Drive Your Client Revenue with Local Leads Using the Google LSA Integration

Google Local Services Ads

Looking to do more to support your local clients? This latest integration is sure to up your Local ads game and wow your local clients. Are you ready? Announcing, AgencyAnalytics’ new Google Local Services Ads integration

Your agency clients already love Google Local Services Ads (GLSA) because they only pay for real business leads. The GLSA integration makes it easier than ever to track all your clients’ local ads attribution in one place. Let’s take a look at how your agency can harness the power of targeted local business leads. 

But first, who is GLSA for, anyway? And why do local businesses love it? 

Google Local Services Ads Are a Dream for the Local Service Industry

If your clients qualify for GLSA, they are sure to have their phones ringing. Here’s why: 

  1. The leads are hyper-specific to their business: ads only show up to potential customers who are looking for their services and are in the vicinity

  2. Your clients only pay for actual leads (aka phone calls or messages sent to their business) 

  3. They build trust and strengthen your client’s online reputation

  4. The leads include their prospective customers’ contact info so they can easily get back to them

So who qualifies for GLSA? Local Services Ads are available to your clients–especially the small business owners–who are in the service industry and don’t necessarily have a strong online presence. 

Basically, these are the industries that traditionally relied on word-of-mouth and have been built upon building trust and a good reputation. For example: 

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Painters

  • Pet Groomers

  • Roadside Assistance Services

  • And many more

Agency Tip: If your clients are not already on Google Local Services Ads, encourage them to sign up! Once approved, they become a Google Guaranteed business, which helps them build their online reputation, gain trust, and make it more likely to land new customers.

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Lead Generation Data on Local Customers Like Never Before

Track in-depth attribution data on your clients’ Local Services Ad Results. 

Our Google Local Services Ads (GLSA) reporting tool provides full visibility into your client’s ad spend and marketing performance.

Add the GLSA integration and in moments your agency has everything it needs to easily monitor and report on your local clients’ pay-per-lead (PPL) campaigns, including: 

  • Google Reviews, ratings, and online reputation management

  • Account-level snapshots of key campaign-based metrics

  • Number of leads in real-time

  • Total lead cost

  • Lead location

  • And more lead data

The pay-per-lead (PPL) metrics in the live dashboard are automatically updated in real-time and include the total number of calls and text messages, lead details, lead costs, lead location, and more. 

With AgencyAnalytics’ GLSA dashboard, your agency can plot your clients’ total number of leads over any specific time period for budget planning to ensure you’re always getting the greatest ROI. 

google local services dashboard

Set up your GLSA Dashboard in minutes with real-time data from the integration! Not already using AgencyAnalytics? Try it free for 14 days and impress your local clients.

Providing your clients with an easy-to-understand summary of their overall performance highlights exactly what your agency is bringing to the table–and what is happening with the leads you are generating for them.

How? Lead information has never been more detailed: Date, time, and call duration are automatically tracked, as well as their contact details if it is a message, so your clients can easily contact them again.

google local services ads leads

Google Local Services Ads Reporting

Connect all your local marketing efforts with the marketing qualified leads your agency is driving for your clients. 

Enjoy the white labeled reporting and drag-and-drop features to instantly customize your Google Local Services Ads reports. Use existing templates to quickly summarize and visualize your clients’ lead information in a way they will instantly understand. 

glsa dashboard features

Create reports that combine your clients’ Google Local Services Ads reports with detailed Rank tracking, showcase Google My Business Insights, pull in Yelp metrics, and other platforms in minutes.

google local services ads report

Automate your GLSA Report to free up agency time. New to AgencyAnalytics? Try it free for 14 days.

Automating Your Local Services Ads Reporting

The Google Local Services Ads Integration saves you countless hours of manual work. Once you set up a report, you can also choose to automate it so your reports get sent without you having to scramble for deadlines. Plus, you have the option to review each report before it is sent to your clients so that there are no surprises. 

We’re all about making it easy for your agency to showcase the high-quality leads and revenue potential your agency is driving for your clients. 

Now that’s what we call a win-win situation! Connect your clients’ marketing data into live dashboards and automated reports in minutes. If you're already an AgencyAnalytics customer, this integration is available with all plans. New to AgencyAnalytics? Start with your free 14-day trial today.

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