The Swydo Alternative Preferred by Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics is the Swydo alternative preferred by marketing agencies, where professional reports and custom dashboards meet 80+ marketing data integrations and unrivaled customer support. Transform your client reporting experience.
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Starting Price
$12/client campaign
Keyword Rank Tracking
Unlimited Staff & Client Users
Customizable Reports
80+ Data Sources Included
Drag & Drop Dashboards
Full Backlinks Analysis
Social Media Integrations
PPC Integrations
Review Integrations
Call & Email Integrations
SEO Competition Data

An Alternative to Swydo
with More Reporting Features!

Why do top Digital Agencies choose AgencyAnalytics for their client reporting?
Designed for Your Needs

The Reporting Platform Built for Digital Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics stands out as the only client reporting platform meticulously crafted for marketing agencies. This focus ensures every feature, from creating marketing reports to analyzing data, aligns with the unique demands of agency operations. Creating and sending reports becomes a streamlined process, enabling timely and consistent client updates. The ability to analyze data with precision transforms decision-making, while the option for customized reports ensures each client's unique requirements are met, delivering a level of personalization and efficiency unmatched in the industry.

Give clients a personalized experience
Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Unlimited, Professional Client Reports

More than just business intelligence software, with AgencyAnalytics, marketing agencies create unlimited professional client reports and tailor report frequency to client preferences, ranging from daily to annual updates. Beyond scheduled reports, use AgencyAnalytics to give clients real-time access to dynamic dashboards, offering a transparent, in-depth view of ongoing campaigns. 

Internal team members also benefit from receiving regular updates that keep everyone aligned and informed. Every stakeholder stays fully engaged and updated, with everything the need to make data-driven decisions, all at no additional cost.

Choose AgencyAnalytics as the agency alternative to Swydo for a versatile, client-focused reporting tool that provides a higher level of customization and accessibility.

A collection of highlighted conversion metrics
The complete reporting solution

Report On All Channels


Need an alternative to Swydo's limited integrations? Look no further! With over 80  integrations with today's top marketing platforms, you don't need to go anywhere else to report on your SEO, PPC, social, calls, emails, reviews, local metrics, and more. The process of creating custom reports and dashboards from multiple data sources becomes a task of minutes, not hours.


Something missing? Use the Google Sheets integration to show any data you like! Create interactive table widgets, or pull data from individual cells with the stat widgets. Data will update automatically in both reports and dashboards.


Unlike Swydo, access data from 80+ platform integrations at no extra cost. Create reports and build dashboards with a full suite of tools as soon as you create a new client campaign without needing to upgrade your account! 

Example of Available Marketing Integrations
Trusted by 6,500 Agency Experts

4.7 Stars on G2: A Testament to Excellence

AgencyAnalytics takes pride in its impressive 4.7-star rating on G2, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of hundreds of professional marketing agencies. This high rating showcases a commitment to enhancing business performance through robust reporting features. 

Marketing agencies consistently recognize AgencyAnalytics as a leading choice among Swydo alternatives. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful analytics capabilities continually receive strong positive feedback for the direct impact they have on agency efficiency and client satisfaction.

AgencyAnalytics -5-Star Reviews
Customization at Its Best

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

AgencyAnalytics redefines data visualization for marketing agencies with its expansive array of customizable widgets and report templates. Create and schedule reports that resonate with clients and tell a compelling campaign success story. 

With custom metrics, built-in SEO tools, annotations, and goals features, build customized reports that highlight the exact metrics your clients care about. The intuitive drag-and-drop report builder and stunning report cover pages enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of client reports. Embeddable content and comprehensive white-label capabilities enable complete personalization of the platform. AgencyAnalytics doesn’t just provide tools; it offers a canvas to create reports and dashboards that confirm your agency’s efforts.

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
Deepen Reporting Insights

Annotations and Custom Goals

Enhance your client reporting by adding personalized annotations and trackable custom goals, providing specific insights and highlighting achievements. Annotations clarify key data points and shifts in marketing campaigns, making reports more informative and engaging. 

Custom goals provide a focused view of performance metrics, helping clients see the direct impact of your agency’s marketing efforts. Marketing reporting that goes beyond numbers to tell the whole story of each marketing endeavor–now that’s a win! 

annotations and goals feature in marketing dashboards to track progress
Take Control of Your Agency’s Branding

White Label Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate your agency's logo and brand colors across all reporting tools. The customization extends to every aspect of the platform, ensuring each report and dashboard resonates with your brand identity.

Tailor the look and feel of your client communications, providing a cohesive and professional brand experience and confidently presenting the platform as a natural extension of your agency’s services.

Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform.
Streamlined Collaboration

Client & Staff Management

Transform how your agency manages client and staff interactions. Customize access and permissions with precision, ensuring clients view only relevant data in their reports and marketing dashboards. 

Integrate your team's favorite messaging tools for seamless communication directly from the dashboard. With AgencyAnalytics, assign tasks and track client deliverables with ease. More than just a Swydo alternative, AgencyAnalytics is a vital tool for effective, transparent agency management.

Manage your agency’s clients and staff with one easy-to-use platform.
Customer Support That Sets Us Apart

Top-Rated Customer Support

A dedicated support team stands ready to help you get the most out of your automated reporting software. Available 24/5, our live chat support usually responds within 3 minutes, meaning questions are never left unanswered.

That’s just one of the reasons our customer satisfaction ratings consistently exceed 95%.

Best in Class Customer Support
Evolving for Excellence

A Reporting Platform That Grows With Your Agency

At the heart of AgencyAnalytics is a relentless drive for growth and innovation. Regularly rolling out new features and integrations, the AgencyAnalytics platform stays ahead of industry trends, ensuring your agency has access to cutting-edge tools. 

AgencyAnalytics also offers flexible pricing packages designed to scale with your agency. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a growing agency, or a large enterprise, the platform adapts to your evolving needs. 

Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.
Transition Seamlessly

A Smooth Journey to a Better Reporting Platform

The AgencyAnalytics team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition, offering dedicated customer support every step of the way. White Glove Onboarding is offered to those on Enterprise Plans–a service designed to tailor the setup process to your specific needs and ensure a hassle-free switch.

Experience the ease of migration and unlock a world of advanced reporting tools with AgencyAnalytics.

Get onboarded quickly so you can start meeting the needs of your clients and your agency.
Streamline Your Client Reporting

Report Smarter, Not Harder

Imagine effortlessly pulling in key metrics from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Search to create a comprehensive digital marketing report in minutes. That reality is only a few clicks away! 

AgencyAnalytics simplifies reporting, allowing agencies to focus more on strategy and less on compiling data. But it’s not just about saving time; it's about providing a more insightful, holistic view of marketing performance to your clients.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform

Our new and improved reporting process is a slam-dunk, outta-the-park home run, hat trick after hat trick, the very best thing we’ve done for our agency.

Lisa Cutter
Lisa Cutter / President
Vertical Insight Marketing

What I like most about AgencyAnalytics is how easy it is to set up dashboards and regular reporting in a way that’s user friendly. Now I have a much better handle on how things are going every day.

Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston

Guide Social

The only regret we have about switching to AgencyAnalytics is not doing it sooner. It has saved us an incredible amount of time and makes us look polished and professional.

Kim Walker
Kim Walker / Founder
Shop Marketing Pros

I have been in the industry for 10 years and used a lot of reporting tools. AgencyAnalytics is the best one I have used in terms of both the software itself and value for money. This tool is a must for any online marketing company.

Deniz Doganay
Deniz Doganay
Digital Debut

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