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Generate comprehensive, accurate client reports in minutes with a white-label Semrush report template. Free up precious hours to focus on what truly matters: crafting impactful strategies that drive results.
Semrush Report Template Example

Why Your Agency Needs a Semrush Report Template

For busy agencies, efficient client reporting is essential. The Semrush report template automates critical SEO data integrations–including Semrush visibility and backlink data–turning hours of manual work into minutes. 

White label Semrush reports elevate your brand and build trust through consistent, clear communication. Complex data transforms into compelling stories, fostering client communication and driving actionable insights. Go beyond basic reporting and ensure that every report supports your agency’s success story. 

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12 Key Sections Included in a Semrush Report

1. Cover Page

Creating a professional-looking report cover page sets the tone for the insightful content that follows. A well-designed cover reflects your agency’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, establishing a strong first impression. 

Semrush Report Cover Page Example

However, this first impression isn't just about aesthetics. Customizable templates ensure consistent branding across reports while clearly communicating the results achieved during the set timeframe (monthly, quarterly, etc.), for crystal-clear client understanding. 

A visually appealing cover page wows clients and positions your agency as meticulous and professional, fostering trust and continued collaboration. 

2. Executive Summary 

Your executive summary should quickly deliver key findings and strategic recommendations. This concise overview helps clients grasp the most critical insights, paving the way for deeper exploration within the full report.

A screenshot of the Report Summary example from the SEO Report Template

Creating an effective Semrush report summary is key to communicating SEO progress clearly and succinctly. Here are a few best practices to consider:

  • Clarity is Key: Use simple language to describe complex SEO processes, outcomes, and metrics.

  • Highlight Key Metrics: Focus on the most important metrics like keyword rankings, organic traffic, and the Semrush visibility score.

  • Make Clear Recommendations: Provide actionable steps based on data insights to guide future SEO strategies.

  • Summarize Achievements: Concisely document the most significant improvements and the impact of your work over the reporting period.

3. Semrush Visibility

The Semrush visibility metric quantifies how visible a client’s website is in search engine results based on current rankings. This metric is a percentage score that combines data on all of the tracked keyword positions.

Semrush Visibility Score Report Example

Including this metric in your agency’s reports demonstrates the tangible results of your agency’s SEO efforts. It provides a clear, numerical benchmark of your client’s search presence relative to the competition. 

By tracking changes in this score, your reports highlight the effectiveness of your SEO strategies and identify opportunities for further improvement. Visibility metrics make it easier to communicate the impact of your work in a straightforward manner.

4. Keyword Position Summary

Keyword position data reveals the rank of specific search terms that connect potential customers to a client’s digital presence. This metric serves as a direct indicator of search engine optimization success and competitive positioning.

Semrush Keyword Position Report Example

Highlighting keyword position data in your Semrush reports clarifies the impact of SEO tactics on market visibility. Each ranking position is a story of how well a search term performs, offering a detailed look at how visible your clients are on search engine results pages.

5. Ranking Changes 

Following the narrative set by keyword position data, ranking changes map out the fluctuations in the placement of client keywords across search engines. This metric drills down into the search volatility, offering a granular view of the gains and declines in overall search engine placements.

Semrush Keyword Ranking Changes

When clients see the real-time status of their keywords, it makes it easier to appreciate both the nuances of search dynamics and the expertise your agency applied to win those top positions.

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6. Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis data from Semrush offers a comprehensive view of how your clients stack up against their industry rivals. This analysis helps uncover market trends and competitor strategies.

Semrush Competitive Analysis Report Example

These data points highlight strengths to be capitalized on and weaknesses to be addressed, offering a strategic advantage by understanding competitors’ moves. Clients value this insight as it translates complex market dynamics into actionable intelligence.

7. AgencyAnalytics Rank Tracker

The AgencyAnalytics Rank Tracker add-on complements Semrush data by providing precise tracking of keyword rankings over time. This built-in SEO tool gives a detailed view of how keywords shift in search rankings on a daily basis.

Accurate SEO Keyword Ranking Report Example

For clients, this translates into a transparent and detailed view of how individual keywords contribute to broader campaign goals. This detailed tracking reassures clients of your agency’s proactive approach to staying ahead in a dynamic search environment, bolstering their confidence in your services.

8. Domain Authority

The authority of a specific domain significantly impacts its performance in search results. Semrush Domain Authority measures the strength and credibility of a client's domain based on backlinks and overall site performance.

Semrush Domain Score and Authority Score Metric Examples

Many clients understand the value of having a strong domain authority as it relates to improving visibility and gaining a competitive edge in their market. Showcasing this in reports highlights your agency’s ability to enhance not just traffic but also the authoritative presence of a client's site.

Although highly debated in SEO circles, backlinks still serve as a core component in domain and page authority, influencing website credibility and search performance. Semrush provides detailed data on the backlinks pointing to a client’s site, showcasing quantity and quality.

Semrush Backlinks and Referring Domains Visualization Examples

Incorporating backlinks data into your agency’s Semrush reports provides a strategic view of which links drive positive SEO outcomes and which might be detrimental. 

The end goal of all SEO efforts is to drive traffic and revenue. Google Analytics organic search data offers a detailed analysis of traffic from organic search results, providing insights into visitor behavior beyond keyword ranking performance.

Google Analytics Organic Search Report Template Example

This data illustrates the journey from keyword to click to engagement to purchase. By making this connection, your agency validates the effectiveness of its SEO tactics in attracting the right kinds of visitors. 

11. Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides an additional layer of SEO insights, revealing how web pages perform in search results, including impressions, clicks, and position data.

GSC report top queries metrics example

Incorporating Google Search Console data into your Semrush reports enriches the narrative about how search strategies directly influence site visibility. This tool offers critical insights into the health of a website from Google's perspective, such as indexing status and web crawling issues, which are pivotal for diagnosing and enhancing SEO tactics.

12. Google Lighthouse

Building on our exploration of SEO health, Google Lighthouse provides an additional layer of data on site performance, accessibility, and web best practices that influence search rankings.

google lighthouse dashboard metrics

Adding Google Lighthouse data to your Semrush reports provides deeper analysis, focusing on client websites' technical health and user experience. Assess technical site performance issues including page speed, accessibility, and SEO practices, offering a scorecard that identifies where enhancements can be made. 

How To Create Custom Semrush Report Templates That Wow Clients

Smart reports transform client reporting, drastically reducing the time and effort needed to create customized, white labeled reports. Generate detailed emailable reports or live dashboards in seconds, freeing up valuable time for strategic SEO analysis and client engagement. 

Simply link your client’s digital marketing and SEO tools, including Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more. Then, all you need to do is click “Create a Smart Report” and the system automatically populates the most important organic search metrics into dedicated report pages. 

An example of building a Semrush Custom Report

Next, create a comprehensive performance overview by dragging and dropping widgets that highlight key metrics and successes. When you’ve created the perfect report template, save it and clone it for all your clients. It’s that easy! 

Streamline Reporting With Semrush Report Templates and Focus on What Matters

Imagine generating professional, data-driven client reports in minutes, not hours. Say goodbye to manual data crunching and establish a streamlined process that frees up valuable time for what truly matters: crafting winning campaigns and building stronger client relationships.

A screenshot of the Semrush Drag-and-Drop Report Builder

Semrush report templates offer a powerful solution for agencies of all sizes. This automated reporting platform helps you:

  • Scale Your Reporting: Build a library of customizable templates tailored to different client needs and campaign goals. Easily duplicate and adapt existing templates to save time and ensure consistency across reports.

  • Automate Data Collection: Eliminate manual data entry by seamlessly integrating popular digital marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media platforms, and SEO tools. Data automatically populates into your reports, ensuring accuracy and saving you countless hours.

  • Focus on Insights & Strategy: With data readily available, shift your focus from data collection to analysis and strategic recommendations. Uncover hidden trends, identify areas for improvement, and present actionable insights that drive results.

  • Impress Your Clients: Deliver visually stunning reports that showcase your expertise and the impact of your campaigns. Drag-and-drop widgets, customizable layouts, and data visualizations create professional presentations that wow your clients.

AgencyAnalytics saves time and money in addition to wowing our clients with professional reports. Instead of spending hours on report preparation, our team is selling more and spending productive time with clients.

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Scheduled reports automate delivery, ensuring timely insights reach your clients every time. 

This proactive approach builds trust and frees your team to focus on strategic initiatives, not administrative tasks.

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We love using AgencyAnalytics, and of all the SEO tools we invest in, we consider this to be the most important one! When we’re able to clearly show a client their data, we improve client retention.

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