Unbounce Reporting

Keep clients up-to-date on all of your Unbounce leads and conversions with an all-in-one reporting platform.
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Landing Page Performance

Monitor individual and overall landing page performance

Conversion Tracking

Track key performance metrics such as conversion rate

Lead Information

Find detailed information about each individual lead

Report Automation

Automate your entire Unbounce reporting process

Focus On Results, Automate Your Reports

Unbounce Reporting for Agencies

Optimizing landing pages is an art and a science. With our Unbounce integration, you can now monitor and report on all your pages, leads, conversions, and much more. We have several Unbounce dashboards that make it easy for clients to understand exactly how each page is performing.

unbounce reportings
Detailed Metrics for Every Page

Landing Page Performance

As soon as you integrate your Unbounce account, you have a huge range of performance metrics for each page. Inside your dashboard, you can filter by published or unpublished pages, and toggle different metrics including visitor count, conversion rate, form submissions, and much more.

unbounce reporting analytics
Landing Page Form Submissions

Keep Track of Your Leads

It's easy for both you and your clients to review information about your leads. Simply click on a lead in the dashboard for details including their email address, phone number, and message. You can also share the full list of leads for each page with buttons to download now, share a link, or send via email.

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Put Your Landing Page Reporting On Autopilot

Unbounce Report Automation

With our Unbounce integration, you can focus on optimizing each landing page instead of manually creating reports. After integrating your account, you can put your landing page reporting on autopilot by scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports.

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Unbounce Dashboard Reporting

24/7 Access to a Live Dashboard

Aside from scheduling automated reports, you can also give your clients 24/7 access to a live dashboard with all their landing page metrics. You can also add personalized comments to custom dashboards, to provide your own unique insights on your Unbounce performance metrics.

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
Unbounce And So Much More

All the Integrations You Need

Landing pages are an important part of digital marketing, but it doesn’t end there. If you’re building landing pages for clients, it’s likely you’re also helping them drive PPC or SEO traffic. With 80+ marketing integrations, you can monitor all your channels in a single dashboard and demonstrate the full breadth of your services.

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White Labeled To Match Your Agency

Your Data, Your Branding

You’ve worked hard to get results with Unbounce, and you deserve all the credit. With our fully white labeled platform, you can remove all mention of AgencyAnalytics and make it your own. Add your own logo, color scheme, and even host dashboards on your own domain. Everything you need to build your brand recognition and increase client loyalty is at your fingertips.

Fully white label your BigCommerce dashboards and reports.
Unbounce is Just the Beginning

Manage Your Entire Agency

Managing an agency is hard work, and you need software that works just as hard. From creating staff accounts to assigning tasks, we’ve got everything you need to manage your entire agency.

An agency management tool to save you time and streamline your business.

Connect the Unbounce integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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