ConvertKit Reporting Dashboard

You’ve got creative clients. You need a creative solution to monitor and share their ConvertKit subscriber, broadcast, and sequence data in real time alongside your agency’s other key data channels.
ConvertKit Reporting Dashboard Template Example

Highlight Subscriber Growth

Keep tabs on the growth, segmentation, and quality of your client’s contacts over time

Track Email Broadcasts

Optimize emails based on what’s working to drive higher open and click rates

Manage Sequences

Drive engagement and conversions by honing your clients’ email sequences with real-time data

Monitor the Key Metrics

Give clients a clear picture of how your marketing efforts are helping them hit their goals


Automated Subscriber and Broadcast Reporting

Send clean, beautifully branded reports to your clients that show how their community is growing in real time and over time. Start with a free template and easily add key ConvertKit metrics, including subscribers, open rates, click rates, and more. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual reporting for good.

ConvertKit Automated Subscriber and Broadcast Reporting Screenshot
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available ConvertKit Metrics

Add any of these metrics to your client reports and marketing dashboards with ease
    • Avg Click Rate
    • Avg Open Rate
    • Avg Recipients
    • Avg Total Clicks
    • Avg Unsubscribes
    • Count
    • Date
    • Sum Total Clicks
    • Total Recipients
    • Total Unsubscribes

    Clear Email Marketing Insights

    Monitor and manage the performance of your client’s broadcasts with clear data visualizations. See what’s driving their audience expansion by monitoring which forms and tags are driving the highest growth. And pull insights into reports in minutes to keep your clients informed.

    ConvertKit Automated Reporting Widgets

    All Your Client’s Data Under One Roof

    Display how your client’s ConvertKit metrics contribute to their overall performance. Connect more than 80 marketing channels in your AgencyAnalytics account for a holistic view of your client’s campaign. Seize back countless hours each month across all your clients by reducing back-and-forth between platforms.

    Marketing Platform Reporting Integrations

    Data Storytelling Made Simple

    Keep your clients in the know and your team on track by adding annotations and goals to your client’s line charts and date-based column charts. Point out changes in the data and highlight big wins to make it easy for everyone to share in the growth and success.

    Adding Annotations to Improve Data Storytelling

    White Labeled Dashboards & Reports

    Use your agency’s colors and logo—or your client’s—to deliver custom marketing dashboards and reports that track your client’s performance. Convey a consistently professional look and feel at scale. On select plans, host dashboards on a custom domain and create multiple white-label profiles for different client-facing brands.

    Setting White Label Options in AgencyAnalytics

    We’ve tried several reporting platforms for marketing agencies, and AgencyAnalytics is, without a doubt, the best we’ve found.

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    Graham Lumley
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    Connect the ConvertKit integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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