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Post Shares

Post Shares is a metric that measures the total number of times users share a post on a social media platform. It is an active engagement metric that shows that a post resonates with an audience.
Post Shares

Client Reports

Demonstrate how an audience responding to posts affects the client’s bottom line.

Optimizing Content Strategies

Leverage Post Shares to optimize content according to audience preferences.

Social Proof

Highlight Post Shares to showcase brand authority and build trust with potential clients.

Campaign Evaluation

Observe the impact of posts on a target audience beyond likes and comments.


Why Tracking Post Shares Is Important

On social media, engagement activities generally indicate interest. Tracking Post Shares provides a window into the mind of a target audience, offering insights into what they love to see on the feed and what isn’t resonating. When posts record high engagement and shares, social media algorithms view them as useful and will further amplify the visibility of the post to a larger audience.

Tracking Post Shares is a fundamental method for understanding audience behaviors. By studying an audience's preferences, demographics, and purchasing decisions, brands know how to strategically create content that will lead to increased audience engagement.

Finally, Post Shares aid in social listening. Analyzing posts with high engagement and shares helps to identify audience pain points and language of expression.

Why KPIs are Important for Client Reporting

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How Post Shares Relate To Other KPIs

Post Shares are part of a larger community of KPIs, such as Conversion Rates, Reach, and Brand Awareness, that collectively provide a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness and performance.

Post Shares directly impact reach and engagement rates. The more people from a target audience share a certain post, the greater the chances of reaching and engaging interested consumers. Thus, reach is increased without additional costs associated with boosting the ad.

This metric might not have a direct effect on Conversion Rates, but it acts as a catalyst and gives a post a fair chance at reaching a wider audience who might be looking to make a purchase or sign up for a free trial immediately.

How Marketing KPIs Impact Each Other

Context Is Vital for Post Shares

Post Shares do not always mean that an audience resonates deeply with a post. Sometimes, it’s quite the opposite. An audience may share a post that they disagree with and consider controversial while stating reasons for their opposing views.

While this will bring attention to a brand, it might position them in a negative light and achieve the opposite of what they aimed for; hence, brands are advised to stay away from controversial content and marketing campaigns with a controversial base.

The Benefits of KPI Tracking
The only way to assess how what you are saying is perceived is by studying the reactions. Whether someone clicks, shares, and/or replies are the “facial expressions” and “words” that a person shares back that can tell you how well your conversation is going.
Seth Giammanco, Minds On Design Lab

How To Track Post Shares

To monitor Post Shares, check the number of times a post has been shared by unique users on a social media platform. Using a client reporting tool like AgencyAnalytics displays social media analytics from multiple platforms, making it easy to compare Post Shares alongside other related metrics. 

How To Set Post Sharing Benchmarks and Goals

Establishing a dedicated benchmark on Post Shares may be difficult because of differences in industries, audience segments, brands, and campaign goals. However, a healthy amount of shares often shows that the brand messaging resonates with the target audience. 

To set realistic goals, analyze industry benchmarks, internal historical data, industry historical data, and business objectives. Be sure to focus on long-term business objectives, as this will avoid undue pressure and give room for measurable growth.

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Why Post Shares Matter to Clients

For clients, Post Shares indicate that campaign efforts are effective beyond graphs, tables, and reports. It signifies increased visibility and brand exposure. When an audience shares a post, it means they’re not just engaging actively—they’re helping to foster brand recognition in their own community. 

Also, Post Shares provide social proof for clients, which strengthens the overall perception of a client’s brand, showcasing credibility, expertise, and authority in the industry. Clients understand that attention is the new currency and will do their best to have it. Post Shares are an excellent way to increase the number of people exposed to a client’s brand messaging.

Why Marketing KPIs Matter to Agency Clients

Why Post Shares Matter to Agencies

Agencies are always looking to iterate, experiment, and replicate results. When a post records an impressive amount of shares, agencies often want to know why; hence, they begin a thorough analysis to discover what they did differently and how to keep things in their favor, either by optimizing content or perfecting targeting strategies.

Post Shares are the symbol that validates an agency’s efficiency and campaign effectiveness. For agencies, Post Shares go beyond mere numbers; They show an agency’s ability to create compelling thought-leadership content reflecting expertise in audience engagement and fostering connections.

Why KPIs Matter to Marketing Agencies

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Best Practices When Analyzing and Reporting on Post Shares

Figures, statistics, and data from advertising campaigns only move the needle when they’re carefully reported and duly analyzed. Here’s how to use Post Share analytics to guide decision-making and enable stakeholders to allocate resources accordingly.


Analyze Over Time

Weekly, monthly, and yearly analysis of Post Shares makes it easy to spot trends and patterns.


Compare Across Channels

Contrasting results between social media platforms will reveal which audiences are most receptive.


Measure by Campaign

Compare Post Shares across campaigns to understand the most effective strategies and messaging.


Put in Context

The effects of Post Shares are more evident when they're reported in relation to other KPIs like Conversion Rates and Engagement Rates.


Align to Client Goals

Show clients how exactly a change in Post Shares brings them closer or farther from their specific goals.


Visualize Performance

Visualizing Post Shares using graphs, charts, and tables makes data actionable, digestible, and easier to spot trends.

Reporting on Post Shares

Facebook Dashboard Example

Create visually appealing, organized Facebook reports that help clients understand the impact of your agency’s social media strategy and make it easier to focus on trends and notable changes. Track page likes, measure audience engagement, provide in-depth post analytics, and send timely client reports automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom schedule.
Facebook KPI Dashboard Example

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Helpful Tips

How To Improve Post Shares

Follow these practical tips to improve Post Shares and strengthen social authority.


Optimize Content Quality

Whether a video or a photo carousel, high-quality content will capture attention better than low-quality content.


Improve Audience Targeting

Experiment with different audience segments to find the most responsive target demographic.


Include Clear CTAs

Encourage users to share by asking directly or prompting them with clear CTAs to provoke action.

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Gabriela Paiva
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The dashboard setup is intuitive, easy, and looks great once it’s set up. Managing multiple clients gets tricky but having a dashboard for each client where you can easily see a snapshot of almost all analytics, rankings, social performance, growth, etc. AND be able to dig deeper is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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AgencyAnalytics is the best analytics tool I’ve found for agencies. It has exactly what I need in terms of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, white label reporting & competitive features.

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