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Improved Backlinks Reporting Tool

Christian Sculthorp
Christian Sculthorp
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Christian Sculthorp
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics
Mar 16
Mar 16, 2017

SEOs rejoice! We've just launched a big update to our backlinks reporting tool and it's bound to get you excited.

Lets go through some of the changes you'll see in the AgencyAnalytics dashboard:

new metrics backlinks section

You'll now see a much more thorough overview of all of your website's backlink activity in the Summary tab. This includes useful metrics like # of backlinks, # of referring domains, Trust Flow (Majestic), Citation Flow (Majestic), followed links, text links and more.

links backlinks

It's now much easier to visualize exactly what backlinks are pointing towards your site in the Links and Referring Domains tabs. See your most valuable links and domains according to Trust Flow, Citation Flow and see what anchors are pointing towards them.

new links agencyanalytics

In the New tab you can choose a date range and see what links you gained between those dates. This is very useful to monitor your link building activities, as well as keep on top of any incoming spam links. Same applies for the Lost tab (but those are links lost.. of course).

trust flow citation flow

You now have the ability to add Trust Flow and Citation Flow of your website as a widget to your digital marketing dashboards.

backlinks summary section reporting

It's also super easy to add any part of the backlinks section to your client reports. Just click SEO > Backlinks when building a report,** **then pick the tab you'd like to add to the report. This is not only useful for scheduled reports (ex. new backlinks found during the month) but also to create proposals for SEO sales pitches.

Have questions about the new Backlinks Reporting Tool? Ask them below to pick up a no-follow link 😉 and we'll get back to you soon!

We also have a slew of new features coming out soon so keep your eyes peeled 👀

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