New Unbounce Integration

Unbounce Reporting Integration

Report on all of your Unbounce leads and conversions, with our brand new Unbounce integration!

If you're using Unbounce, you can now monitor and report on all of your pages, leads, conversions, and other stats. We've added two new Unbounce dashboards and report pages, plus a lot of great custom widgets.

Once you connect your Unbounce integration, it will appear under Analytics in your campaign's left side menu. From there, you'll have access to a huge range of metrics.

Unbounce Pages Dashboards & Reporting

First up, you'll find a wealth of information on all of your client's Unbounce pages. This is perfect for an at-a-glance overview of each page's performance.

agency reporting tools

For more control over what you see, just click the settings button at the top right of the dashboard. You can filter by published or unpublished pages, and toggle different metrics including:

  • Date Created

  • Date Last Published

  • Page Status

  • Link To Page

  • Visitor Count

  • Conversions

  • Conversion Rate

  • Visits

  • Clicks

  • Form Submissions

As well as viewing this data on your live dashboards, you can easily drop in a report page covering the exact same thing. Just search for "unbounce all pages" when adding a report section.

Unbounce Leads Dashboards & Reporting

Need more information on a specific Unbounce page? Simply click any page on the Pages dashboard, and you'll be taken to a detailed breakdown of that page's performance.

You (and your clients) can view the page's conversion rate, unique visitors, total visits, clicks, conversions, and form submissions. There's also a table containing a full list of the leads from that page (including date, page variant, and IP address).

agency reporting tools

Just like with our Pages overview, you can easily add a report section covering data on any specific Unbounce page. You can also add individual widgets to any custom dashboard, to share the most important metrics with your team or clients.

Unbounce Lead Slide-Out Panel

If you need to see more information on any lead, simply click their name on the dashboard. You'll see a slide-out panel with important information including name, email address, phone number, and message.

agency reporting tools

Thanks to all of our subscribers who requested an Unbounce integration!

If you want to suggest a new integration, or if you have any questions about Unbounce, contact to let us know.

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