, comments, and subscriptions. 

Monitor YouTube Engagement

Engagement metrics show that your agency creates interesting content that prompts users to respond beyond passive viewing. If there’s a low engagement rate, ensure that video content is aligned with the audience's interests. Also, include interactive elements like polls, questions, and calls to action to boost interaction. 

7. Demographic Data

Demographic data provides detailed information about the audience's age, gender, location, device type. 

Know Your Client's YouTube Audience

This granular breakdown identifies who’s watching your client’s YouTube videos, providing an opportunity to deliver tailored content. It’s also helpful to identify relevant segments, which is especially handy if your client runs YouTube ads.

8. Impressions

Impressions represent the total number of times a thumbnail is shown to viewers on YouTube. It quantifies how often this video appears in search results, recommended sections, and across the Google network. 

PPC impressions metric in PPC Dashboard template

Impressions are a great measure of exposure and whether your client’s content reaches the right audience. To improve a low number of impressions, consider creating a more eye-catching thumbnail, increasing ad spend, or using keyword-rich captions. 

To avoid any visibility issues, review YouTube’s community guidelines about spam and inappropriate content. While there are widely known infringements (such as hate speech or any form of abuse), there may be another violation that isn’t quite obvious. 

By taking this preventative approach, you’ll ensure your client’s videos follow best practices at all times. 

9. Total Ad Cost 

Total ad cost represents your client’s total expenditure on YouTube ad campaigns. This metric includes in-platform spend for ad placements, bidding, and clicks. 

Ad Spend Reporting Analytics Example

Total ad cost is a key part of any YouTube report; it shows exactly how much was spent and ensures financial transparency. It also helps clients analyze the impact of YouTube campaigns and whether they’re worth the investment. 

10. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate measures the percentage of viewers who take a desired action after viewing your client’s YouTube video. For example, this may include subscribing to their channel, clicking a site link, or completing an online purchase. 

Easily track ad conversion rates with the PPC conversion rate metric

A high conversion rate shows that your client's videos resonate with viewers and successfully motivate them to act. To fix a low or marginal conversion rate, check whether calls-to-action are compelling enough. Also, focus on delivering clear messages, demonstrating expertise, and aligning with user interests.

11. Clicks

A click is counted each time a YouTube user interacts with a dynamic element in your client’s YouTube video (e.g., a website link). Essentially, it helps to gauge content quality and user interest. 

YouTube Report  - Clicks Metric

The more clicks, the better–it shows that viewers are curious enough to learn more or move further down the conversion funnel. To address a low number of clicks, capture attention within the first few seconds of the video. 

Also, incorporate clickable elements (e.g., end screens, cards, and overlays) and direct viewers to take action. 

12. PPC Markup

A PPC markup is an additional fee your agency charges on top of in-platform spend for YouTube ads. This price covers agency-related services like ad management and optimization.

add markup in ppc reports

Easily display the total price with clients by automatically including your agency’s PPC markup when sharing the advertising costs. This means the client will be clear on the full budget, ensuring that there are no surprises down the road. Over time, it reassures clients that you’re committed to accuracy and building trust. 

Customizable YouTube Reports To Meet Client Needs 

Here’s the thing–there’s no agency growth without investment. 

It’s possible to get by with manual data compilation in the early days. However, copying and pasting YouTube analytics into a spreadsheet is time-consuming as your roster grows. With an increasing volume of data to manage, it’s easy to screenshot the wrong data or accidentally type an extra zero. 

Avoid this nightmare and use an automated template instead! Create a scalable system, ensure data accuracy, and take the hassle out of reporting–once and for all. Got additional insights to include? In a few clicks, drag and drop widgets from 80+ platforms including key metrics from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. Compare cross-channel performance to inform YouTube marketing campaigns with ease!

Drag and drop report builder Youtube

If your clients store data outside of these built-in integrations (like an upcoming budget forecast), no problem! Import these insights directly into AgencyAnalytics via the Google Sheets integration. Toggle with visualizations, auto-sync data, or add branding to spice things up–it’s all up to you.

What I like best is how much time this software saves me. The reporting is more thorough and better presented. Easy to set up for monthly reporting. Saves me 2 hours a month per client, easy. We also utilize the text boxes to highlight work completed each month.

Stacey Steiner
Stacey Steiner


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Create a seamless, memorable brand experience. Be known as that agency–the one that’s professional, aesthetic, and data-driven.

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Visualize Progress

Track YouTube Goals and Hit Targets

Craft your client’s success story. With the dynamic goal feature, share visual progress and bring targets to life. Help clients know what’s happening every step of the way.

Need to add some context? Easily include annotations to provide more detail and demonstrate your expertise. Acknowledge key milestones and bring your client’s goals to life.

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11-Second Smart Reports

Take reporting up a notch. With the Smart Report feature, auto-populate a template based on your client’s unique metrics. In just 11 seconds, you’ll create a tailored, professional report! 

It doesn’t stop there. If needed, customization is right at your fingertips. Add insights from 80+ marketing channels, custom metrics, and more.

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AgencyAnalytics has helped us to recoup time that was previously spent doing our reporting via Google Data Studio. We are now able to update reports much more seamlessly and it is one of the few reporting softwares out there that allows API connections to so many different social media and ad platforms, as well as incorporating SEO tracking.

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