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Impress Clients With On-Demand Data

Offer Clients a 24/7 Live Dashboard

The Problem

One of the features that is missing from Whatagraph is the ability to offer clients access to a 24/7 live dashboard. Instead, the platform only allows you to send static reports to clients via email on a recurring basis.

The Solution

These days, clients want access to their data on their own schedule. Give them exactly what they want with our 24/7 live dashboards. You can specify each client's permissions so they only see what you want them to, and then personalize each one by adding your own comments and unique insights.

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We Have 50+ Marketing Integrations

Access All Our Marketing Integrations

The Problem

If you look at Whatagraph's plans, you'll notice that they only offer full access to all their marketing integrations at the highest price point. If you choose any of their lower pricing plans, this means you'll have very limited access to data connections.

The Solution

At AgencyAnalytics, we offer access to our 50+ marketing integrations on every pricing plan. From PPC, SEO, social, email, call tracking, and more—we've got all the data connections you need to scale your agency. We also have a team dedicated to adding new integrations so that you always have access to the latest in digital marketing.

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We're Here to Help When You Need It Most

Customer Support Is Our Top Priority

The Problem

Another limitation of Whatagraph is that they don't offer access to live chat support on all pricing plans. Similarly, several customer reviews say that it can be incredibly hard to get a timely response from their support team.

The Solution

We know that running an agency is hard work and that you need questions answered right away. That's why we've strategically positioned our support team around the world so there's always someone to help when you need it most. We also offer onboarding and live chat support on every pricing plan. After your initial onboarding, we have first-rate customer support that's available 24/5—start a conversation with us now and find out for yourself!

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Agency Management, SEO Tools, & So Much More

The Problem

Another common review of Whatagraph is that the platform doesn't offer any additional tools to help you build and scale your agency. In particular, the platform doesn't offer any agency management or SEO tools.

The Solution

While AgencyAnalytics is best known as an all-in-one reporting platform, we've also got a full suite of agency management and SEO tools. Our SEO tools include a keyword rank tracker, site auditor, backlink checker, and a competition analyzer. You can also create staff accounts, assign them tasks, and automate the rest.

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Why Agencies Choose AgencyAnalytics

A Whatagraph Alternative that Agencies Prefer

Fully Customizable Reporting

Our platform is built with ease-of-use in mind. We have dozens of prebuilt report and dashboard templates so you can get up and running in seconds. You can also create fully customizable dashboards with our drag-and-drop editor to suit your client's needs.

A Full Suite of SEO Tools

If you offer any SEO services to your clients, you've come to the right place. In addition to our powerful reporting capabilities, we have a full suite of SEO tools that will take your agency to the next level.

Streamline Your Agency

At AgencyAnalytics, our goal is to help you streamline your entire agency. With our suite of agency management tools, you can automate your workflows and only focus on the most high-value tasks.

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Take Your Agency To The Next Level

Put Your Reporting On Autopilot

Report Automation Tools

After you've created a custom client report, put the whole process on autopilot by scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

24/7 Live Dashboards

Give your clients access to their data on their own schedule with a live marketing dashboard. Give each client with their own login, configure individual client permissions, and personalize each one with your unique insights.

100% White Label Reporting

Our platform was built with your brand in mind. With our suite of white labeling tools, you can add your logo, color scheme, and even host it on your own domain for a fully white-labeled experience.

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Customer Success Stories

Hands down the best SEO reporting tool on the market

Ben Chapman
Clearwater Agency
Ben Chapman
Clearwater Agency

Agency Analytics has been an integral part of Clearwater since the agency was founded, almost 7 years ago. It's supported us through the journey through its highly scaleable platform and regular addition of new features, exceeding our growing requirements for both our clients and agency. Hands down, It's the best reporting tool available.

The best reporting tool out there...by a mile

Brian Dean
Brian Dean

If you're an SEO agency, I HIGHLY recommend AgencyAnalytics. It contains the best reporting tool out there... by a mile.

Agency Analytics takes the stress out of ranking updates and monthly reporting

Deniz Doganay
Digital Debut
Deniz Doganay
Digital Debut

I have been in the industry for 10 years and used a lot of reporting tools. I have to admit that Agency Analytics is the best one I have use in terms of both the software itself and value for money. This tool is a must for any online marketing company.