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Level up your client reporting with AgencyAnalytics. A Google Business Profile report template delivers clear insights on visibility, engagement, and customer actions. Impress clients with data that drives strategic growth.
Google Business Profile Report Template Example

Why Your Agency Needs a Google Business Profile Report Template

Google Business Profile report templates automate report creation, freeing up your team to analyze trends and develop winning strategies for your clients. 

But it's not just about automation. These professional, white label report templates ensure accuracy, a key element for building trust. Further, customize reports to reflect each client's unique goals and objectives, showcasing your agency’s commitment to meeting and exceeding their marketing targets. 

Clear and concise reports turn complex data into actionable insights, helping clients understand where they’re currently at, and where to go next. This makes GBP report templates an essential tool to drive growth and solidify your agency's value.

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12 Key Sections Included in a Google Business Profile Report

1. Cover Page

Creating a professional-looking, branded report cover page sets the tone for the insights that follow. It's the first impression that speaks volumes about the agency’s attention to detail and commitment to quality. A branded cover page not only elevates the perceived value of the report but also reinforces the agency’s identity with every client interaction. 

Google Business Profile Report Template Example Cover Page

Saving designs as custom templates streamlines the report creation process, ensuring consistent branding across client reports and saving valuable time. Well-designed reports transform data into engaging stories, enhancing readability and reinforcing the agency's reputation for excellence and strategic insight.

2. Executive Summary 

Following the initial impact of a professionally branded cover page, an executive summary serves as the gateway to the report's core insights. This section distills complex data into digestible highlights, offering a clear overview of findings at a glance. It ensures key decisions and strategic recommendations don't get buried in data, providing clients with immediate access to the most critical information.

Here's an example of what a Google Business Profile Local SEO report summary might include:

Google Business Profile Report Summary Example

Crafting a compelling Google Business Profile report summary is key to conveying a campaign’s value succinctly. Here are some best practices to follow when creating a GBP Executive Summary: 

  • Emphasize Local Insights: Spotlight changes in local search visibility, customer engagement, and review trends to underline performance.

  • Contextualize Data: Compare current performance against past periods or benchmarks to provide context and show progress.

  • Be Action-Oriented: Summarize insights with clear recommendations for next steps, ensuring the summary is not only informative but also actionable.

3. Local Business Listing Performance Overview

The essence of a comprehensive Google Business report template lies in its ability to detail key performance metrics, particularly those pertaining to Google Local Business Listings.

Google Local Business Listing Performance Overview Examples

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) provides a snapshot of how a business account appears in local search across different platforms and devices. A deep dive into Desktop vs. Mobile and Search vs. Maps data points unveils the nuances of customer interactions.

4. Impressions 

With local search, visibility is key. Google Local Business Profile impressions data provides a clear picture of how often a business appears in search results and on Google Maps, serving as a critical component of a marketing agency's comprehensive report template.

Google Business Profile Impressions Report Example

Impressions data acts as the first step in understanding the customer journey. It tells agencies and their clients how many potential customers are seeing the business in search results and on Google Maps. This information is a cornerstone of business data analysis, offering a starting point for understanding engagement and visibility.

5. Total Interactions

Understanding customer actions is important when evaluating the effectiveness of a local listing. The interaction data from a Google Local Business Profile, including phone calls, map directions, and website clicks, offers a tangible measure of engagement.

Google Business Profile Interactions Metrics Widget.

Interactions data tells a story beyond mere impressions. It reveals what potential customers do after they find a business listing—whether they're compelled to make a phone call, seek map directions, or click through to a website. This layer of engagement metrics provides a deeper understanding of how effectively a business is connecting with its audience.

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6. Calls 

Phone call data is a clear indicator of intent. When potential customers make the effort to call a business, it usually means they're closer to making a purchase or visiting. This kind of data is invaluable for marketing agencies because it provides a direct link between online presence and real-world actions.

Google Business Profile Calls Line Graph Example

By being able to pull data on phone calls, agencies gain insights into how well a business's local SEO efforts are translating into actual conversations with customers. Call tracking also helps identify peak times for customer calls, enabling businesses to optimize staffing and response strategies.

7. Directions

Map directions data serves as a tangible measure of local interest and intent to visit. When individuals request directions to a business, it signals a strong likelihood of in-person engagement, making this metric a key indicator of a business's draw in its local area.

Google Business Profile Directions Metric Example

For marketing agencies, understanding this aspect of customer behavior is critical. It not only shows the effectiveness of a business's local presence but also highlights areas with high potential customer density. 

8. Website Clicks

Website clicks data from a Google Local Business Profile rounds out the trio of key interaction metrics. This data reveals the volume of potential customers who move from viewing a business listing to engaging with the business’s online hub.

GBP Website Clicks Report Template Widget Example

Website clicks form a direct line from curiosity to action. When someone clicks through to a business's website, they're taking a significant step deeper into the engagement funnel. This metric is invaluable for marketing agencies because it quantifies the effectiveness of a listing in driving online engagement, helping agencies gauge how well a business's online and local SEO efforts are harmonizing to attract views and convert these views into online visits.

9. Customer Actions

Diving deeper, Google Local Business customer actions data, including Messages, Bookings, and Food Orders, offers a granular view of how consumers interact with businesses beyond basic engagement.

GBP Customer Actions Report Examples

For marketing agencies, this level of interaction is gold. It goes beyond passive metrics like views and clicks, offering a clear indicator of how a business's online presence translates into concrete actions. Analyzing these interactions helps pinpoint exactly what drives customers to take the next step, providing insights into consumer preferences and behavior.

10. Google Business Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool for building trust and credibility. Google Business Profile reviews data is essential for marketing agencies to include in a business template because it offers insights into customer satisfaction and public perception.

Google Business Profile Report Template Reviews Widget

Positive reviews can be leveraged as powerful testimonials, while negative feedback highlights areas for enhancement. This nuanced view helps clients understand their strengths and address weaknesses, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

11. Average Rating

The average rating of a Google Business Profile is a key metric, acting as a snapshot of a client's overall reputation. This metric reflects customer satisfaction and influences potential customers' perceptions and decisions.

Google Business Profile Average Rating Metric

A high average rating will enhance visibility in search results, attract more customers, and increase trust. Conversely, a lower rating signals a need for immediate attention to service or product improvements. By tracking changes in this rating over time, agencies quickly gauge the impact of specific initiatives aimed at improving customer satisfaction and driving more positive reviews. 

12. Business Profile Posts

Google Business Profile post insights, including post date, summary, type, and status, offer a quick view of how content performs on a local scale. For marketing agencies, leveraging this data enhances the understanding of local search performance, directly informing content strategy to engage potential customers effectively.

Google Business Profile Post Example

This comprehensive view is crucial for optimizing a client’s content strategy, ensuring posts are timely, relevant, and likely to generate engagement. Incorporating these insights into a business dashboard offers a strategic advantage, allowing for the refinement of marketing efforts based on concrete data.

Customizable Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

The ability to add metrics from various marketing platforms into a free report template ensures a thorough analysis of performance data with just a few clicks. This feature brings all your client data together, enhancing the clarity and depth of reports.

Customizable Local Marketing Report Template

Streamline Client Reporting With Google Business Profile Report Templates

Unlock efficiency and precision in your reporting processes with a Google Business Profile report template. Tailored for agencies, this tool ensures time-consuming report creation becomes a thing of the past, gaining you back billable hours to spend on what really matters to your agency.

Streamline Google Business Profile Client Reporting

With just a few clicks, generate a detailed, client-ready Google Business Profile report template that highlights the most relevant performance data, insights, and progress. This saves valuable time and positions your agency as a data-driven leader in your field.

The flexibility to tailor each report with the drag-and-drop editor means you easily adjust to your clients' evolving needs and preferences, showcasing your agency’s commitment to delivering customized solutions.

With custom reports, we can zoom in on the key performance indicators and metrics that matter most to our clients, making our reporting experience incredibly valuable and directly relevant to their success.

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