3 Ways to Use Keyword Rank Tracking to Drive Client Growth

Keyword Rank Tracker on Demand Webinar

With over 60,000 searches taking place on Google every single second, staying on top of all your clients’ keyword rankings is necessary to drive growth, grow your clients’ brand visibility, and promote their long-term success.

It also opens up a world of possibilities to prospect and upsell clients, providing unique insights into this huge piece of the digital marketing pie. 

But rank tracking can be tedious and time-consuming without the right systems in place. That’s why agencies need a scalable solution to track and report on current and future keyword rankings.

During this on-demand webinar, explore 3 ways to leverage powerful rank tracker tools to scale your agency, including how to:

  • Drive organic growth for existing clients 

  • Use keyword rank trackers as part of your upsell and lead generation activities

  • Automate your keyword ranking reports to save your agency countless hours

No Time to Watch? Here Are Some Key Takeaways:

Drive Organic Growth for Existing Clients 

  • Pair keywords with your location for results specific to your client’s market 

  • Track Google Business Profile  pages to optimize Local keyword rankings

  • Share SERP screenshots and historical rankings with your clients for full transparency 

  • Track keywords across integrations

  • Create a campaign to keep a close eye on the competition

Use Rank Tracking To Upsell Current Clients and Land New Ones 

  • Create an SEO report using the AgencyAnalytics keyword rank tracker, one of the best keyword ranking tools built for marketing agencies.

  • Enable Rank Tracker and scan for keyword suggestions

  • Use the report to give them your expert recommendations and the next steps you’ll take once they choose your agency

  • For existing clients, include Keyword ranking reports–even if you don’t handle their SEO. By doing so, you show them that you have a finger on the pulse of their entire business.

Use a professional SEO report template to demonstrate the value your agency brings. Try AgencyAnalytics free for 14 days!

Automate Your Rank Tracking To Save You Time 

  • Never miss a beat! Automatically scan for ranking changes every 24 hours

  • Set it and forget it. Choose the data you want to showcase on recurring reports and add tags to highlight the most important keywords–the reports will build themselves with the latest data

  • See Open/Clicks rates on your reports to know how engaged your clients are with the results you’re delivering to their business

AgencyAnalytics - Rank Tracker Tool

Use the Rank Tracker tool along with a customizable Keyword Ranking Report Template to automate your agency’s rank tracking to always stay a step ahead. Try it free for 14 days.

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Sinejan Ozaydemir

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