Call Tracking Reports

Multi-client call and web form reporting for agencies. Track and improve campaign performance.

Analyze Leads

Compile the name, number and location for each lead

Monitor Staff Performance

Listen to calls, track missed calls, and analyze value for each shift

Comprehensive Analytics

All of the metrics that matter including lead source, name, location & quote value

Highlight ROI

Show clients exactly how your agency is contributing to their bottom line

Trusted by over 3,000 Marketing Agencies

Holistic Call Tracking Reports

Integrates with the Most Popular Call Tracking Solutions

Accurate, automated reporting for the most popular call tracking platforms including WhatConverts, CallRail, Call Tracking Metrics, Avanser and Marchex. Choose from standalone call tracking reports or include a call tracking section in your cross-channel marketing reports.

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Source Tracking for All Calls and Web Form Submissions

Monitor Top Traffic Sources

Stop guessing which marketing campaigns are sending your clients traffic! Analyze and show clients exactly which sources are referring calls, then leverage that data to increase call volume while decreasing ad spend.

Amazingly robust tool that gets better year after year
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Name, Phone Number and Location

Analyze Contact Details

Review names, phone numbers and locations (city / state / country) for each lead in real-time as calls and form submissions are generated. Show clients who called, when they called, and whether the call resulted in a quote. Never miss following up with a lead again!

Contact details in table in the Avanser dashboard
Identify Missed Calls

Monitor Staff Performance

Generating calls is only half the battle. It's just as important to ensure that calls are actually answered and are handled in a professional manner. Monitor and improve staff performance by tracking answered versus missed calls and reviewing MP3 call recordings.

Pie chart of answered vs. missed calls in avanser report
Your Logo, Your Colors, Your URL

White Label Call Tracking Reports

Take your brand positioning to another level with white labeled reports. Custom crafted by top UX designers, your clients will love the clean look and feel. Include your logo, your colors and your website. Clients will think you designed them in-house!

White label settings