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5 Call Tracking Apps and the KPIs to Follow

Joe Kindness
Joe Kindness
Written by
Joe Kindness
Founder & CEO at AgencyAnalytics
Jun 29
Jun 29, 2017
5 Call Tracking Apps and the KPIs to Follow

There are a lot of different ways to make sure your email marketing campaign is optimized; personalization, customizing the sender and subject lines, and including images and CTAs are just a few. Most likely you've set goals for your campaign prior to launch, and the steps you take to optimization are directly linked to those goals. However, it doesn't matter how lofty your goals are or how much work you put into personalization if you don't have a good way to measure your efforts and see if you're meeting those goals. This is where a good metrics and analytics tools comes in handy.

Why Call Tracking Matters

For example, some marketers choose to include a contact phone number in their emails, and it's important to know whether that phone number is effective in getting new leads and making conversions. This is true for all your marketing strategies—you need to consider which metrics you're going to analyze ahead of time and then have a plan (or tool) for how you're going to measure them. Check out this article from AgencyAnalytics covering more reasons why your agency needs to start call tracking now.

Below explains how you can collect data from your email campaign with call tracking software, some beneficial apps that will make this task much easier, as well as the metrics you'll want to consider to determine whether your efforts are successful, whether it be for your own company or the client's you work with.

How to Use Email Call Tracking in Your Marketing Campaign

Call tracking can be incredibly helpful if you're trying to bridge the gap between online and offline customer behavior, and let's face it, what marketer isn't interesting in that? With the right tool, call tracking allows entrepreneurs to delve deep into consumer behavior by measuring exactly how many calls were generated by an email campaign, which they can then analyze to determine number of leads and potential conversions. So how do you implement call tracking into your email marketing campaign? It's actually fairly straightforward and simple:

  • First you need to create a unique call tracking number to include in all your emails. This can be done with call tracking software, which will be discussed further in this article. If you're running multiple email campaigns, the number should be different for each campaign.

  • After the number has been created, you'll need to include it in all the emails created for the campaign. You can do this by inserting it into your email template so that it's present in all emails and will appear to visitors who click through to your website using a link you've provided in the email.

  • Finally, you'll use call tracking software (see next section) to see exactly how many people have called the number as a result of receiving your email(s). With AgencyAnalytics, you can see what customer behavior stemmed from those calls. Did you generate new leads? Did any of the leads convert? The possibilities are endless.

Best Call Tracking Apps

There are numerous Apps and software programs available to assist with call tracking, and we definitely recommend that you pick one and take advantage of all it has to offer. Thinking about tracking all the data and analyzing the metrics by hand sounds overwhelming, and with a good call tracking app you don't even need a large budget or a ton of resources to get the desired results. Do your research and decide which app best meets the needs of your business. Here are five we recommend, all of which have an AgencyAnalytics integration:

Call Rail

CallRail call tracking homepage

CallRail uses customer call recording as one method to determine the types of calls that are being received as well as if those calls are coming from qualified leads. They also utilize dynamic number insertion to assign a unique tracking phone number to each online source; the number will be displayed on your website depending on how the consumer came to find your site, and it will tell you exactly where most of your incoming calls are generating from. Dynamic number insertion can be used for email campaigns as well. Finally, CallRail integrates with Google Analytics and Google Adwords to make analyzing metrics a breeze. Every time someone calls using the tracking number the data gets sent directly to Google Analytics, and it appears in your dashboard next to your other marketing data so you can compare all the data from your various marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Metrics

CallTrackingMetrics screenshot

CallTrackingMetrics uses keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking to allow you to optimize your campaigns for ROI. You can use this software to analyze both online and offline campaigns and to determine which keywords are driving phone calls. In addition, this software has text message capabilities for anyone looking to integrate text messaging into their call tracking campaign. It also works with form submissions if you want to give your website visitors the option to fill out a form in order to be connected with a member of your team.

What Converts

WhatConverts call tracking

WhatConverts offers instant call tracking, the ability to track all leads and not just calls, display numbers based on your campaigns, recording, reporting, and a way to identify online and offline channels that generate calls. With a world full of dynamic marketing, voice search, and networking happen at every turn, it's a great tool with great reviews if you're looking for a total package software.


Avanser call tracking

Avanser is an Asia Pacific call tracking business that is probably one of the most basic in the list, but works great for a small business with a smaller budget. You still have all online tracking using dynamic numbers to maximize your ROI, instant missed call notifications, and more. Some of the biggest name brands in the Pacific use this software, so if you're thinking of going international, this one's for you.


Marchex call analytics

Marchex is another international call tracking company, but unlike the others, call tracking is just a small part of what the company has to offer. Omnichannel, speech, leads, marketplace – you name it and they'll have the data for you. (Shameless plug: If you choose this software, AgencyAnalytics will really come in handy for organization and analysis!).

Check out this article for more detailed information on all five call tracking apps.

Running Reports with Agency Analytic

Once you have the data you need, it's important to aggregate it into reports so you and/or your clients can use that data to make conclusions and grow. You will see "Call Tracking" on the left-hand side of your AgencyAnalytics screen where you can choose the software you're using and then integrate from there.

WhatConverts call tracking dashboard

Once you are setup, your data will get pulled and you will see the following screens that you can then export into a report each month. For example, in the example below you will see that Facebook is what's bringing in the inquiries. If you're a business that relies on phone calls, putting a "call now" button on Facebook may be a good idea.

Call tracking dashboard

Scroll down the page to see exact phone numbers and locations:

Call tracking leads

Call-Tracking Metrics to Consider

One big element that all the call tracking software programs share is the ability to analyze different metrics to see whether your marketing campaigns are actually working. Metrics can also provide other valuable data such as where your leads are coming from, which leads are quality leads, and which are converting. Here are some metrics we recommend taking a look at when launching a call tracking campaign:

The Raw Number of Phone Calls Each Email Generates

This is the most basic raw data, but also some of the most important. You'll want to know exactly how many people are calling you based on the emails you send out so you can see if call tracking is even a beneficial strategy to implement. If no one uses the number then you might want to reconsider your plans as this sends an important message about offline customer behavior.

Which Keywords Drive the Most Phone Calls

It's very important to know which keywords are driving the most phone calls and conversions so you can see how well your PPC campaigns are performing. Once you see which keywords are performing well and which ones aren't you can use these insights to fine-tune your keyword strategy.

Which Marketing Campaigns Drive the Most Phone Calls that Lead to Conversions

For this metric you should be looking at both online and offline campaigns. Which are driving the most conversions and how are phone calls playing into these results? The most successful campaigns are the ones you should focus your budget and resources on. This is where call-tracking software comes in handy as it gives you the ability to analyze data from offline sources, such as direct mail marketing, in Google Analytics next to your online campaigns.

Which Online Marketing Channels Lead to the Most Offline Calls

By tracking this data, you can get a complete picture of your customer's journey from start to finish. You'll want to know which online marketing channels lead to offline phone calls so you can determine which of your advertising and marketing efforts are effective. Again, call-tracking software that has multi-channel capabilities is beneficial here because otherwise you'll see the first channel a visitor came through, and you could be missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Source Level Reporting

Source level reporting refer to the geographic location, day and time where calls originate. Knowing this can also be helpful to fine-tune your campaigns. If most of your callers are stemming from one specific location, consider using location-based advertising in your emails. And if you see that there are some days or times that receive a larger volume of calls than others, you might want to send more emails on those days.

Joe Kindness
Joe Kindness
Written by
Joe Kindness
Founder & CEO at AgencyAnalytics

Joe started his career as a developer and since has created many internet businesses. He has now moved on to the position of CEO and has enjoyed all the challenges it has brought.

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