Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

White-labeled Facebook Ads reporting tool for agencies. Create beautiful reports you’ll be proud to share with clients.

Facebook Ads Dashboard Template

Monitor Performance

Track conversion metrics based on campaign, ad set, and ad creative

Detailed PPC Metrics

Analyze click-through-rate, impressions, cost and more

Audience Demographics

View audience breakdown by age, gender and location

Proof of ROI

Demonstrate your value to clients in an intuitive reporting highlighting each campaign’s ROI

Monitor Clicks, Impressions and Conversions

Track Performance Over Time

No more digging through Facebook Ads Manager or downloading spreadsheets to analyze performance. Track conversions, clicks, impressions and cost at a granular level. Report on granular metrics like custom conversions and clearly show the ROI of your clients advertising campaigns.

A collage of Facebook Ads metrics
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Facebook Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Achievement Unlocked
    • Activate App
    • Add Payment Info
    • Add To Cart
    • Add To Wishlist
    • Amount Spent
    • App Engagements
    • App Installs
    • App Stories
    • App Uses
    • Appointments Scheduled
    • Avg CPC
    • Block Messaging Connections
    • Checkins
    • Checkout Initiated
    • Clicks
    • Contact Conversion Value
    • Contacts
    • Content Views Conversion Value
    • Conversions
    • Cost Per Achievement Unlocked
    • Cost Per Activate App
    • Cost Per Add Payment Info
    • Cost Per Add To Cart
    • Cost Per Add To Wishlist
    • Cost Per App Engagements
    • Cost Per App Installs
    • Cost Per App Stories
    • Cost Per App Uses
    • Cost Per Checkout Initiated
    • Cost Per Contact
    • Cost Per Conversion
    • Cost Per Credit Spends
    • Cost Per Custom Events
    • Cost Per Customize Product
    • Cost Per Donation
    • Cost Per Estimated Ad Recallers
    • Cost Per Event Responses
    • Cost Per Find Location
    • Cost Per Flow Complete
    • Cost Per Game Plays
    • Cost Per Landing Page Views
    • Cost Per Lead
    • Cost Per Levels Archieved
    • Cost Per Link Click
    • Cost Per Messaging Conversation Started
    • Cost Per Mobile App D2 Retentions
    • Cost Per Mobile App D7 Retentions
    • Cost Per New Messaging Connections
    • Cost Per Offline Conversion Others
    • Cost Per Outbound Clicks
    • Cost Per Page Engagements
    • Cost Per Page Like
    • Cost Per Post Engagements
    • Cost Per Post Reaction
    • Cost Per Purchases
    • Cost Per Ratings Submitted
    • Cost Per Registrations Completed
    • Cost Per Schedule
    • Cost Per Searches
    • Cost Per Start Trial
    • Cost Per Submit Application
    • Cost Per Subscription
    • Cost Per Three Second Video Views
    • Cost Per Thru Plays
    • Cost Per Tutorials Completed
    • Cost Per Two Second Continuous Video Views
    • Cost Per Unique Achievement Unlocked
    • Cost Per Unique Activate App
    • Cost Per Unique Add Payment Info
    • Cost Per Unique Add To Cart
    • Cost Per Unique Add To Wishlist
    • Cost Per Unique Checkout Initiated
    • Cost Per Unique Clicks
    • Cost Per Unique Credit Spends
    • Cost Per Unique Landing Page Views
    • Cost Per Unique Levels Archieved
    • Cost Per Unique Link Click
    • Cost Per Unique Mobile App D2 Retentions
    • Cost Per Unique Mobile App D7 Retentions
    • Cost Per Unique Outbound Clicks
    • Cost Per Unique Purchases
    • Cost Per Unique Ratings Submitted
    • Cost Per Unique Registrations Completed
    • Cost Per Unique Searches
    • Cost Per Unique Tutorials Completed
    • Cost Per Unique View Contents
    • Cost Per View Contents
    • CPM
    • Cpp
    • Credit Spends
    • CTR
    • Custom Events
    • Customize Product Conversion Value
    • Date
    • Desktop App Installs
    • Donate Conversion Value
    • Donations
    • Estimated Ad Recall Rates
    • Estimated Ad Recallers
    • Estimated Call Confirmation Clicks
    • Event Responses
    • Events
    • Facebook Donate Conversion Value
    • Facebook Donations
    • Field Status
    • Find Location Mobile App
    • Find Location Mobile App Value
    • Find Location Offline
    • Find Location Offline Value
    • Find Location Total
    • Find Location Total Value
    • Find Location Website
    • Find Location Website Value
    • Flow Complete
    • Frequency
    • Game Plays
    • Impressions
    • Instant Experience Clicks To Open
    • Instant Experience Clicks To Start
    • Instant Experience Outbound Clicks
    • Instant Experience View Percents
    • Instant Experience View Times
    • Landing Page Views
    • Leads
    • Leads On Facebook
    • Levels Archieved
    • Link Clicks
    • Link Clicks CTR
    • Messaging Conversation Started
    • Meta Content Views
    • Mobile App Appointments Scheduled
    • Mobile App Contact Conversion Value
    • Mobile App Contacts
    • Mobile App Content Views
    • Mobile App Content Views Conversion Value
    • Mobile App Customize Product Conversion Value
    • Mobile App D2 Retentions
    • Mobile App D7 Retentions
    • Mobile App Donate Conversion Value
    • Mobile App Donations
    • Mobile App Installs
    • Mobile App Products Customized
    • Mobile App Purchases Roas
    • Mobile App Schedule Conversion Value
    • Mobile Purchases
    • Mobile Purchases Conversion Value
    • New Messaging Connections
    • Offline Appointments Scheduled
    • Offline Content Views
    • Offline Content Views Conversion Value
    • Offline Conversion Others
    • Offline Customize Product Conversion Value
    • Offline Donate Conversion Value
    • Offline Donations
    • Offline Leads
    • Offline Products Customized
    • Offline Purchases
    • Offline Purchases Conversion Value
    • Offline Schedule Conversion Value
    • Offline Start Trial Conversion Value
    • Offline Trials Started
    • On Facebook Purchase Conversion Value
    • On Facebook Purchases
    • Outbound Clicks
    • Outbound Clicks CTR
    • Page Engagements
    • Page Likes
    • Photo Views
    • Post Comments
    • Post Engagements
    • Post Reactions
    • Post Saves
    • Post Shares
    • Products Customized
    • Purchases
    • Purchases Conversion Value
    • Purchases Roas
    • Ratings Submitted
    • Reach
    • Registrations Completed
    • Schedule Conversion Value
    • Searches
    • Start Trial Conversion Value
    • Submit Application
    • Submit Application Conversion Value
    • Submit Application Mobile App
    • Submit Application Mobile App Conversion Value
    • Submit Application Offline
    • Submit Application Offline Conversion Value
    • Submit Application On Facebook
    • Submit Application On Facebook Conversion Value
    • Submit Application Website
    • Submit Application Website Conversion Value
    • Subscription Values
    • Subscription Values Mobile App
    • Subscription Values Offline
    • Subscription Values Website
    • Subscriptions
    • Subscriptions Mobile App
    • Subscriptions Offline
    • Subscriptions Website
    • Three Second Video Views
    • Thru Plays
    • Trial Started
    • Tutorials Completed
    • Two Second Continuous Video Views
    • Unique Achievement Unlocked
    • Unique Activate App
    • Unique Add Payment Info
    • Unique Add To Cart
    • Unique Add To Wishlist
    • Unique Checkout Initiated
    • Unique Clicks All
    • Unique Credit Spends
    • Unique CTR
    • Unique CTR All
    • Unique Landing Page Views
    • Unique Levels Archieved
    • Unique Link Clicks
    • Unique Mobile App D2 Retentions
    • Unique Mobile App D7 Retentions
    • Unique Outbound Clicks
    • Unique Outbound Clicks CTR
    • Unique Purchases
    • Unique Ratings Submitted
    • Unique Registrations Completed
    • Unique Searches
    • Unique Tutorials Completed
    • Unique Two Second Continuous Video Views
    • Unique View Contents
    • Video Average Watch Time
    • Video Plays
    • Video Watches 100
    • Video Watches 25
    • Video Watches 50
    • Video Watches 75
    • Video Watches 95
    • View Contents
    • Website Appointments Scheduled
    • Website Contact Conversion Value
    • Website Contacts
    • Website Content Views
    • Website Content Views Conversion Value
    • Website Customize Product Conversion Value
    • Website Donate Conversion Value
    • Website Donations
    • Website Leads
    • Website Products Customized
    • Website Purchases
    • Website Purchases Conversion Value
    • Website Purchases Roas
    • Website Registrations Completed
    • Website Schedule Conversion Value
    • Website Start Trial Conversion Value
    • Website Trials Started
    Just the Right Amount of Data

    Intuitive Facebook Ads Reporting

    Your customers are individuals. Some might be Our Facebook Ads reporting tool is designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, regardless of your clients’ level of technical expertise. Each report & dashboard can be personalized to show clients exactly what you want them to see with a custom PPC dashboard.

    A screenshot of a sample Facebook Ads dashboard in AgencyAnalytics
    Prominent Focus on ROI Based Metrics

    Clearly Demonstrate Your ROI

    Our Facebook Ads integration is designed to prominently feature ROI based metrics such as cost per conversion, conversion counts, conversion value, and more. We even pull in custom conversion data, so your customers know exactly how much value your agency provides.

    A collage of Facebook conversion metrics demonstrating ROI
    Analyze Client Performance Across Platforms

    Compare Performance Across Advertising Platforms

    Intuitive graphs break down clicks, impressions, cost, and conversions across each advertising platform. Compare Instagram, Facebook, and more so you can quickly evaluate which platforms perform best. Use these insights to adjust your clients’ marketing budget to further optimize their results.

    A collage of data collected from various social media platforms
    Fine tune your strategy with audience insights

    Detailed Audience & Demographic Reports

    Deliver more appealing ads and increase engagement by gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals that make up your clients’ target audience. Leverage gender, location, and age data across a variety of metrics to optimize and fine tune your ad creative and marketing strategy.

    A collage of audience demographic tools in AgencyAnalytics
    Create Scheduled Facebook Ad Reports

    Automate Your Reporting

    Say goodbye to manual Facebook Ads reporting. Save time and money every month with automated reporting. The Facebook Ads report template automatically gets sent to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

    A collage of automation tools available in AgencyAnalytics
    Include Your Margin in All Client Reports

    Add Your Markup to Client PPC Data

    Avoid confusion with your clients by adding your custom PPC markup to each report. With our PPC markup tool, you can add a custom Facebook Ads markup % to all customer-facing dashboards and reports.

    Add Your Markup to Client PPC Data in Facebook ads dashboard
    White Label Facebook Ads Reporting

    Give Clients Live, 24/7 Data

    These days, many clients want real-time campaign performance data. Give clients their own login to a live, custom white label dashboard that is seamlessly branded with your agency's logo, colors, and domain.

    A screenshot of whitelabel options in AgencyAnalytics

    Connect the Facebook Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

    Get Started for Free

    Try AgencyAnalytics risk-free for 14 days. No credit card required.
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