CallRail Dashboard

Schedule automated CallRail reports in minutes. Intuitive, full color data visualizations that clients will love.

Avanser Call Reporting Dashboard by AgencyAnalytics

Robust Call Analytics

Monitor crucial metrics like name, call back number, source and duration

Source Attribution

Identify the exact source of each call, including PPC, organic search and print ads

MP3 Call Recordings

Measure and quantify call quality by listening to MP3 recordings of each call

Increase Client ROI

Gain advanced insight into campaign trends and watch your client's ROI soar

Trusted by over 3,000 Marketing Agencies

Source, Phone Number & Duration

Informative Call Tracking Analytics

Analyze call tracking campaign performance with an extensive array of industry standard metrics. Monitor KPIs like caller name, source, data and phone number.

Analyze answered versus missed calls

Stop Missing Calls

Missed calls are missed opportunities. Monitor missed call related KPIs over time to analyze and eliminate this source of lost revenue.

Pie chart of answered vs. missed calls in avanser report
PPC, Print, Social, Organic

Online/Offline Source Attribution

Utilize CallRail's Dynamic Number Insertion feature to monitor the entire visitor journey through your client's marketing funnel. Show clients exactly which marketing campaigns (Adwords, Facebook, Organic Search, or print advertising) generated each individual call.

call tracking graph of top sources in dashboard
Great platform and great customer service
Jennifer Wiggins - Clear SEM Solutions
Share Every Type of Lead with Your Clients

Track Form Submissions

Does your client's website track form submissions instead of calls? Include form leads too! Share a live dashboard that includes the contact information for every lead you generate.

Improve Client Loyalty, slash churn rates

Get Full Credit For Your Marketing Efforts

Prove to clients that your marketing efforts are driving phone calls and leads. Turn customers into raving fans by demonstrating the exact PPC campaign, search keyword, or print ad that resulted in each individual phone call.

Contact details in table in the Avanser dashboard
Live, White Labeled CallRail Dashboard

Impress Clients With Their Own Custom Dashboard

When clients need fresh data, they need it now. But giving clients access to your native CallRail account often doesn't make business sense and just results in "information overload". Our live, custom client dashboards let you give clients the fresh data they need in an intuitive format that they can easily interpret and understand.

instagram dashboard by agencyanalytics
Your Logo, Your Branding, Your URL

White Labeled to Enhance Your Branding

Take your brand presentation to the next level with visually stunning call tracking reports and live client dashboards that feature YOUR branding. Upload your logo, configure a custom login URL and tweak colors to match your website. Clients will think you developed everything in house.

White label settings