Active Campaign Dashboard

Automate your Active Campaign reporting with a dashboard built specifically for digital agencies.

Subscriber Count
Track total subscribers and unsubscribers for each campaign
List Overview
View an overview of each email list with total subscriber count and related KPIs
Monitor Engagement
Highlight email engagement via replies, opens and clicks
Branded Reports
Add your logo to the email marketing dashboard and reports

Send Beautiful Reports to Clients Every Month

Automated Active Campaign Reporting

No more unwieldy spreadsheets or pixelated screenshots! Impress clients and save time with our beautiful email marketing reports. Save on labor each month. Enhance your branding with our professionally designed report layouts.
Automated Active Campaign Reporting

At-A-Glance Engagement Metrics

Monitor Campaign Performance

Quickly visualize engagement metrics for each email campaign in a single dashboard screen. View engagement metrics like clicks, shares and open rate in an at-a-glance format. Use these insights to pinpoint your top performing campaigns and continue to refine your email marketing strategy.
Monitor Campaign Performance

Subscriber Metric Overview

Email List Analytics

Stay up-to-date on overall subscriber activity for each email list. View the total number of subscribers across all lists or dive deeper into each one individually. Monitor the number of unsubscribes, opens, and clicks both historically, and in real-time as those metrics are generated.
Email List Analytics

Give Clients their Own Login

Live Dashboard for Clients

Live data, on-demand, is the gold standard for most clients. But giving clients access to your production Active Campaign account often leads to information overload and a laundry list of questions. Save time and prevent the "back and forth" by giving clients their own custom active campaign dashboard with just the right amount of data.
Live Dashboard for Clients

White Label Your Email Analytics Dashboard

Fully Branded Dashboard & Reports

Create a fully white labeled dashboard and report when you add your own branding and logo. Present the tool to clients as if it were built in-house.
Fully Branded Dashboard & Reports

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