Microsoft (Bing) Ads Report Template

Designed for digital marketing agencies, the Microsoft (Bing) Ads Report Template streamlines the reporting process, saving valuable time and reducing manual effort. Spend more time on strategy and execution, and less on data wrangling.
Microsoft Bing Ads AgencyAnalytics report template example

Why Your Agency Needs a Microsoft Ads Report Template

Agencies managing multiple clients need streamlined reporting. With a growing roster of clients, why waste time manually copying and pasting data into reports when you should be focused on optimizing client campaigns?

The Microsoft Ads Report Template delivers a powerful solution. It automates data collection and report generation, saving hours and eliminating manual data-entry errors. Data accuracy builds trust with clients, and the clear and consistent format fosters informed decision-making. 

Strengthen client relationships with customizable reports focused on their specific needs.  

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10 Sections To Include When Reporting on Bing Ads Campaigns


1. Cover Page

A well-designed, branded report cover page sets the tone for your Microsoft advertising report. It showcases your agency’s professionalism and reinforces your brand identity. Customizing the cover page with your logo, colors, and style ensures consistency across all client reports.

Microsoft Bing Ads report cover

This attention to detail enhances your agency's credibility and makes a strong first impression, demonstrating your commitment to quality and excellence from the start.

Be sure to clearly indicate the reporting period on the cover page, making it easy for clients to compare results from prior reports.

2. Executive Summary 

An executive summary provides a concise overview of key findings and insights, allowing busy clients to grasp the main points quickly.

This summary highlights your agency’s achievements and sets the stage for the performance metrics and detailed analysis to follow. Including an executive summary ensures that your clients immediately see the value of your work, making your reports more impactful and easier to understand.

Microsoft ads report summary

Creating an easy-to-read Microsoft Ads report summary for scheduled reports involves clear communication and actionable insights. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Be Concise: Summarize key metrics and highlights in a few sentences to keep the reader engaged.

  • Use Clear Language: Avoid jargon and ensure the summary is easy to understand.

  • Provide Actionable Insights: Include specific recommendations based on the data to guide future strategy. 

3. Impressions 

A foundational metric in any Microsoft Ads report is impressions, which measure how often your clients' ads are shown and highlight campaign reach.

Microsoft bing ads impressions metrics

Analyzing impressions (as well as the other core performance metrics) at the campaign level, ad group level, or keyword level provides insights into ad visibility and effectiveness. 

High impressions suggest strong ad placement, indicating effective targeting and bid strategies. This metric also helps identify opportunities to optimize campaigns for better performance. Including impressions in reports showcases the agency's ability to enhance ad reach and visibility, demonstrating value to clients and guiding strategic decisions.

4. Clicks

While impressions show how often ads appear, clicks indicate user engagement. Including clicks in reports demonstrates the agency's ability to drive engagement and attract potential customers. 

Microsoft bing ads click metrics

Click data highlights which ads and keywords resonate with users. These insights help optimize future strategies and showcase the tangible impact of your agency’s work.

5. Click-Through Rate 

Clicks alone show engagement, but the click-through rate (CTR) offers deeper insight. CTR measures the percentage of users who click on an ad after seeing it, highlighting its effectiveness.

Microsoft Bing Ads click through rate metrics

A high CTR in search campaigns indicates that the ad copy, targeting, and keywords resonate well with users. Including CTR in client reporting showcases your agency's capability to craft compelling ads that attract interest and drive engagement.

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6. Cost Per Click

Just as understanding CTR offers insight into engagement, tracking the Cost Per Click (CPC) is key to managing the efficiency of ad spend. CPC measures the amount spent for each click on an ad, reflecting the strategic balance of creativity and cost management.

Microsoft Bing Ads cost per click

Including CPC in reports illustrates how effectively your agency is managing the client’s budget, ensuring every dollar drives maximum value.

7. Conversions

Conversions track how many users complete a desired action after clicking on an ad, directly reflecting the success of your client's campaigns.

Microsoft Bing Ads conversions

High conversion rates signify that ads not only attract interest but also drive meaningful actions, such as purchases or sign-ups. Including conversions in reports underscores your agency's ability to transform engagement into tangible results.

8. Cost Per Conversion

Cost Per Conversion (CPC) is essential. This metric measures the amount spent to achieve each conversion, offering a clear view of the financial efficiency of your client's campaigns.

Microsoft Bing Ads cost per conversion goals

By focusing on Cost Per Conversion, you demonstrate your agency’s unique blend of strategic foresight and creative execution, assuring clients achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

9. Revenue

Conversions and cost metrics paint a detailed picture, but revenue is where the true impact of your client's campaigns comes to light.

Microsoft Bing Ads revenue

The revenue metric underscores the tangible benefits of your agency’s marketing efforts, demonstrating how your creative strategies translate into real-world profits. By focusing on revenue, you provide clients with compelling evidence of your agency’s contribution to their business success. 

10. Return on Ad Spend

Revenue metrics highlight success, but Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) measures your campaigns' efficiency and profitability. ROAS calculates the revenue generated for every dollar spent on ads, providing a clear indicator of overall campaign performance.

Microsoft Bing Ads return on ad spend

By highlighting ROAS, you present a comprehensive view of campaign efficiency and profitability, demonstrating your agency's value in driving engagement and financial growth.

Customizable Reports Template To Meet Client Needs

While Microsoft Ads metrics provide key insights, a truly comprehensive marketing report includes data from all major platforms your clients use. Integrating metrics from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels allows for a complete view of campaign performance.

A screenshot of a sample PPC report

This unified approach enhances transparency and helps identify which channels deliver the best results. By including data from various sources, you demonstrate your agency's thoroughness and commitment to providing clients with a clear, actionable picture of their overall marketing efforts.

Streamline Reporting With a Customizable Report Template or Live Bing Ads Dashboard 

Time spent on manual reporting is time taken away from creating and optimizing winning campaigns. A Microsoft Ads report template simplifies and speeds up the reporting process, giving your agency more time to focus on what truly matters—crafting effective strategies and building client trust.

Microsoft Bing Ads drag and drop report template

Using a streamlined template, your team generates detailed reports in minutes, leaving more time for strategic analysis, campaign optimization, and to acquire more clients. Whether you manage ten clients or a hundred, your reporting process remains smooth and efficient.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one reporting tool for your agency that manages various marketing tactics and channels, AgencyAnalytics has to be your go-to reporting solution. Create stunning automated reports and dashboards in just a few minutes.

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Set Campaign Goals and Hit Targets

Create custom goals and add annotations to your reports to highlight key achievements and track progress against objectives with precision. 

Showcase milestones, demonstrate value, and provide context to the data.

Microsoft Bing Ads track goals and showcase client success
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