Yext Reporting

Monitor customer reviews from hundreds of sites across the web. Analyze engagement, reach, listings, and demographics statistics.


Keep tabs on overall rating and average rating over time


Analyze searches and views by age, gender and device


Identify the review sites that are referring calls, clicks and requests for driving directions


Maintain brand control by addressing both positive and negative reviews in real time

Trusted by over 3,000 Marketing Agencies

Manage and Respond to Reviews at Any Scale

Monitor Ratings and Reviews

Brand reputation can turn on a dime. Our Yext marketing dashboard aggregates reviews from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and hundreds of other sites around the web, helping you to graphically visualize overall customer sentiment.

Turn Reviews into Revenue

Optimize for Customer Engagement

Measure the ways in which customers engage with reviews and listings in the form of phone calls, website clicks and driving directions. Isolate review sites that prompt customers to take action, then optimize those site listings for additional reviews, traffic and revenue.

Discover and define your Customer's Core Audience

Leverage Demographic Trends

Dive deep into the age and gender of your reviewers, as well as the devices used to write reviews and ratings. Comparisons between reviewer demographics and overall site demographics can lead to fresh and unexpected insights!

Fantastic tool - don't know how we survived without it
Brandon Howard - All My Web Needs
Engage with Customers on Their Terms

Monitor Reviews in Real-Time

Customers increasingly expect brands to respond to feedback in real-time. But staying on top of every review site on the web can be overwhelming. Our Yext dashboard lets you respond to customer feedback across the web from a single interface.

Monitor Searches and Views

Analyze Brand Reach

Understanding the reach of your reviews is crucial to prioritizing your focus on specific reviews sites. Gain insight into which review sites - and even specific reviews - are being seen by your audience.

Track and Share All Listings

Ensure 100% Listing Accuracy

See all of your online listings in one place with our Yext dashboards: Clients can see a full list, along with a screenshot of each, and the listing's URL! Count new listings, and monitor listing status to ensure they're always live. Effortlessly show clients exactly where you've listed their business.

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