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Multiple White Label Profiles

Available on our Agency plan and higher, multi-brand agencies can upload multiple logos and configure separate color schemes for each campaign.
How to Create Multiple White Label Brand Profiles
Built for large agencies

Add Separate Logos & Color Schemes

Perfect for large agencies that operate under more than one brand. Present one white label brand to some clients and a different brand to others. Multiple white labeling even allows you to add a separate profile for each customer.

White Label Logos and Color Schemes Example
You're in Complete Control

Take Control of Your Agency’s Branding

The most common use cases for configuring multiple white label profiles are agencies who operate multiple distinct brands or want to co-brand with their clients. Either way, multiple white label profiles are configured at the campaign level and give you complete control over your agency’s branding.

White Label Logo and Color Scheme Examples

Host Dashboards On Your Own Custom Domain

Give clients a seamless user experience by hosting all your client dashboards on a custom domain. Replace the standard domain (i.e. youragency.agencyanalytics.app) with a domain you create just for your clients (i.e. clients.youragency.com) and take complete control and ownership of your reporting platform. 

Host white label dashboards on your own domain

Send Reports From Your Agency Email

Customize the “Sent From" email address used for scheduled reports. All your reports are now sent from a custom email (i.e. yourname@youragency.com) instead of the default noreply@clientseoreport.com.

Send reports from your own email

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