We Asked 7 Marketing Agencies How They Scaled With Automated Client Reporting

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Is your marketing agency still using tools like Google Sheets, taking screenshots, and creating PowerPoints manually for your client reports? 

2022 called and is asking you to stop. I mean, unless you genuinely enjoy spending hours pouring over something that can be automated and avoid human error. 

The list of marketing channels and metrics to keep track of only keep growing. As your client base grows, it becomes a nightmare to get it all together. It’s time to ditch the process of manual reporting or using tools that take up too much agency time and don't scale efficiently. 

This is when most agencies start looking for a solution. With AgencyAnalytics’ automated client reporting, marketing agencies like yours are able to connect each of your clients’ marketing integrations and automatically generate reports. And fast. By streamlining your client reporting process, you’re able to save time and easily communicate the success of your marketing campaigns to your clients.

But don’t let us tell you about it -- hear it straight from the source. We asked 7 marketing agencies how AgencyAnalytics actually helps them scale their business. 

It boiled down to 4 main points: 

1. Client Reporting Has to be Made Easy

Manual reporting is incredibly time-consuming, costly, and often presents a roadblock to scaling a marketing agency. Not to mention, collecting metrics from various sources is no easy feat when you have multiple clients on various marketing channels. Here’s a secret: You don’t need to have 277 tabs open. 

For example, in the early days of their agency, Espresso B2B had manually built their reporting and analytics in-house. This involved going to dozens of data sources, taking screenshots, and building PowerPoint presentations. The founders needed a better solution, but the reporting and analytics platforms they tried kept failing in terms of ease. Specifically, they hadn't found a reporting platform that could pull data from every source they were using. This left them with quite a bit of manual work each month to fill in the missing data.

When Espresso B2B found AgencyAnalytics, they were surprised at how quickly they could get their automated reporting set up:

The reason that got us excited about AgencyAnalytics is that within 15 minutes of starting our free trial we were able to complete a full client report. AgencyAnalytics is unique in that it has both dashboards and reports, whereas a lot of other platforms just have one or the other. Also, the report wizard you have is amazing!

Mark Lennon, Managing Partner at Espresso B2B Marketing

When something is easy to do, it easily becomes replicable -- which is key to scaling a marketing agency. With 25-30 agency clients, Portland SEO Growth was able to quickly generate reports and find new SEO opportunities that have saved their agency at least 60 hours per month. According to Joey’s estimates, AgencyAnalytics has contributed to saving his agency at least a few hundred thousand dollars each year. You read that right.

Sander Schilder, owner of B&S Media agrees with how an easy-to-use platform benefits not only their agency but their clients too: 

We've been using AgencyAnalytics for many years now and it's proven to be a dramatic time and cost-saver for us. It provides us with all the information we need to optimize, monitor, and report on our campaigns. The platform looks stunning and navigates smoothly, which makes it easy for us and our clients to interpret the results. With the real-time interface, white-labeled dashboards, extensive site auditor, and accurate rankings, we have all the tools we need to set us and our clients up for success.

Sander Schilder, owner of B&S Media

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2. Consistency in Client Reporting Led to Lower Churn & More Upsells

Another thing that comes with ease-of-use, is consistency. And consistency is key to reducing churn and leading to more upsells. We asked Jason Hylan, CEO of Clix how he uses the platform to reduce churn and he responded that it has been instrumental in keeping clients over the long run due to the consistency and availability of data: 

One common reason that clients do churn is that they may not think anything is happening with their account, for example, clients may think SEO is taking too long or they're not showing up for the right PPC results.

Jason Hylan, CEO of Clix

If these discussions ever do come up with clients, Jason is able to easily pull up AgencyAnalytics and show clients exactly what’s going on with their account, their ranking changes over the past few months, PPC performance, and so on. 

Essentially, the platform has allowed them to provide clients with data-driven answers to common questions that come up and clearly demonstrate the value of their services. Providing accurate and consistent data to clients has helped them retain clients, some of which have been with their agency for 8+ years. 

Even if a platform is easy to use, it’s important to get the support you need when you need it. Here’s what Raquel Baldomar, CEO of Quaintise had to say about customer service at AgencyAnalytics: 

We've been with AgencyAnalytics for 8+ years now and grown our agency alongside the platform. Whenever we need support, we always get a reply within 24 hours. Overall, AgencyAnalytics is an important tool for us to maintain strong relationships, clearly demonstrate our value, and retain clients over the long run.

Raquel Baldomar

How can a robust marketing platform be easy, you wonder? Well, for what it delivers: 

3. Having All Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics Under One Roof

One thing that differentiates online marketing today as opposed to say, 5 years ago, is that your clients are on so many more marketing channels than ever. Consolidating data from various platforms and having a ‘single source of truth’ is key to clearly demonstrate the value of your services to your clients. 

Instead of creating spreadsheets and manual reports with various screenshots to try and piece together your clients’ marketing data, AgencyAnalytics puts all your clients’ integrations under one roof so that you can instantly present the whole picture. Jason Hylan, CEO of Clix, brilliantly described his AgencyAnalytics dashboard as a swiss-army knife: 

What I've loved about AgencyAnalytics is the ability to create a single dashboard with all data from each platform we use. From a user experience perspective, it ends up being much easier to get the data from within a dashboard than it is to go directly to the data provider. It has become a swiss army knife for us instead of a fork.

Jason Hylan 

AgencyAnalytics pulls live data from all the marketing integrations without you having to open up a dozen tabs. This also allows marketing agencies to retain more clients by allowing them to access all their marketing data on their own. Amir Rangwalla, CEO of K Bizz Solutions says that AgencyAnalytics not only helped them save time in their client reporting but also became a trust-building tool for their clients. 

With all your clients’ marketing integrations in one place, it allows your clients to have the overview and transparency they want while giving you the chance to show the value of your services. 

When you start to layer on 7 to 10 different marketing activities and channels, it becomes very complex to track everything accurately. The difficult part is not the marketing activity itself, it is the reporting to clients! Being able to easily report on our results to clients with AgencyAnalytics has been extremely valuable to our company.

Kevin Szypula, COO Ferocious Media 

Having all your data in one place also allows you to focus on more high-value tasks and improve your existing clients’ performance. For Quaintise, it was a game-changer. 

Quaintise relies on AgencyAnalytics to maintain strong relationships and retain clients over the long run. Apart from this, automating their report generation process saves them $15k+ per month for each client. This automation has also enabled account executives to focus on improving their campaign results instead of manually analyzing their data. One of the biggest benefits they've found is being able to consistently demonstrate the value of their services by clearly reporting on the ROI they're delivering to clients, ultimately leading to higher client retention. 

By tracking each of their client's data in a dashboard, Quaintise has been able to easily show clients the progress they're making in the campaign. They also leverage client dashboards for internal purposes to find any "low-hanging fruit" for each client's organic search rankings. This allows their team to go into each client's campaign and quickly identify content that can be optimized further. 

4. Personalizing Your Reports Based on Your Clients’ Unique Needs 

The customer experience is only ever optimized if it is personalized. Because creating client reports is so easy with the right software, agencies can better provide the metrics that count for their clients. The AgencyAnalytics’ dashboard is white labeled, allowing you to customize your branding to create a more professional experience. 

Ferocious Media even replaced its internal dashboards with AgencyAnalytics. White labeled dashboards and reports have allowed them to customize what their clients see with their logo and brand colors while cutting down reporting time by 60-80%. 

Being able to visualize data is key to communicating digital marketing to your clients. By being able to organize your dashboards and reports how you choose, you highlight the key metrics that matter most to your clients and present them in a way they will understand. The ready-made dashboard templates allow agencies to get started quickly, while the customization options allow you to personalize your reports based on your agency’s branding. 

Initially, we had a full-time employee that spent at least 160 hours per month on manual reporting. Using the dashboard templates provided by AgencyAnalytics freed up our employees to focus on more high-value tasks. Aside from the time saved each month, our reporting has allowed us to both upsell and retain clients by clearly showing them the value of our services with intuitive data visualization.

—Amir Rangwalla, CEO of K Bizz Solutions 

If your agency’s client reporting needs an upgrade, you’ll know it by the groans of your team come the report due date. Stop wasting time on tedious manual reporting, and start creating beautiful dashboards and intuitive reports in just a few minutes. See our client report template example and see how you can incorporate your client's data. Immediately show clients exactly how valuable your services truly are with custom dashboards and reporting. Start your free 14-day trial today. 

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