Snapchat Ads Reporting

Snapchat Ads reporting tool built for agencies. Track and share Snapchat ad metrics in a beautiful report.

Track Snapchat Ad Metrics

Monitor swipe-up metrics, video quartile views, view completion and more

Monitor Ad Costs

Keep track of how much your spending vs. your conversion rate

Audience Breakdown

Get insight into who your Snapchat audience is with a detailed breakdown

Automate Reporting

Easily schedule reports to deliver at a cadence that suits you and your client

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Monitor important metrics and KPIs

Track Snapchat Ads Performance

Break your data down into campaign, ad squad, ad, and demographic sections to get a clear drill down into how your client's Snapchat Ad campaigns are performing at a granular level.

Breakdown your audience by age, gender, country, device, and lifestyle category

Detailed Demographic Data

Gain insight into who your client's demographics are, and how each demographic breakdown is interacting with your content. No more guessing what content works best for who. Now you have clear and transparent data to back up your hunch.

Easy, beautiful reports created in minutes

Create Customized Dashboards

Does your client advertise on multiple platforms as well as Snapchat Ads? Compare performance across Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing, and more. Integrate them all to create a complete PPC report.

The must-have reporting software for agencies
Stuart Dixon - Provance Media
Set it up, schedule it, don't worry about it

Easily Automate Reports

Schedule your client's reports to be delivered at a time that suits them - daily, weekly, or monthly. Not everyone consumes data the same, so give your clients 24/7 login access to these reports so that they can see them exactly when they want to.

Reduce The Reporting Resources You Need, Saving Time and Money

Save Hours On Reporting

Take time away from tedious reporting through our automated reporting, and focus on driving revenue and value to your and your clients. Save 380+ hourseach month, or even $180k+ each year.

Easy client login for transparent reports

24/7 Client Access

Clients want fully transparent data, and with our 24/7 client login access, you can give them just that. Only give them access to the campaigns that they should see.