Stripe Reporting Dashboard

Use the Stripe integration to connect your clients’ payment and revenue data in one place. Highlight business growth with comprehensive Stripe dashboards and reports that are easy to configure and ready in minutes.

image of Stripe integration marketing dashboard

Measure Financial Performance

Monitor critical financial performance data including CLV, Refunds, Churn, MRR, and more

Automated Client Reporting

Simplify your agency’s workflow with up-to-date data in customizable dashboards and white-labeled reports.

Business Growth Metrics

Track new customers and popular subscription data to spotlight what is driving growth for your clients

Unlimited User Access

Keep stakeholders in the know by giving them 24/7 access to internal and client-facing dashboards


Automated Stripe Dashboards & Reports

The Stripe integration automatically pulls your clients' key Stripe analytics into a powerful reporting platform. Add your agency’s branding to live marketing dashboards for daily monitoring and turn them into sleek white-labeled reports for the consistent and personalized attention your clients deserve.

Automated Stripe Dashboards & Reports
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Stripe Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Amount
    • Average
    • Average Amount
    • Average Discount
    • Churned Amount
    • Churned Average Amount
    • Churned Average Discount
    • Churned Discount
    • Churned Subscriptions
    • Date
    • Discount
    • Num Customers
    • Num Payments
    • Num Refunds
    • Num Subscriptions

    Monitor Payments, Refunds, and MRR

    Track the revenue that is driving your clients’ business growth with payment data that’s organized into visual line graphs and widgets. Create a targeted plan to drive high-value subscriber growth and adjust your targets to optimize the cost-per-acquisition based on live payment data.

    Visual line graphs showing Payments, Refunds, and MRR

    New, Active, and Canceled Customers

    Easily track payment data and see which subscriptions are the most valuable. Calculate MQL, PQL, and SQL targets based on real-time payment data, churn rates, and customer lifetime values. Adjust campaigns to drive greater ROI and provide comprehensive reports that WOW clients.

    Charts and graphs showing New, Active, and Canceled Customers

    Track New Customers

    Visualize the number of new customers by date and country type. Show what types of new subscriptions are coming into the pipeline to show the impact your agency has on your client’s growth.

    new customers by date and country type

    Showcase Business Growth

    Automatically include reports and dashboards that provide clarity on your client’s financial performance. Include the growth metrics your clients want from their Stripe accounts like subscription rates, popular pricing plans, and MRR.

    graphs showing growth metrics like MRR

    Custom Stripe Dashboards

    Manage your entire agency from one unified platform by giving dedicated and customized access to staff and clients. Share a login with your clients to view their client-facing Stripe dashboards to eliminate the back and forth emails. Ensure everyone is on the same page and focus your billable hours on executing marketing strategies instead of gathering and explaining the data.

    Client-Facing Stripe Dashboards with unlimited user access functions

    Automated Stripe Reporting for Agencies

    Speed up your agency’s workflow and get all your clients’ marketing metrics ready to drag and drop into comprehensive client reports that show all their KPIs in one place. Present your clients’ Stripe metrics in custom dashboards that populate with their real-time data. Once you’ve set everything up, put your reporting on autopilot and you’re off to the races!

    Automated Stripe Reporting for Agencies

    Connect the Stripe integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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