The Best PPC Report Templates for Marketing Agencies

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The best PPC report templates provide a standardized framework for marketing agencies to present key metrics from clients' Pay-per-Click campaigns. These templates streamline reporting, reduce time spent on data analysis, and enhance clarity, helping agencies demonstrate their value to clients. 

Marketing agencies and PPC managers know the feeling of being knee-deep managing PPC campaigns for their clients. After wading through their PPC data and marketing metrics, compiling detailed reports for each client from scratch every single month just makes matters worse. 

Cue the collective groan. 

We've all been there, drowning in spreadsheets, trying to make sense of data that seems to have a mind of its own. 

Today, we’re helping marketers solve that problem with time-saving PPC report templates. 

These report templates streamline the entire PPC reporting process, empowering agencies to spend more time optimizing ad campaigns and delivering impressive ROI to clients. 

What Is a PPC Report Template?

A PPC report template is a structured framework that compiles and presents essential metrics and data from a client’s Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Marketing agencies that use a consistent reporting template achieve a standardized format for communicating campaign performance to clients, reducing the time spent on data analysis and client reporting.

We love to use report templates to provide a consistent experience for everyone, which allows clients to become familiar and comfortable with our reporting. I have found that, over time, this reduces client frustration on reporting calls. 

Lorianna Sprague, Vice President of Marketing, Trusted Search Marketing

Why send a PPC report in the first place? Consider this scenario: 

A client signs on with a marketing agency, investing a significant budget in PPC campaigns, anticipating tangible returns on their investments. Without transparent and comprehensive reporting, they’re left wondering how effective their investments were. Even if the agency knocked the project out of the park, if the client isn’t told about the results, they may not feel like they’ve fully gotten their money’s worth. 

11 Best PPC Report Templates

When it’s time for monthly client reporting, reference this list of PPC report templates. These templates save agency time and showcase unbeatable agency performance. 

We use the SEO and PPC report templates most frequently as a starting point for the customized reports we deliver to our clients. Instead of starting from ground zero and building a new report from scratch, these templates allow us to speed up the process, saving our team time and resources.

Graham Lumley, Director of Growth Marketing, Blackhawk

1. PPC Report Template

Screenshot of an example PPC Report Template

No more messy spreadsheets! First on our list is the AgencyAnalytics white-label PPC report template. Built for marketing agencies, deliver precise, actionable PPC data in a format that builds trust with clients. Focus on a client’s PPC strategy and rely on AgencyAnalytics to take care of client reporting. 

Key Metrics and Features

  • Conversions: Highlight the ultimate measure of success front and center. Show clients how the ad and landing page experience influence their conversion rates.

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Show the cost to acquire a new customer through PPC advertising to help clients understand the true return on investment of their PPC campaigns.

  • Impressions: Include this metric to communicate how many times a client's ad was seen, influencing brand awareness and reach. 

  • Pre-Built Sections: Ideal for Google Ads campaigns, individual ads, Facebook Ads campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns, Instagram Ads campaigns, and Google Analytics landing pages.

  • Automation Features: Put client reports on autopilot by generating reports in less than 11 seconds.

Customizable Templates: Add or remove sections and metrics to fit clients' needs and use data visualizations to showcase paid ad performance over time.


This report template connects with 80+ advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Instagram Ads, Spotify Ads, TikTok Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Agency Tip: Integrate Google Analytics into this PPC report template to better understand how PPC campaigns tie into landing page performance.

Best Suited For

The PPC report template is tailored for marketing agencies, offering an efficient and visually appealing way to present complex PPC data. It's perfect for creating professional, white-labeled reports that impress clients and save valuable time.

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2. Digital Marketing Report Template

Digital Marketing Report Template Example

The digital marketing report template from AgencyAnalytics serves as a one-stop shop for analyzing and presenting a client's campaign performance. It includes critical metrics across various marketing channels, clearly showing website traffic, conversions, SEO ranking progress, social media engagement, and email marketing. 

We use the digital marketing report the most. It really makes it easy to consolidate all performance reporting in one place. We’ve used other reporting templates in the past, but AgencyAnalytics templates are not only easy to use as an agency but also great for our partners to view the KPIs and digest the information quickly and efficiently.

Justin Hual, Co-Founder & COO, HIP Creative

Key Metrics and Features

  • Cover Page & Report Summary: Customize the report with logos, colors, and images for a professional look. Provide an overview of the past month's performance, highlighting wins, losses, and future goals.

  • Google Analytics: Track website traffic, conversions, bounce rates, and other vital marketing KPIs across channels.

  • SEO Rankings: Show changes in website ranking on Google and Bing for targeted keywords.

  • Social Media Overview: Display key metrics for each platform, including engagement and follower growth.

  • PPC Overview: Track ad costs, clicks, conversions, and impressions for PPC campaigns.

  • Email Overview: Show email open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and list growth.

  • Modular Design: Create reports that fit each client's requirements through a drag-and-drop interface for adding or removing sections and metrics.

  • 80+ Integrations: Pull data from multiple marketing platforms across social media, email marketing, and PPC tools.


The AgencyAnalytics digital marketing report template gathers data from 80+ marketing platforms in one convenient spot, including email marketing and SEO tools, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. 

Best Suited For

This report template is best suited for marketing agencies managing diverse client portfolios. It provides the flexibility to deliver the most relevant insights for social media growth, PPC campaign optimization, and in-depth SEO analysis.

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Google Ads Report Template Example

The AgencyAnalytics Google Ads report template is a handy tool that speeds up reporting for marketing agencies running Google Ads campaigns. The customizable template quickly converts raw data into actionable insights, providing a comprehensive overview of campaign performance across ad groups, keywords, and demographics.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Impressions Share: Showcase how often a client's ads appear compared to the total possible impressions. Emphasize a high impression share to show the campaign reaches a significant portion of the target audience.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Tell clients how well the ad resonates with the target audience, prompting them to click. Focus on how the strong CTR demonstrates that ad creative grabbed user attention.

  • Conversions: Link a client’s business goals to the number of conversions within the reported period. This shows the campaign's success in driving those desired actions. 

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Include sections on campaign performance, ad groups, keywords, ad placements, and demographics to offer a holistic view of campaign health.


This template seamlessly connects to Google Ads, offering in-depth campaign performance data. It also integrates with other leading PPC platforms, effortlessly pulling data from Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. 

Best Suited For

This template is best for marketing agencies that manage their clients' paid search campaigns across various platforms. It goes beyond Google Ads, with integrations to other popular PPC platforms, like Basis Platform, Choozle, and StackAdapt.  

4. Facebook Ads Report Template

Facebook Ads Report Template Example

The Facebook Ads report template automates data gathering, eliminating tedious manual reporting. Evaluate how effectively ads engage the target audience, track return on investment, and make informed decisions to refine ad strategies. With PPC reporting templates, agencies build trust, improve client retention, and reclaim billable hours lost to manual Facebook Ads reporting.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Total Ad Spend: Display this metric alongside the overall budget discussed with the client. Emphasize how this spend translates to other KPIs like conversions, giving clients a sense of their ROI.

  • Cost per Click (CPC): Analyze CPC next to clicks to identify which ads deliver the best value. Explain to clients which successful ads have lower CPC and explore the reasons behind their success, like targeting or perhaps the ad creative.

  • Demographics: Emphasize demographic data (age, location, gender) as the key to optimizing future campaigns. Explain how this data provides insights into the target audience and allows for tailoring strategies for better results.

  • Automated Updates: Gather key Facebook Ads data automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry in Google Sheets.


The AgencyAnalytics Facebook Ads report template integrates with Google Analytics data to analyze website traffic and conversions alongside Facebook Ads performance. Connect SEO tools like Semrush or Rank Tracker to showcase organic search performance next to a client’s PPC ads.

Best Suited For

This report template helps marketing agencies with clients focusing primarily on Facebook Ads campaigns or more extensive PPC campaigns.

5. Instagram Ads Report Template 

A screenshot of Instagram Ads campaign data

In this professional, fully customizable report template, agencies showcase key Instagram Ads metrics like follower growth, post engagement, and ad performance. Save time on manual data wrangling and present visually engaging reports that boost client retention.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Show how effective an ad is at driving user responses. Explain why the CTR might be high (e.g., strong call to action, relevant image) and how it contributes to overall campaign goals.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): Agencies use this metric to monitor ad spend efficiency. A lower CPC is generally desirable, as it indicates the client is getting more clicks for their advertising budget. Track CPC over time and explain how optimization efforts are bringing the cost down.

  • Reach: Assess the overall exposure of content and show clients how many unique users saw the ad. In the report, agencies compare reach to impressions to understand how many times the ad was seen by individual users. This helps gauge the effectiveness of ad targeting.

  • Engagement Metrics: Analyze likes, comments, shares, and saves on individual posts.


The Instagram Ads report template integrates with top social media marketing channels, allowing agencies to combine Instagram Ads data with other platforms a client uses. Integrate data from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Yelp Ads

Best Suited For

The Instagram Ads report template is an extremely valuable resource for agencies responsible for paid marketing strategies on Instagram and more extensive PPC campaigns on additional social media platforms. 

6. LinkedIn Ads Report Template 

LinkedIn Ads Smart Report Template example

Showcase strategic marketing efforts made on LinkedIn with Smart Reports from AgencyAnalytics. These reports are automatically created in 11 seconds or less and include the top LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads metrics that clients want to see. 

Find the exact distribution between paid and organic followers in each client's acquisition profile for improved workflow and social media strategies. The LinkedIn Ads report template helps clients better understand their paid-to-organic acquisition balance with beautiful data visualization tools.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Conversions & Conversion Rate: Focus on these metrics to showcase the tangible results generated for clients. A high conversion rate proves the campaign's effectiveness in driving valuable actions.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Show clients that their ads are compelling and relevant to their target audience. A rising CTR showcases the agency’s ability to craft high-performing ad copy.

  • Demographic Insights: These insights demonstrate a deep understanding of a client's ideal customer. Use them to show that targeted campaigns are reaching the most qualified audience.

  • Paid vs. Organic Follower Analysis: See how different acquisition strategies are performing.

  • Comparison Across Platforms: Consolidate performance data from various platforms (including LinkedIn Ads) within a single report. This holistic view allows clients to compare campaign effectiveness across different advertising channels easily.


This report integrates with popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Analytics. By combining LinkedIn data with metrics from other channels, marketing agencies gain a comprehensive view of their client's overall performance and use these insights to refine LinkedIn strategies.

Best Suited For

LinkedIn Ads report templates are the perfect solution for marketing agencies and PPC managers who manage social media campaigns for clients, especially those focused on B2B marketing. 

7. TikTok Ads Report Template

TikTok Ads Smart Report Example

Marketing agencies use Smart Reports to create TikTok Ads reports with just a few clicks. The report automatically generates based on the integrations a client has connected to AgencyAnalytics. Then, it displays the top-used metrics, such as conversion rate and impressions, while combining organic TikTok metrics, helping marketers compare and optimize both channels. 

Key Metrics and Features

  • Clicks: Show how many times users clicked on a client's ad after seeing it. Highlight the click-through rate (CTR) alongside clicks, which is clicks divided by impressions. This reveals how effectively the ad captured attention and enticed users to engage.

  • Shares: Pair this metric with video views and engagement metrics such as likes and comments. A high share rate indicates the ad resonated with viewers and organically spread brand awareness.

  • Benchmark CPM Against Industry Averages: Represent industry benchmarks for CPM in a client's niche. Highlighting how the client's CPM compares to the average demonstrates the campaign's efficiency in achieving impressions.

  • Cross-Platform Reporting: Combine TikTok Ads data with multiple channels, such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads, to see how TikTok compares to other platforms in terms of reach, engagement, and conversion rates.


Customize the TikTok Ads report template to include other paid social media advertising channels like Snapchat Ads and Pinterest Ads, or metrics from across more than 80 marketing platform integrations.  

Best Suited For

The TikTok Ads report template is valuable for agencies handling social media marketing, performance marketing, or managing campaigns across multiple different platforms. Any industry that utilizes TikTok for advertising benefits from this reporting tool, especially those targeting younger demographics or audiences heavily engaged on the platform.

8. Amazon Ads Report Template

Amazon Ads report template example

Save time with automated data collection and pre-built sections for key metrics like clicks, conversions, and sales in this Amazon Ads report template. The template goes beyond surface-level data by including cost-per-click and video performance metrics, helping agencies make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Campaign & Budget Performance: Track overall spend, sales, impressions, clicks, and conversion rates to measure performance and optimize budgets.

  • Ad Group & Keyword Insights: Analyze data by ad group and keyword to understand audience targeting, search term relevance, and optimize bids for better ad performance.

  • Product Performance: Gain insights into individual product performance within specific campaigns, informing product positioning and pricing strategies.

  • Cost Metrics: Monitor cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per conversion to assess financial efficiency and optimize ad spend. 


The Amazon Ads report template seamlessly pulls data from more than 80 platforms into a unified report, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Brevo, and Keap

Best Suited For

This Amazon Ads report template is designed for agencies that work with ecommerce clients or businesses that rely heavily on Amazon for sales. This PPC reporting software is ideal for agencies that are looking for clear data visualization, actionable insights, and customizable reporting options.

Integrate Amazon Ads with over 80+ platforms from your clients’ marketing campaigns to connect the dots of an ecommerce marketing strategy. Try AgencyAnalytics free for 14 days. 

9. Microsoft Ads Report Template 

Microsoft Ads Smart Report Example

Showcase the ROI of Microsoft Ads for your PPC clients with a dedicated Microsoft Ads report template. Generate the report using Smart Reports from AgencyAnalytics and present key metrics like revenue, clicks, and conversions in less than 11 seconds.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Lost Impression Share (Rank): Similar to impression share, agencies use this metric to demonstrate proactive campaign management. Highlight improvements in lost impression share rank to show your agency is actively competing for client ad placements.

  • Impression Share: Utilize this metric to identify areas for improvement. If impression share is low, showcase efforts to increase ad visibility and reach a wider target audience.

  • Revenue: This metric directly ties ad spend to financial gain, showcasing the return on investment (ROI) your agency delivers. Present a clear visualization of revenue growth over time alongside campaign spend.

  • Clicks: While not the ultimate goal, clicks represent user interest. Show clients a healthy volume of clicks in relation to conversions to indicate you're attracting a relevant audience.

  • Customizable Margins: Easily integrate agency management fees into reports for transparent cost presentation to clients.


Connect other popular integrations, such as Google Ads, AdRoll, or Facebook Ads, to this Microsoft Ads report template to give clients a clear view of their PPC advertising efforts. 

Best Suited For

This template is best suited for digital agencies with multiple clients utilizing Microsoft Ads as part of their overall marketing strategy. It’s a great tool for agencies managing clients in retail, ecommerce, travel and tourism, and more. 

10. Shopify Report Template 

Shopify Smart Report Template Example

Instead of spending countless hours building manual reports, AgencyAnalytics automates the entire reporting process, giving agencies more time to grow a client’s Shopify business. 

Build a Shopify report template in 11 seconds using Smart Reports and Smart Dashboards. This tool from AgencyAnalytics empowers agencies to go beyond simple reporting by creating beautiful, custom-branded reports and dashboards that showcase key Shopify performance metrics. 

Key Metrics and Features

  • Total Sales and Net Sales: These metrics should be presented together. Start by highlighting the total sales figure to showcase a client's overall revenue. Explain that net sales provide a more nuanced view of profitability by accounting for refunds and discounts.

  • Average Order Value (AOV): Focus on how marketing initiatives are directly impacting AOV. Demonstrate how the strategies increase each transaction's value, such as through upselling or cross-selling.

  • Refunds: Frame refunds as an opportunity for improvement. Explain how analyzing refund data helps identify areas to improve product quality, customer service, or the overall shopping experience. Show how this leads to fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Detailed Order Analytics: Analyze order trends, identify top-selling products, and monitor abandoned cart rates.

  • Mobile Access for Clients and Team Members: Provide clients with 24/7 access to Shopify data and reports.


This report template integrates with more than 80 marketing platforms, including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Semrush, Ahrefs, Salesforce, and HubSpot, achieving a holistic view of a client's Shopify performance. 

Best Suited For

This Shopify Ads report template is great for agencies specializing in ecommerce marketing, PPC advertising, or social media marketing.

11. SEM Report Template

SEM Report Template Example

The SEM Report Template offers a streamlined solution for agencies, generating client reports efficiently. This template helps agencies highlight platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to give clients a complete view of their search performance. 

Elevate your agency’s PPC reporting with deeper insights and position your agency as an indispensable partner. Start your 14-day free trial.

Key Metrics and Features

  • Impressions: Measure how many times a client's ad appears on a search engine results page (SERP). High impressions with low clicks might suggest a targeting issue.

  • Keyword Rankings: Show the position of a client's website for specific keywords in SERPs. Assess SEO strategies and identify areas for improvement.

  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Track the agency's total cost to acquire a new customer through SEM efforts. Evaluate campaign profitability and optimize spending for better customer acquisition.

  • Pre-built sections for Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console, etc.: Simplify report creation with pre-formatted sections for commonly used data sources. Maintain a consistent structure and eliminate the need for manual data formatting.


Some of the key integrations that the SEM report template connects to are Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Google Sheets (for importing data from other sources).

Best Suited For

This SEM report template is designed specifically for marketing agencies of all sizes. It’s beneficial for those who work in industries with a strong focus on lead generation, including agencies specializing in ecommerce, SaaS products, or any business that relies heavily on search traffic for customer acquisition.

Understanding PPC Campaigns With Clear Client Reporting

Understanding the complexities of PPC campaigns often feels like an uphill battle for marketing agencies and PPC managers. However, using a PPC report template allows agencies to dedicate more time to optimizing ad campaigns and delivering impressive ROI to clients. 

A standardized format keeps agencies and their clients on the same page, making it easier to deliver regular updates, provide actionable insights, and empower clients to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

Here are some key takeaways:

PPC report templates offer a streamlined solution for compiling and presenting important metrics and data from PPC advertising campaigns.

Using consistent templates reduces the time spent on data analysis and client reporting, allowing agencies to focus on optimizing ad campaigns.

Sending regular PPC reports promotes transparency and trust with clients, showcasing measurable results and providing actionable insights.

PPC report templates that are easy to read enhance collaboration and informed decision-making by empowering clients with information. 

Elevate your agency’s PPC reporting with deeper insights and position your agency as an indispensable partner. Start your 14-day free trial.

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