Basis Standalone DSP Dashboard

Informative Basis Standalone DSP dashboards and reports to engage your clients.
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Performance Analytics

Monitor how well your Basis Standalone DSP campaigns are running and report to your clients

Hyperlocal Data

Track audiences by country, region, city, and audience segment

Cross-Device Tracking

Drill into device-based performance data with cross-device tracking

Automated Reports

Run and send reports on a cadence that suits both you and your clients - automatically

Customizable Dashboards & Reports

Beautiful, Informative Dashboards

Wow your clients with easy-to-understand dashboards and custom reports, built with highly-visual graphs and charts. Bar charts, pie charts, line charts, tables, and more - include the visualization that suits the data so that your clients can absorb it at a glance.

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Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Centro DSP Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Audio Video Starts
    • Click CVR
    • Clicks
    • Companion Clicks
    • Companion CTC
    • Companion CTC Revenue
    • Companion Impressions
    • Complete View
    • Completion Rate
    • Conversions
    • CPA
    • CPC
    • CPM
    • CTC
    • CTC Revenue
    • CTR
    • Cvrm
    • Data Spend
    • Date
    • Ecpcv
    • Eligible Impressions
    • Impressions
    • Measured Impressions
    • Measured Rate
    • Media Spend
    • Quartile 1
    • Quartile 2
    • Quartile 3
    • Revenue
    • Spend
    • View CVR
    • Viewability Fee
    • Viewable Impressions
    • Viewable Rate
    • VTC
    • VTC Revenue

    Track Local Demographics

    Break your clients' Basis Standalone DSP reports down by demographics - Country, Region, City, and Audience Segment - to get granular data on how your campaigns are performing granularly.

    Basis Standalone DSP reporting metrics
    Optimize Your Ads

    Device Tracking

    Monitor how people are interacting with your Basis Standalone DSP campaigns, broken down by device. Make informed decisions on how to optimize your ads by device so that you can get the best results possible

    dsp reporting metrics widget
    Live Data

    On-Demand Client Dashboards

    Give your clients 24/7 access to the dashboards they need, so they can indulge in data when they need it - even while they're burning the midnight oil. Easy logins mean your clients can consume their data without delay and without needing to contact you.

    provide client access to reports and dashboard
    Custom Dashboards & Reports

    Fully White-Label Dashboards

    Add your branding and logos to your dashboards and reports so everything looks like it's coming straight from your agency. Tell your clients you developed your own in-house reporting system - we'll keep the secret! They'll just enjoy the professional look and experience.

    A graphic showing white label options

    Connect the Basis Standalone DSP integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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