Google Local Services Ads Report Template

A Google Local Services Ads report template makes campaign success crystal clear with stunning visuals and actionable metrics. Focus on strategy, not admin–this template turns data into insights that fuel stronger client relationships through clear, data-driven discussions.
Google Local Services Ads Report Example

Why Your Agency Needs a GLSA Report Template

At a digital marketing agency, efficiency is gold and clarity is king. A Google Local Services Ads report template is a catalyst for transformation, elevating the mundane task of data compilation into an opportunity for strategic insight and client engagement.

A GLSA report template automates the drudgery of data manipulation, freeing your team to invest time in what they do best–crafting strategies that deliver results. It’s about reporting smarter, not harder, ensuring every minute counts towards achieving your clients’ goals.

When agency success hinges on the strength of your client relationships, clear and compelling reports are the bedrock of trust. This template turns raw data into narratives that speak. Through meticulously designed visuals and focused metrics, it tells the story of progress and makes complex data easy to understand.

Customizable to meet the unique needs of each client campaign, a white label report template ensures your agency’s reporting is as dynamic as your agency.  

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9 Key Sections Included in a Google Local Services Ads Report

1. Cover Page

A strong report cover page isn't just about aesthetics; it's a strategic introduction. It bridges the gap between raw information and insightful conversations, showcasing your agency's professionalism from the get-go. A well-designed cover grabs attention, reflects your agency’s brand identity, and builds trust by demonstrating your commitment to quality. In short, it makes every report you deliver a cohesive package–where the visuals on the cover complement the analysis within.

Google Local Services Ads Report Cover

Customizable report templates ensure consistent branding across all client reports, saving your agency time and strengthening your brand identity with every report that’s delivered. 

Well-designed reports improve readability, build trust with clients, and showcase your agency's professionalism. Creating a customizable and repeatable template elevates reports from simple documents to impactful tools that boost client engagement and retention.

2. Executive Summary 

An executive summary at the start of a report template serves as a navigational beacon for your clients, distilling complex findings into key takeaways and strategic recommendations. This concise overview provides immediate value, setting the stage for in-depth analysis by highlighting crucial data points and insights. 

Google Local Services Ads Monthly Summary

Crafting a Google Local Services Ads report summary that stands out is key to conveying value and strategy effectively. Here are three best practices to consider when drafting an executive report summary:

  • Highlight Key Metrics: Focus on critical metrics like leads generated, conversion rate, and cost per lead to showcase performance at a glance.

  • Use Succinct Language: Use concise, impactful language to ensure clarity and retain the reader's attention throughout.

  • Offer Actionable Insights: Include clear, strategic recommendations based on the data to guide the next steps.

3. Total Leads by Date

This metric sheds light on the direct outcomes of your client’s ads, offering a chronological snapshot of lead generation. It allows agencies to pinpoint exactly when their strategies hit the mark or miss.

Total leads by date graph

By analyzing lead trends, agencies make informed decisions on budget allocation, ad scheduling, and other strategic adjustments. This data forms the backbone of a dynamic, responsive marketing strategy that stays aligned with audience needs, client goals, and market shifts.

4. Leads by City 

Diving into Leads by City in Google Local Services Ads unlocks the geographical dimensions of ad performance. This data slices through the broader metrics to reveal where exactly your client’s ads are striking gold.

Total leads by city dashboard visualization

By understanding which cities yield the highest number of leads, agencies tailor their marketing efforts to resonate more deeply with local audiences, optimizing for regional preferences and behaviors. This granularity helps craft more personalized, impactful ad campaigns that drive client success. 

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5. Cost 

The Google Local Services Ads cost metric isn't just about how much is spent; it's the key to understanding the return on investment your agency is driving for clients. By analyzing this metric, you quickly see the value your client gets from every dollar. These insights help refine bids, target the right audience, and optimize budgets for better results. 

Ad Spend Reporting Analytics Example

Reporting on cost metrics goes beyond lead generation to demonstrate a commitment to cost-effectiveness. With this data always at your fingertips, your team of local marketing experts makes informed decisions, drives campaign efficiency, and increases profitability. 

6. Charge Status 

The Charge Status metric provides a granular look at which leads are billed (Charged) versus those that were not billed (Not Charged). GLSA operates on a pay-per-lead basis, but not all leads are created equal, and not every interaction triggers a charge. The distinction between charged and not charged leads boils down to Google’s criteria for what constitutes a valid lead, which is designed to ensure businesses pay only for leads with a genuine potential to convert into customers.

Google Local Services Ads Reporting widget

This distinction is important for agencies and businesses, ensuring advertising budgets are spent on leads with the highest potential for conversion. By monitoring the charged versus not charged leads, agencies are better equipped to fine-tune their strategies and advocate for their client's best interests in lead quality disputes.

7. Ratings & Reviews  

The Average Rating metric in Google Local Services Ads epitomizes the public perception of a business's service quality. It aggregates customer feedback into a single, impactful score, serving as a barometer for client satisfaction and trust.

Ratings and reviews

Incorporating the total number of reviews and the average rating into a marketing agency’s Local Services Ads report is essential. This metric illuminates the direct relationship between customer satisfaction and ad performance. A higher average rating enhances visibility within the Local Services Ads platform and boosts consumer confidence, encouraging more clicks and interactions.

8. Pay Per Lead Details 

Pay Per Lead details offer a precise view into the details of each interaction, breaking down the who, what, and where of leads. This data includes Customer Name, Phone Number, Lead Category, Lead Type, and Country, painting a detailed portrait of potential customers.

Google Local Services Ads Lead Report Example

Incorporating Pay Per Lead details into a marketing agency's report provides a rich, actionable dataset invaluable for tailoring follow-up strategies. For agencies, this depth of detail enriches client discussions, moving beyond surface-level metrics to deliver insights that directly influence campaign direction and effectiveness.

Customizable Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

The flexibility to add metrics from GLSA integration and over 80 other marketing platform integrations ensures your agency’s local marketing report transcends its initial scope, embracing a holistic view of digital marketing performance. 

Customizable Local Marketing Report Template

Embedding metrics from additional platforms or tools into a local marketing report enriches the narrative of your agency’s performance. Whether it's website traffic from Google Analytics, engagement rates from social media platforms, or conversion data from CRM software, integrating these metrics offers a comprehensive overview of how various marketing efforts converge to drive results.

Streamline Reporting With GLSA Report Templates and Focus on What Matters

Imagine reports that take minutes, not hours, to create. Reports that are so clear and compelling, that they quickly become a cornerstone of client trust. The power of a Google Local Services Ads reporting template is just a few clicks away. 

drag-and-drop report builder example

An automated platform streamlines the client reporting process, freeing your agency to focus on what matters most: crafting winning campaigns and building stronger client relationships.

These customizable templates are built to scale with your agency. As you grow, your reporting won't become a bottleneck. Simply customize dozens of pre-built templates to your specific needs, add your agency branding, and use them to inspire your agency–and your clients–to hit new heights. 

We’ve tried several reporting platforms for marketing agencies, and AgencyAnalytics is, without a doubt, the best we’ve found.

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Put your Google Local Services Ads reporting on autopilot with scheduled client reports. Automation ensures consistent and timely updates to your clients, and frees up your team to focus on more strategic tasks. 

Scheduled reporting builds trust through regular communication, keeping clients informed and engaged without the need for manual intervention.

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