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New Integration to Amazon Ads!

Alex Girardi
Alex Girardi
Written by
Alex Girardi
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics
Jun 17
Jun 17, 2021

This week, we've launched the much-anticipated integration with Amazon Ads!

The world's largest online retailer, you can now track your Amazon Ads campaigns, right down to the product ASIN, from within your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

If you see something that's missing from the integration and would really like it added, you can add a request right to our roadmap!

Let's dig in and take a look to see how AgencyAnalytics and Amazon Ads work together.

Amazon Ads Sections

Within your Amazon Ads dashboard, we've broken it down into four sections:

  • Campaigns

  • Ad Groups

  • Keywords

  • Product Ads

Amazon Ads Metrics

Within each of these sections, we've added all of the important metrics that you need to ensure that you can report on the successes of your Amazon Ads campaigns. These include:

  • CPC

  • CPM

  • CTR

  • Clicks

  • Conversion Rate

  • Conversions

  • Cost

  • Cost per Conversion

  • Impressions

  • Sales

  • Units Sold

New Interface Designs


Along with this new integration addition, we've also added some neat new updates to our user interface.

Firstly, our Notifications dropdown got a tidy-up with a fresh new look!

This will make it easier and clearer for you to receive in-app notifications!

Campaign Selection

We've also made it more functional to switch between campaigns when you're already in one. Simply select the dropdown menu at the top, and you can now search by campaign name or grouping.

Keep an eye out!

These two design and functionality updates are just teasers for what is to come over the next couple of months.

Keep your eye out for more cool and useful updates to our platform that will make your life even easier!

Alex Girardi
Alex Girardi
Written by
Alex Girardi
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics
Alex is in product marketing, pushing the great work from the engineering team out into the world. When he's not marketing, he's probably rock climbing or researching the latest eCommerce trends!

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