Google Display & Video 360

Beautiful, informative dashboards to really impress your clients

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In-depth Analysis

Deep-dive and analyze your creative performance

Monitor Campaign Performance

Keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing

Automate Your Reports

Send client reports at a cadence that suits you and them

Build Custom Dashboards

Beautiful, intuitive dashboards tailored to your clients

In-Depth Google Display & Video 360 Dashboards

Report on your campaigns, creatives, and line items within your dashboard - get both at-a-glance and in-depth analysis depending on what each individual client prefers!

Google Display & Video 360 Dashboard Widgets
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Display & Video 360 Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Active View Percent Viewable Impressions
    • Audio Complete Listens
    • Audio Completion Rate
    • Audio Start Listens
    • Avg Display Time
    • Avg Interaction Time
    • Clicks
    • Conversions
    • Cost
    • CTR
    • Date
    • Ecpa
    • Ecpc
    • Ecpm
    • Impressions
    • Interactive Impressions
    • Post Click Conversions
    • Post Impression Conversions
    • Revenue Advertiser
    • Revenue Partner
    • Trueview View Rate
    • Trueview Views
    • Video Complete Views
    • Video Completion Rate
    • Video First Quartile
    • Video Midpoint
    • Video Third Quartile
    • Video View Starts

    Automate Your Reporting

    Send client and internal reports to the right people at the right time - whenever suits both you and them. Automate your Google Display and Video reports to send on a cadence that works!

    Automate Your Google Display & Video 360 Reporting

    24/7 Client Access

    When your client is burning the midnight oil and needs access to their data, give them an easy login to the dashboards that they need. 24/7 on-demand data is just what they want!

    provide client access to reports and dashboard

    Consolidated Marketing Reports

    Combine your Google Display & Video with other data from various integrations to get a true, holistic view of how your campaigns are running.

    Marketing Platform Reporting Integrations on the AgencyAnalytics Dashboard

    Connect the Google Display & Video 360 integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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